Guest Blogger Maggie Carpenter Shares HER FORBIDDEN COWBOY

Hello Again.

Thank you Randi, for having me back. I absolutely love your blog, especially all the mouth-watering cowboys who show up here.

This is the twelfth book in my Cowboys After Dark series, and was supposed to be the last, but I was listening to a wonderful country song as I was driving to the barn to see my beautiful mare, and a whole new story began to write itself in my head. It looks as if the series will be a baker’s dozen! It’s been a blast, writing these contemporary cowboy books, and mid-year the fun continues with a brand-spanking-new series set in the wild days of the old west.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to let you know about my new website. It launched a week ago, and offers all sorts of naughty treats, including an opportunity to pick up three of my books for free.

Time to introduce you to Scott Sampson, a romantic and very sexy cowboy who finds himself in quite a dilemma. He takes up with the daughter of a wealthy woman who thinks a cowboy isn’t worthy of her little girl. Lessons are learned by all concerned in this one!




When Cathy Coleman moves her horses into Sampsons Boarding Stables, she falls in lust with Scott Sampson, the barns owner. In an effort to get him to notice her, she starts leaving her belongings scattered around the barn. It works. Scott is forced to constantly seek her out, insisting she be more responsible, but to her dismay he shows no desire to spend time with her outside the barn. Months pass, and Cathy is utterly exasperated.

Though Scott has had to reprimand her continuously, he harbors a secret longing to take her into his arms, clutch her hair, and kiss her fervently, but in spite of his intense attraction he refuses to break his golden rule. Dont get involved with boarders. But when her messiness causes him to have an accident, he decides enough is enough!

To her shock, she finds herself in his office, over his lap, getting her bottom well and truly spanked.

As she bolts from the room, he is more angry with himself than with her. She is under his skin, and he has to admit his need for the willful young woman is overwhelming, but how she will react to the stunning and unexpected chastisement?

Days later she returns, and it is immediately obvious he has spanked his way into her heart, but he makes it clear he will put her over his knee whenever she misbehaves. With his rules in place, their romance begins, and Cathy quickly learns that Scott not only has a hot hand, but is artful with a length of rope.

As their love blossoms, and Cathy discovers she has an appetite for Scotts salacious decadence, but Cathy comes from a socially elite family, and when her mother, Marianne Coleman, finds out her only child is dating a cowboy, she is furious. Catherine is meant for a dignified man of stature and means!

What dangers does Marianne pose? Will Scott and Cathy be able to survive the manipulations of the over-protective woman, or will Cathy have to choose between the man who has captured her heart, and the family she loves?


Entering the bedroom, Scott stopped and stared at the exquisite picture before him. Cathy had started the fire, and the soft glow was casting a golden sheen across her body. Resting on her knees and elbows, the scene looked like an erotic oil painting.

Pulling off his sweater as he walked slowly across the room, he could feel his cock surging to life, and reaching the foot of the bed, he stripped off the rest of his clothes staring down at her nakedness. With her knees spread, and her back arched, all her charms were exposed to his eye, and he could see her pussy glistening with its need. Stepping closer, he touched her wetness, and she mewled softly as he began to explore, sliding his finger into her seam, tickling her clit, the pushing it into her soaked entrance before sliding upwards to the cleft between her cheeks. She gasped as he lightly touched her puckered back hole, and he lingered for just a minute before placing his hands on her moons, spreading them apart. She gasped, but didn’t move, so he released her, a reward for her surrender, then traveling his hand back to her pussy, he placed his thumbs on her lips and opened her up.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmured.

She made a strange bleating sound, and as he pushed his finger forward, gliding it in and out, her noises became louder, as though she was building towards an orgasm.

“Are you already so hot you’re nearin’ a climax?”

“Maybe,” she whimpered. “I’ve been feeling it ever since I left here today.”

“Such a naughty girl,” he sighed. “I owe you a spankin’, don’t I?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then we’d best get that outta the way before I introduce you to my rope.”

“Ooh, your rope,” she mumbled, repeating the word almost like a chant.

