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Hi All! Happy Thursday. Let me apologize right now because I will be away from my computer all day (Chemo – yuck) and therefore won’t see any comments until late tonight or tomorrow. But don’t let that stop you from leaving comments!

I have TWO releases coming up and you know what that means… FACEBOOK PARTIES!!! and what does a FACEBOOK PARTY have? PRIZES!! Woot.

bannerFirst release is Cowboy Justice, a collection of 12 novellas from such great authors that I’m humbled to be included. Just look at that group of authors. For $0.99, this collection is undervalued! 🙂  It hits on April 5, 2016.

My contribution is Texas Justice. Great cover, huh? Ms. Elle James did this for me. (She is SO talented.) The great looking guy is Len Gunn, one of the nicest guys around!

photo of a young man looking into the camera while holding his g

Here’s a little more about the story:  Following an auto accident and a death during surgery, Sheriff Kyle Monroe is pulled between professional responsibilities and his personal life. He’s ready to stand by Dr. Tess Sweeney to fight bogus medical malpractice charges, even under pressure from his doctor brother and the county District Attorney to distance himself from her. He has to clear her of the charges to keep their new found love going.

Thought I’d share the opening…

“Sorry, ma’am. I’m gonna have to frisk you.”

“But, Sheriff, I didn’t do anything,” Tess Sweeney said, rapidly batting her eyelashes. “I swear.”

She dragged out the last two words in the best damned Scarlet O’Hara imitation she could do. The corners of his mouth twitched for a minute before his face transformed into a stern expression.

“Spread ‘em,” he ordered, deepening his voice into a growl.

“If I don’t, are you going to pistol whip me?” She made a point of sticking out her lower lip in a pout.

“No, ma’am, but I might have to use my big nightstick on you.”

Tess squealed with laughter. “Has that line ever worked?”

Tess looked up into the steel-gray eyes of Kyle Monroe. He gave her a smile that sent her heart racing. Sexual energy flared, melting her insides.

“Nope, but a man’s gotta have hope.” He brushed the back of his fingers along her cheek. She pressed her face into his touch. His eyes darkened with desire. Every cell in her body lit up.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are?”

A huge lump formed in her throat. Too thin and too plain as a child, she’d never had much attention from boys. By the time she’d reached high school, she’d developed large breasts, a narrow waist, and hips that swung when she walked. But inside, she was still that skinny, ugly little girl nobody picked for their kickball team.

Tess’s elbows sank into the mattress as she arched her back, crushing her breasts against his chest. She savored the feel of the rough hair there against her sensitive nipples. “You might have mentioned it once or twice over dinner.” She ran her tongue around his nipple and caught it between her teeth, tugging gently on the rigid flesh.

He caught her head between his hands, holding her against his chest. His deep-throated moan told her how much he loved the rasp of her tongue on his flesh.

 Moving up his body, she kissed and nibbled until she reached his lower lip. She sucked it between her lips and then  looked at him. “But for now, less talk. More action.” She raked her taut nipples through his chest hair again.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said as he rolled her onto her back and worked his way down her neck.

Beside her right ear her cell phone vibrated on the oak bedside table. It pulsated twice more, followed by loud gonging.

“Argh,” she moaned, dropping her arms out to her sides. Did she have to get a call the first time she was in bed with this incredibly sexy man? Of course she did.

“Don’t answer it,” he said, tightening his arms around her like a steel band.

“You know I have to.” She glanced at the clock and sighed. One a.m. Nobody got good news at this hour. “I’m on call. No choice.”

Tess kissed the tip of his nose and slipped from the mattress. She hurried around the bed and grabbed her cell phone off the table. “Dr. Sweeney.”

She glanced back at the man in her bed and wanted to weep at being on call. He’d scooted up until his back rested against her headboard. His chest was a rock-hard display of muscle and sinew that begged to be touched…and she wanted to stroke it so bad her fingers itched. His eyes were on her, listening as she took her call from the emergency department.

My other release is Texas Lullaby, which I talked about last month. Texas Lullaby hits on April 12! TexasLullaby72web

Lydia Henson’s four-year-long engagement to Jason Montgomery is about to end in a Texas wedding everyone is anticipating. She’s come to accept Jason doesn’t want children. She can live without children. She can’t live without the man she loves.

Jason has never wanted a family. At least, that’s his story and he’s sticking to it. The falsehood is less emasculating than the truth. Yet when tragedy on the eve of their wedding lands Lydia with her sister’s children to raise, Jason finds himself surprisingly calm in the midst of the chaos.

Everything he swore he didn’t want seems as natural as breathing. But just as he gathers the courage to grab for the golden ring, another unexpected twist threatens to tarnish what could have been a shining future.

AND if you preordered Texas Lullaby, you can claim your own Texas Lullaby baby sneaker key holder. Trust me… these are stinkin’ cute!

Texas Lullaby is available at all online book stores, or check out the buy links at

Now the Facebook Parties, there are three (so far!)

March 31 –
The authors of Western Romance Cafe are having a “We Love Our Readers” party! I’ll be chatting at 6:00 pm (ET), which is 5:00pm CT and 3:00 pm PT

April 6 –
The authors of the Cowboy Justice will be hosted by the ladies of A Taste of Romance Book Club. The party (with lots of prizes) will be 5-10pm ET / 4-9pm CT / 2-7pm PT
Hope you’ll come and chat! I’ll be there at 6:00pm ET /5:00pm CT / 3:00pm PT

I’m sure there’ll be a release day party for Texas Lullaby on April 12 but I’ll still in the setting it up stage! But like my Facebook fan page at
I know the party will be posted there!

Okay- that’s it for this month. See you at the parties? Be sure to tell me that came from the Wild and Wicked blog!

See you in April!

About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.
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14 Responses to Parties & Prizes – Cynthia D’Alba

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Lovely covers! I don’t do facebook, but enjoy the parties.

  2. lacombejc says:

    I preordered Cowboy Justice when it first became available. I cant wait to read it and your story sounds exciting. Love both book covers. Congrats on the new releases!! 😀

  3. Katherine Horvath says:

    Love the Covers! Looking foward to reading all the books!

  4. Tanya Brown says:

    Pre-ordered both. I haven’t missed a book of your yet! Good luck today, I’ll be thinking of you and praying.

  5. Cheryl Lemon says:

    Order Number: 113-2085123-0868211
    Texas Lullaby will be shipped to Cheryl A Lemon by
    Estimated delivery: April 14, 2016
    Can’t wait to read this

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  7. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Cowboy Justice already pre-ordered, looking forward to it!

  8. ELF says:

    Congrats on the releases, Cynthia, have fun at the release parties (I am not on FB either)! I hope things go well with treatment! Hugs.

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