All the Cowboys from Sarah M. Anderson

SarahMAndersonhiresHi everyone! First off the winner from last week is Cynthia G! Congratulations! You get a Falling For Her Fake Fiance! Send your format preference to!

This is one of those really, really, REALLY rare months this year when I don’t have a book out. Seriously, it’s super rare. Why?

Because I sold yet *another* book! Which means I’ve officially lost count of how many I have out this year and I’m driving my lovely assistant to the point of madness. At the end of today’s post is a super-secret excerpt! And I’m going to be giving away a copy of Rodeo Dreams (in ebook!) as well!

So let’s review the coming attractions, shall we? First off, my website has a brand-new look, so check that out!

Next month will be A Surprise for the Sheikh, also known as the Cowgirl and the Sheikh book. It’s a part of the Texas Cattleman’s Club series from Desire and answers the question, what happens when a cowgirl and a sheikh have a one-night stand? (The answer: LOTS!)

Surprise for Shiekh FINAL.jpgHere’s the blurb:

One night with a sheikh leads to a secret baby surprise!

Billionaire sheikh Rafiq “Rafe” bin Saleed has come to Royal, Texas, to buy the town—and
get even with his former best friend. But Rafe’s plans are pushed aside for one amazing night with a stranger—and then nearly derailed when he discovers the identity of his mystery woman. For not only is Violet McCallum his enemy’s cherished little sister, she’s now pregnant with Rafe’s child! Rafe knows he has the upper hand; all he has to do is walk away. But there’s something about Violet that won’t let him leave without her…

Buy Links: Amazon | B & N | iBooks | Kobo | Indiebound | Google | Harlequin

Then, in May, I’m getting back to the rodeo! I’m so excited for One Rodeo Season. It’s a true cowboy book (not a billionaire in sight!) featuring Lacy, one of my most complicated heroines yet. This story is the follow-up to Rodeo Dreams and the hero of One Rodeo Season is Ian Tall Chief, cousin to June Spotted Elk. We met him briefly in Rodeo Dreams and now he’s back with a woman who matches him step for step.
Here’s the blurb:

One Rodeo Season FINAL.jpgWhen his past collides with her present, only true love can survive the wild ride…

Bullfighter Ian Tall Chief is determined to get off the reservation and onto the pro circuit. After a wild youth, and some big mistakes, he’s found his focus. The only person who can break his concentration? Lacy Evans, owner of the Straight Arrow Ranch.

But the beautiful cowgirl is dealing with problems of her own. She’s running the ranch alone, after her parents’ deaths. The macho rodeo world is not ready for a female stock contractor. And she’s discovered her parents were keeping secrets from her—ones that rock the very foundation of her identity. Can she trust Ian to be the good man he claims to be?

Buy links: Amazon | B & N | iBooks | Kobo  | All Romance eBooks | Google | Harlequin

But wait! THERE’S MORE! Remember I said I sold a book? Well, if you read Rodeo Dreams, you’re going to remember Mitch and Paulo. In that book, Mitch and Paulo were a couple who hid their relationship by pretending to have Mitch date June (this all made sense in the story, trust me). And the two of them pop back up in One Rodeo Season, as well. And I had SO many people tell me they wanted to know a scrawny cowboy from Wyoming and a bull rider from Brazil got together.

WELL! I wrote the story of how Mitch and Paulo became a couple and sold it to Carina, which is a digital imprint of Harlequin. It’s going to be published in June, one month after One Rodeo Season and it’s tentatively titled Crushing on the Cowboy. I’m *so* excited for this story. It’s my first foray into M/M (Male/Male) romance and I love how it turned out. Mitch has always been a lot of fun on the page and Paulo has always been very mysterious and nearly silent and it was so much fun seeing how the two of them got together.

I don’t have a blurb or buy links for Crushing on the Cowboy yet, but here’s a super-early sneak peek!

Mitch scanned the area behind the chutes. He didn’t see the dark form of Paulo anywhere.

Of course, there weren’t that many people to be seen here in Ames, Iowa, this week’s stop on the TBC circuit. Ames wasn’t that far from Nebraska, so he and the Preacher had made good time. They were here early.

Traveling with Luke was a bit of insurance because the man was a preacher. Mitch couldn’t bring women back to his room because no one wanted to get lucky in a bed next to a married man of the cloth. Yeah, it sucked that the Preacher held such a low opinion of The Heartbreak Kid, and yeah, it sucked even more that Luke was forever trying to save Mitch’s soul from the sure damnation that was awaiting him, but it still beat having a woman try to actually sleep with him. Urgh.

So he suffered the good-natured Preacher voluntarily.

Mitch set up his bull rope and began to rosin it. He was halfway done when he knew—knew—that Paulo the Brazilian had walked into the arena. How he knew, he couldn’t have said. He didn’t see him walk in. But the hairs on the his forearms stood up and something in his gut tightened and he remembered doing the totally insane thing of leaning over and touching all the muscles that had barely been contained by a black t-shirt. In public, no less. Just so he could maybe get a better idea if the Brazilian was watching him or Bobbi Jean.

