Sparks in Texas – Mari Carr


My latest series, Sparks in Texas, was inspired by my own family. Sparks started with a short story, Sparks Fly, that was based on my cousin’s personal experiences as he and his wife struggled to conceive. From there…a family was born…one very similar to my own. As my mother would say, my family runs high to girls. I have nine girl cousins–nine!–and we’ve all grown up together in our small hometown. I wanted to capture that feeling of a large, extended family in this series.

Sparks Fly, the prequel, is a free read, so I hope you’ll give the series a chance if you haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet. The first book, Waiting for You, has Chas retiring from the Marines after being deployed to the Middle East. Sydney Sparks is there, waiting for him, but the romantic homecoming is overshadowed by Chas’ attempts to come to grips with PTSD. Something Sparked, book two, is a sexy menage featuring the shy cousin, Jeannette, and two very attentive firefighters, Diego and Luc. When the past and present converge in a painful way, Jeannette’s suitors work overtime to ensure her future is a happy one…with both of them.

And the latest release came out in January. Off Limits was a fun book to write. Not only does it involve one of my favorite tropes, the sister falls for her brother’s best friend, but there are flashbacks showing how the hero and heroine came to the place where it was suddenly obvious the person they’d been looking for was standing right in front of them the whole time.

I hope you enjoy Logan and Lacy’s story!

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One Response to Sparks in Texas – Mari Carr

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Sounds wonderful. I am sure you enjoyed writing about an extended family and making each character an individual.

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