Cowboys are Cowboys by Maddie James

Hi everyone. Maddie James here, coming to you from Kentucky bluegrass horse country! Even though the Kentucky Derby is a couple of months away, we’re all gearing up here for the big horse race. The festival, the parties, the food… April will soon be here and once it hits, it’s Derby time, all day, every day.

Kentucky is known for its thoroughbred horses, the jockeys, and outrageously expensive horse barns. A far cry from western riding, quarter horses, and dusty old barns.

Couple in love the guy holding the girl in his arms cowboy hat in a field at sunset

We’ve all heard of the cowboy code–and if you google it, you’ll find a lot of different lists that represent what that code means. Whether it’s called the Cowboy Code of Ethics, The Code of the West, Cowboy Ettiquette, or a Code of Conduct–it all boils down to similar things.

Cowboys are loyal, honest, and hard working. They help others, are respectful, and never take unfair advantage of anyone. They can be all of these things and more, while also exhibiting strong-willed, Alpha characteristics balanced with a kind and caring spirit.

The hero in my latest release, Collin Kramer, is like that, too. He’s not a cowboy in the traditional sense of the word, but he embodies many traits of the cowboy code–hard working, loyal, caring, and would do anything for the people he loves. Instead of wearing western jeans and boots, however, he wears the jodhpurs and boots of a Kentucky blue-blood, fox hunter.

Intrigued? Here’s the book description for WIND RIDGE:

Rebekah McCauley is back home after ten long years of living and working in New York WindRidge-MJames-LgCity. She left the Big Apple under circumstances she’d rather not share with her family—not yet, anyway—and all she really wants is time to heal and recover from the mess she’d made of her life. Luckily, her grandparents’ Kentucky bluegrass farm, Wind Ridge, provides the safe haven she craves, and the solitude she needs to heal.

Collin Kramer, the fox hunter next door, seems determined to infiltrate that peace and quiet, and invade her safe haven—not only with his noisy hounds running amok over her land, but with his Alpha male, take-charge attitude running roughshod over her wounded heart.

But as Bekah softens to Collin’s conquest, he realizes his own toughened heart needs mending. And just when he thinks he has that conquered, as well, all hell breaks loose. Poisoned horses, a gutted dog, and a barn fire are only the beginning. When Bekah’s farmhouse burns to the ground too, they know someone means business. But who? And whose past, Bekah’s or Collin’s, has come back to haunt them?

WIND RIDGE will release March 28 at all retailers, but you can pre-order your copy at iBooks now — special price of 99 cents through April 15. (regular price of $3.99 starts April 16)

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About MaddieJames

Maddie James is the bestselling author of forty romance novels published worldwide in over six languages. Available in ebook, trade paperback and audio, her titles span the romance genre from contemporary romance to romantic suspense. Landing on all major retailer top-selling lists, Maddie’s books have received numerous five-star reviews. She has been listed as a Top 100 Contemporary Romance author at Amazon, and a Rising Star of Western Romance at iBooks . Learn more about her writing at
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10 Responses to Cowboys are Cowboys by Maddie James

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    I first read about Kentucky in Bluegrass by Borden Deal. I’d like to read more, but please, no poisoned horses and dead dogs in the story!

  2. MaddieJames says:

    It’s a beautiful place to live, Clare. I’ve been here since the early 1980s. And oh, I am such an animal lover and it killed me to write those two elements into the story — but revenge isn’t pretty and it unfortunately manifested itself in that kind of ugliness. Hopefully readers will understand!

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  4. Teresa Forduce says:

    This makes it more real life to me – thanks!

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  6. As a fellow KY girl myself, the sound of a KY blue blood, fox hunter is very intriguing to me! I’m going to have to get this one on my kindle, Maddie!

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