And when Paulo had leaned into his touch—hadn’t told Mitch to shove off, hadn’t grabbed his hand and broken a single finger—but actually leaned into his palm?

Jesus, the wet dreams Mitch had had this week. His subconscious was a hell of a lot more adventuresome than his conscious could pull off.

Trying to act casual and feeling like it was a total failure, Mitch turned and spotted Paulo headed for him. “Hey, Paul . . . o?”

Because Paulo the Brazilian had just given him an unmistakable shut the hell up look.

“Sorry?” Mitch said in a quieter voice. “No names?”

Ah. The tiniest shake of his head. They were back to not talking.

Funny how that didn’t seem to stop them from, you know, actually communicating.

“The Preacher’s going to tell people about you,” he tried as Paulo set up his bull rope next to Mitch’s.

A slight shrug. I don’t care.

“People will want to know things about you.”

A quirked eyebrow. Things like what?

Mitch swallowed. “Things. Like, that you understand English.”

Another shrug. So?

“I can . . .” He cleared his throat, nervous. Too many wet dreams with his dream cowboy, not enough practical experience with a real man. “I can help. I can tell them what they want to know.”

Both eyebrows lifted that time and he turned his whole upper body toward Mitch. Jesus, that chest. Paulo had on another tight black t-shirt, praise the Lord and pass the butter. But he also had on a black long-sleeved work shirt with pearl buttons. Mitch wanted to peel that shirt off in the worst sort of way. Every night in his dreams for the last six days, he’d done just that.

Paulo lowered his head but kept his gaze locked on Mitch. Why?

Mitch began to sweat. “I can help. If you want me to. If you don’t . . .” He dropped his gaze and forcibly turned his attention back to his bull rope.

Riding two-ton animals for fun and profit required a hell of a lot more focus than Mitch had going for him right now. He could not risk letting a sexy-as-hell Brazilian distract him, not if he didn’t want to get crushed by a pair of hooves and gored just for good measure.

He could feel Paulo’s eyes burning a hole in the side of his face and he knew he was blushing, but they were in the middle of a damned arena with more and more bull riders and some fighters showing up…and girls. Always the same kind of girls, the ones who chased the buckle regardless of the man wearing it.

The thought that Mitch would have to pick up one of those women tonight and dance her around and kiss her like he meant it instead of watching Paulo’s eyebrows do some very interesting acrobatics was as depressing as hell.

Something thwacked him in the arm. He jumped and turned to find Paulo standing next to him, hand outstretched. He waited while Mitch got his heart to slow back down.

“You want my help?”

Oh, Lord. Paulo’s mouth—Paulo’s lush, full lips—curved into a slow smile so damn sensual that Mitch almost came in his jeans. That smile needed no translation because Mitch understood it perfectly.

Among other things.

Mitch wasn’t sure his heart was still beating. Or, if it was, the ol’ ticker was going so fast Mitch couldn’t even feel it. He put his hand in Paulo’s and—well, he didn’t exactly shake on it. He wrapped his fingers around Paulo’s callused hands and squeezed. It felt like a risky thing to do—crazy risky when combined with the way he’d touched the man’s chest last weekend.

“After the rides tonight—the bar?”

Paulo let go of his hand and gave Mitch a frustrated look.

“It’s expected,” Mitch said.

Paulo rolled his eyes. But then he lifted one of his shoulders up. Fine.

“We’ll talk then. I won’t spend all night dancing, I promise.”

Paulo snorted. Yeah, that needed no translation either.

rodeo-dreams web.pngGosh, I love those guys. They’re so much fun!! Paulo was a special challenge because over the course of two books where he was a secondary character, he said maybe a total of 35 words. I had a great time writing him *not* talking! Stay tuned for more details on Crushing on the Cowboy!

Okay, for this month’s contest–it’s been a warm winter here and the daffodils and tulips are already half out of the ground. It’s 60 and sunny here as I’m writing this and I’m about to go sit outside and read. What are you looking forward to with warmer temperatures? I can’t wait for my bulbs to bloom! One lucky commenter will get a digital copy of Rodeo Dreams! And if you can’t wait that long…

Buy links: Amazon | B & N | iBooks | Kobo  | Indiebound | All Romance eBooks | Google | Harlequin

Have a great March, everyone! Happy Almost Spring!


About Sarah M. Anderson

Sarah M. Anderson is an award-winning author who writes contemporary snarky and sensual romances featuring cowboys and bull riders as well as billionaires with and without babies. She won RT Reviewer’s Choice 2012 Desire of the Year for A Man of Privilege. The Nanny Plan was a 2016 RITA® winner for Contemporary Romance: Short. Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and billionaires. Find out more at and sign up for the new-release newsletter at
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2 Responses to All the Cowboys from Sarah M. Anderson

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    I’m definitely reading One Rodeo Season. I love the way you work in minority backgrounds and settings.

  2. Shirley Long says:

    Mornin’ Sarah. Hope you’re doing well.
    LOVE the excerpt from Crushing on the Cowboy. Lord have mercy these 2 big alpha cowboys sound amazing. Can’t wait to read it. Be sure to let us know when we can preorder.

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