Gem Sivad checking in to make sure everyone loses an hour of sleep as we SPRING FORWARD for the next whatever amount of time some one decides to mess with the clocks. *yawn*

Here’s what’s happening with me. I’m scrambling, lol. I had no idea it would be a massive undertaking to re-publish the Eclipse Heat series. So far I’ve refreshed and released Quincy’s Woman: Quince-2_digital final book cover Quincy's Woman 300x400

Fresh from the post-Civil War salons and drawing rooms of Boston, Lucille McKenna considers herself a sophisticated young woman. But when she meets Texas rancher, Ambrose Quince, she turns into a flustered girl. He’s too old, war roughened and unrefined–and she has no idea how to deal with the way he makes her feel.

Quincy falls fast and hard for the innocent debutante visiting Eclipse, Texas. Persuading Lucy to accept his pursuit is hard since he can’t even justify his interest to himself. He has ranch chores waiting, and no time to be running to town to court a woman he has no business wanting. He knows Lucille McKenna was never meant for the likes of him,but he can’t help himself. She’s the only woman he’ll ever want.

When tragedy strikes, Lucy accepts the gruff rancher’s proposal, turning to him for solace and protection. Though their different backgrounds often cause angry disagreements, passion holds them together  and keeps life interesting on the Double-Q ranch.

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intimatestrangers300 x436

Intimate Strangers: Lucy and Ambrose Quince share fiery passion in and out of bed; they love hard but fight often, both having opinions and tempers. But Lucy mysteriously disappears in 1874, leaving the Double-Q ranch and all she loves behind. Three years later, scarred in mind and body, Lucy is drawn back to Eclipse and the life she’s forgotten—including a snarling, lustful husband.

Although she claims she can’t remember him, Ambrose hasn’t forgotten a damned thing. Lucy left him and he owes her nothing. Trouble is—his heart remembers too, and Lucy’s the only woman who’ll ever own it.

Reader Advisory:This book contains adult sexual situations and violence

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When one straight-laced spinster tenders her body to one cynical sometimes savage, the unexpected bounty is love.

Wolf’s Tender: Miss Naomi Parker, deportment instructor at the Sparrow Creek Young Ladies Academy, can’t forgive herself for hiding during an outlaw attack. When the local sheriff refuses to pursue the gang of renegades who kidnapped her students, she decides to rescue the girls herself. But, she needs the help of the best tracker in the territory—half-Kiowa bounty hunter, Charlie Wolf McCallister.

Before he goes out on another bounty hunt, Charlie wants a long soak in a hot bath, a bottle of whiskey, and the pleasure of a woman’s company. He has two out of three when a school marm with cornflower-blue eyes invades his privacy.

After establishing that he only works for pay, Charlie is shocked when Miss Parker offers him one night of sexual favors in exchange for his tracking services. Though he knows bedding a white woman will cause all kinds of trouble, he operates on the philosophy that a bird in hand is better than no bird at all.

After they’ve sealed their bargain, Charlie tries to leave Naomi safely behind. But the opinionated teacher insists on accompanying him. She’s impatient with his decisions, questions his authority, and generally ignores his warnings. But each time they make love, Naomi captures another piece of Charlie Wolf’s heart.

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Tupelo Gold revised_1400 x 2100Tupelo Gold: Blurb under construction.

Excerpt: While Comfort gorged her senses on this gruff man who treated her so gently, Hamilton pulled a handkerchief from his shirt pocket and carefully unfolded it.

“Thought of you when I ran across this in a Wichita mercantile.” He handed her a vial of amber liquid with a wooden stopper sealing it closed.

“What is it?” she asked, tilting the glass container to watch the viscous gold flow from one end of the tube to the other. She didn’t really care if it had any purpose more than being lovely. He’d thought of her while he was gone. Relief warmed her cold bones, assuring her she wasn’t completely without friends.

“Open it,” he urged.

She removed the stopper and discovered beads of amber clinging to the wooden dipper attached to the underside of the lid.

“Take a taste.”

When Comfort looked at him doubtfully, he took the dipper from her and dabbed a drop on her mouth. Tentatively she touched her tongue to the bead, then licked it from her lips, closing her eyes to better analyze the flavor.

She inhaled, amazed at how the subtle essence carried a delicate fragrance as well as a hint of cinnamon. The underlying tang, made her think of fecund forests with exotic flowers perfuming the air.

“Is it honey?” she asked.

“It’s called Tupelo Gold. Honeybees in the swamps along the Apalachicola River valley produce it. It’s sweeter than regular honey, and more precious than gold.”

He brushed her cheek with the back of his hand and added in a low growl, “Like you.”

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3 Responses to SPRING FORWARD

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    We don’t change our clocks yet, just to confuse matters further. And we change over a Saturday night / Sunday morning to make sure businesses are set up for Monday.

    • Gem says:

      I only caught up with time because my laptop beamed the news at me in the wee hours of the morning. Happy spring, Clare. 🙂

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