A Woodie, Rum, and Hot Cowboys…by Donna Michaels

Hello, everyone, it’s Donna Michaels, and last week, I was on a cruise with a few author friends and readers. We stopped at Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, and had a blast. I grabbed some goodies for a street team giveaway and newsletter giveaway…and some for myself. Sun, sand, and sea, great place to be, and I’m already looking forward to hitting new beaches with the gang next year!

This is a photo of some of the rum we sampled at a distillery (at 9am lol) on Grand Cayman. The one I liked the most was their Seven Fathoms Rum. It’s aged in a special barrel they lower into the sea where the waves work rock the rum to full-bodied flavor. How cool is that?

rum at caymen spirits sm.jpg

You can check out Cayman Spirits and where their rums, bourbons, and vodkas are available in the states, here:


But, the best thing about the distillery tour was the fact my husband found his Woodie! Here’s a photo of his Woodie, and another of the ‘care’ instruction inside! Still chuckle over them.


Woodie instructions.jpg


As I said, I had a blast with these authors, and I look forward to creating novellas with them using the cruise and it’s ports as our settings. We are going to have a ton of fun with those!! I’m thrilled to also be in the COWBOY JUSTICE 12-Pack with these authors, and look forward to the cowboy set releasing in 10 days!

My contribution to the set is COWBOY LAWE.

Cowboy Lawe_Donna_Michaels 640x960


Cowboy Lawe (Dangerous Curves/Book 3) BLURB:

In order to keep close to an alpha cowboy her boss wants protected, Knight agent Tara Lynch draws on her acting skills to play a scared schoolteacher who witnessed the murder of a hitman, and on her restraint to resist falling for the sexy cowboy.

Former SEAL Callahan ‘Rooke’ Lawe agrees to help his old commander, but with his hands already full investigating accidents on his training ranch that put his brother in the hospital, his attraction to the beautiful woman is a distraction he doesn’t need.


Here’s a sneak peek just for you!


Halfway through breakfast, Rook couldn’t put his finger on it, but something was up with Tarah.

Thirty minutes ago, when he’d returned to her room, he thought he’d heard her talking. When he asked her on their way downstairs, she told him she was on the phone with her brother. He didn’t get the sense she was lying, but he still couldn’t shake the feeling she was hiding something.

“So, Tarah, what grade did you teach?” Rook asked, cutting into a fresh stack of pancakes Burly set in front of him.

It wasn’t lost on him that she’d chosen to sit across from him. Right next to Remy.

She set her fork down and smiled. “Middle school English, so that’s sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.”

“Damn. Middle school in D.C.?” Remy whistled. “You’ve got a pair.”

She laughed. “Yes, except I wear mine on my chest.” Then she slapped a hand over her mouth and blushed.

Burly’s chuckle mixed with his brother’s bark of laughter. But all Rook could do was recall her chest that morning, and how she certainly had a pair of pert nipples he’d wanted to rip out of her dress and cover with his mouth.

She dropped her hand to the table, the pretty silver bracelet on her wrist clanging on contact. “Sorry, that slipped out.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” Burly patted her hand. “It’s been a long time since this house has heard laughter like that.”

She snickered. “The way my tongue runs away with itself, the house is going to be sick of me.”

Burly glanced at him when he replied. “I highly doubt that.”

Rook wasn’t even going to try to decipher what he meant. Instead, he quietly ate while his brother continued his light interrogation.

“So, Tarah, I’d love to know what you’re views are on the Oxford comma,” Remy said, spreading homemade strawberry jam on his toast.

Her mouth twitched upward. “Personally, I like and use it. There are so many sentences that take on a completely different meaning without that extra comma.”

Rook listened while the others discussed punctuation and grammar in today’s society, but he didn’t need to. It wasn’t her occupation he questioned. The more he studied her, the more his gut screamed she was holding something back. And he needed to figure out what it was in case it had the potential to get them all killed.

“I agree.” His brother turned in his chair to face her. “You know, I have to say, I never had an English teacher that looked like you.” Remy flashed her one of his disarming grins.

Syrup dripped off a hunk of pancake impaled on Rook’s fork. He froze, waiting to see how she reacted. He’d never met a woman who hadn’t melted at his brother’s feet when the charm was turned on.

“Aw, that’s sweet.” She smiled, but her gaze didn’t hold interest or any signs of heat like yesterday when Rook had kissed her.

Waves of satisfaction rolled through him over her lack of action toward his brother. He shoved the last of the pancakes in his mouth and watched the two continue.

“I’m not sweet,” Remy muttered.

She chuckled. “So, you were just saying that because you know I have a bigger set?”

This time, Rook’s laughter joined his brother’s and Burly’s. The cook was right. It was good to hear laughter in the house.

Just then, the kittens hopped onto the table out of nowhere. Rook, Burly, and Remy all yelled and waved their hands. The cats immediately jumped down and scurried from the room, their fur all ruffled and tails huge. He watched them slide across the floor trying to get traction on their way out of the kitchen.

Rook turned back around to find Tarah glaring with blatant disapproval at all three of them.

“Why did you do that? You scared them to death.”

He returned her frown. “They’ll live. They have nine lives, don’t they?”

Burly leaned closer. “We can’t let them think they’re allowed on the table.”

“I agree,” she said.

“So, by scaring them, we’re discouraging them from doing it again,” Remy claimed, getting up to pour more coffee in his mug.

Tarah turned to face his brother. “And how’s that working?”