He began lightly slapping the center of her cheeks, just above the stain left by the paddle earlier that day, swiftly moving his palm from side to side allowing the sting to slowly build. When she began to cry out her protests of pain, he paused, moving his fingers back into her depths, stroking two fingers in and out of her channel with gusto, changing her cries to moans of pleasure. He longed to thrust inside her, to fuck her into oblivion, but gritting his teeth he stepped away and sucked in the air. She was wriggling her ass, silently begging him for more, and he almost caved. His cock was pleading almost as much as she was, but forcing his eyes away from the salacious sight, he walked across to his antique trunk set against the wall by the door.

He was an antique junkie, and had dabbled in the business for a short time, but he hated parting with the unique pieces he found, so he’d returned to collecting for the sheer pleasure of it. The moment he’d set eyes on the barrel-topped wooden trunk, he’d known its purpose. Raising the lid, he stared down at its many titillating contents. His collection of rope was in a separate container, and lifting it out, he carried it back to the bed.

“What am I gonna to do with you?” he mumbled, sitting on the edge of the bed and soothing his hand across her face. “You’re so flushed. Roll on to your back and catch your breath for a minute.”

Letting out a grateful sigh, Cathy flopped on to her stomach, then turned over and stared up at him, thinking if she squeezed her thighs together she would spontaneously combust.

“I need to come so badly,” she whispered. “I’ve never been so close for so long.”

“You didn’t play with yourself durin’ the day did you?”

“A bit, but it was more like scratching an itch. I didn’t let myself go all the way.”

“From now on, you only get to do that if you call me and ask for permission.”

“Ooh, that makes me want to come even more.”

He couldn’t stop a sinful smile curling the ends of his lip, and the pleading in her eyes sent a fresh wave of energy into his cock.

“Damn, girl, you get under my skin,” he murmured, and lowering his head, he gently kissed her.

It was supposed to have been a soft brushing of his mouth against hers, but his fever captured him, and suddenly they were grappling, their lips were crushing against each other, his fingers were caught in her hair, and hers were digging into his back. Finally breaking apart, he looked longingly at his container of rope, then back at her.

“This’ll be an introduction,” he murmured. “If I spend an hour lacin’ you up, I think we’ll both lose our minds. Slide on over and sit on the edge of the bed.”

As she moved into position, he opened the bag and retrieved a long length of white cotton cord, and tethering her wrists behind her back, he continued moving it around her body. The joy began to overtake him as he wove the tapestry, encircling her breasts and pinning her arms, then standing her up, he slid it between her pussy lips and into her crack. Tying it off at her waist, he picked her and laid her on her back, instructing her bend her knees.

“Shuffle your feet apart,” he said softly, “I wanna see that rope buried in your pussy.”

Cathy felt as if she was under a magic spell. She’d felt no desire to resist as he’d wrapped the rope around her. On the contrary, the more helpless her state, the more relaxed she became, but the intense carnal hunger was still coursing through her body. Softly groaning as she moved her feet apart, she looked up at him, then whimpered, wishing he would rub her to her climax.



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Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it, and I look forward to stopping by again soon.

May the tawse be with you…



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8 Responses to Guest Blogger Maggie Carpenter Shares HER FORBIDDEN COWBOY

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Bit strange… but I’m not into violence in sex. And if she gets spanked she should be able to spank the man next time round. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Or else he is just a bully and she should leave.

    • Hi Clare. I do appreciate the comment. Spanking and bondage is not everyone’s cup of tea, but my cowboys are real sweethearts even if they do wield a hot hand. They’re absolutely, not violent. Spanking is a form of sexual play. Thanks again for the comment. All thoughts and opinions are welcomed.

  2. Dianne Kenes says:

    Cowboys after Dark Series I haven’t read yet I ordered the first two books and Her Firbidden Cowboy and I am going to read this series very shortly! These stories really look great! Great Covers on these books! Love them!

    • Hi Dianne – thanks so much for the kind words. I design the covers in conjunction with my wonderfully patient cover artist, and feedback like this makes it all so worthwhile. I’m going to let her know. Happy Reading, and thanks again.

  3. Shirley Long says:

    This is a fantastic read. Scott and Cathy were AWWWWWWWWWSOME!!
    Loved the intense connection between them and their “play” in the bedroom was exactly what they BOTH wanted. Great reading adventure.

  4. Thank you, Randi, for having me back. Her Forbidden Cowboy is thrilled to be on your blog.

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