“It isn’t,” Burly replied, regaining her attention. “That was at least the tenth time they’ve been up here. That I know of.”

Rook folded his arms and regarded her closely. “What would you have us do?”

“Gently grab them by the scruff of the neck, making sure to support their bottom with your other hand, and firmly set them on the floor and hold them there, while you say, ‘No!’ Or you can mimic a hiss. Don’t yell.” She glared at him. “Once you feel them relax, usually within a minute or so, you can let them go. But make sure you talk nicely to them after the initial no.”

“Are you serious?” He snorted.

“Yes. The scruff is there for a reason. The momma cat uses it to quiet them down. Show who’s boss. You need to do it to show dominance.”

Right now, he wanted to grab her by the back of the neck and kiss the disapproval from her gaze.

“Well, this has been a fun and interesting breakfast,” Remy said, standing in the middle of the kitchen. “But that new camera arrived yesterday and needs to be set up.”

He nodded. “Good. Make sure it faces the back of the house and has a clear shot at Tarah’s window. I don’t want anyone trying to sneak in.”

Something flashed through her eyes, but it was gone before he could put a name to it. Almost seemed like aggravation, but that made no sense.

“Okay.” Remy nodded. “Who wants to help me set it up in the office to test it out?”

“I will.” Tarah stood.

His brother smiled. “Thanks, but I need someone well-versed in security systems.”

Rook watched as she opened her mouth and inhaled, then closed it again.

“I’ll help you,” Burly stated. “The dishes can wait.”

“Tarah and I will do them.” Rook stood, and smiled at the disbelief on the teacher’s face.

His mind wandered as he loaded the dishwasher, and she washed the pots and pans. How did the delightful woman ever get involved with the mob? She should be in a classroom reaching children, not hiding out at his ranch.

Although, he didn’t mind her presence. In fact, right now, he was enjoying working side-by-side with her. She was quick, and efficient, and thorough. And smelled like coconut. Every time she transferred a pot to the counter, he got a whiff of her perfume. Or lotion. Or whatever the hell was driving him mad.

After he dried the pots she washed, he watched her wiped down the table and chairs. His pulse flared at the view of her long, supple legs and deep show of cleavage as she leaned over the table.

A second later, she stiffened and lifted her gaze, heat and fear mixing to turn her eyes a deep blue. Why would she be afraid of him? The fear didn’t make sense.

She finished her task, then came back to the sink to rinse out the washcloth. “What?” she asked, resting her hip against the counter. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No.” He shook his head. “I was still wondering why you reacted surprised when I suggested we do the dishes. Didn’t you think I knew how?”

She turned her back to him and wiped the sink. “It’s just not something I’d picture you doing.”

Unable to keep his lips off her any longer, Rook stepped behind her, gripped the sink on either side of her, and pressed his mouth to the back of her neck. Her sweet coconut scent was intoxicating. He kissed her neck again.

Tarah’s intake of breath ruffled through him as she tipped her head to give him better access. Damn, she tasted good, and the way she melted into him tested his resolve.

“What did you picture me doing?” he asked, grazing his teeth near her ear, his whole body tightening at the sound of her soft moan.

“That…” she whispered, reaching around to grab his ass and press hers against his throbbing erection.

Rook saw stars. The woman was so damn responsive. He released the sink to grasp her waist and ran his hands up over her ribs. She was solid, yet soft, and he was hard as hell.

He tried to hold onto his control. His brother and Burly could walk in any minute, and still he inched higher to tug the material aside and cup a handful of her gorgeous, bare breast. Then finally, he did what he’d longed to do since she’d first opened her door that morning. He brushed her nipple with his thumb.


He could tell by her tremor she was just as lost has him.

“Like that?” he asked, continuing to press open-mouthed kisses along the curve of her neck.

She let out a sexy little sound when he rolled her nipple between his fingers. So he did it again while he ran his other palm down her sweet curves, over her center to slip under her skirt and grab a handful of…gun?

She stiffened. But it was too late.

He released her, removed the weapon, and stepped back. All the heat running rampant in his veins instantly turned to ice. “What the hell is this?”

She fixed her top, then gripped the sink as she inhaled several breathes. “My gun.”

Jesus, he knew that.

Tarah turned around, her face still flushed as she blinked lingering traces of desire from her gaze. “I’d like it back, please, Rook.”

“Like hell,” he said, a little too gruff, but the quick switch from aroused to alarmed would do that to a guy.

“What’s going on?” Remy rushed in with a concerned Burly on his heels.

Tarah shrugged. “Rook found my gun.”

Remy eyed her up and down. “Where?”

Ah hell, his brother was an idiot. That wasn’t the right question.

“Here.” She lifted the side of dress to reveal a set of incredible legs, and an empty garter holster.

Rook’s heart slammed against his ribs hard. He knew he should question her as to why she had a gun, but at the moment, all he could think was…damn, that’s hot!


Cowboy Lawe is part of the Cowboy Justice 12-Pack releasing 4/05/16!


Pre-order your copy for only .99cents today!
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1Sj7FGh
Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/CJukzon
Nook: http://bit.ly/cjnook
iBooks: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/…/cowboy-justice…/id1058222689…
Kobo: http://bit.ly/kobocj

Contributing NYT & USA Today authors:

Susan Stoker| Elle James| Becky McGraw| Cynthia D’Alba| Sable Hunter| Delilah Devlin| Donna Michaels| Lexi Post| Sabrina York| Randi Alexander| Beth Williamson| Lindsay McKenna


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