Preview: Beauty and the Bull Rider (Hotel Rodeo#3) by VICTORIA VANE



giphyWhen Beauty Wants A Baby…Championship bull breeder and former Texas beauty queen Delaney McCall was having a heck of a time finding a daddy for the baby she craved. A failed marriage left her with no desire for another husband, but finding the right stud to satisfy her needs presents a bigger problem that she could have imagined.

And The Bullrider Wants Beauty…After hanging up his spurs, bull rider Zac McDaniel wants nothing more than to fulfill Delaney’s dream of having a family. After all, his best friend’s ex has been his fantasy for years. Zac, however, has no desire to be seen as just a means to an end. And when Zac insists on doing things the “old fashioned” way, their passion explodes like a bull out of the chute…

Some Bucking Is Bound To Happen …While insisting it’s all just a passing fancy, the more Delaney sees the softer side of the rough and tumble cowboy, the harder it is to keep her emotions corraled. Zac, meanwhile, is more determined than ever to prove he’s what she really needs, and will do whatever it takes to tear down the mile high fence around her heart…

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Delaney slammed her cell phone on the counter and threw herself into a chair where she finally gave in to the fit of angry tears. It was all Zac’s fault. Since that damned cowboy had walked into her life, all of her plans had gone to hell in a handbasket.  Nothing was happening the way it was supposed to. First her baby plans and now her calves. Her only consolation was that it was at least a bucking bull and not one of the Longhorns that had busted in and ravished her heifers. Of course the shameless hussies had been perfectly happy to lift their tails and squat.

Her only hope was that they were too early in the cycle for fertilization. As long as Zac removed the bull before he got another go, maybe she could control the damage. She poured a glass of wine and waited for Zac.

Her nerves had begun to settle by the time she poured her second glass.

It would be at least a week before she could do any preg testing on the cows, but it actually wasn’t quite the disaster she’d first thought. The bull had bred her recipient cows but not the egg donor. Thank God, Diamond was still in her own pen and not turned out with the others.

She downed her third glass and then poured another.

She was feeling dangerously mellow by the time Zac pulled into the drive. She met him at the door, opening before he had a chance to knock.  He stood there with hat in hand and apology on his lips.

“I’m damned sorry about this, Delaney,” he said. She focused mostly on the lips. She loved the shape of Zac’s mouth and the feel of it even better. “I’m confounded how he got out,” he continued. “It wasn’t negligence, I swear.  He’s got an injured hock and I had him in a six foot pen. It shouldn’t have happened.”

“I’m sorry for lashing out at you on the phone, Zac. I know it wasn’t your fault. These kinda things happen sometimes.”

He looked surprised. “So you’re not all pissed off anymore?”

“I still am,” she confessed with a hiccup, “But maybe not quite as much as before. Did you come to get your bull?”

“Already did,” Zac said. “I called Bart the minute I got off the phone with you. The bull’s already loaded up and on the way home. He didn’t fight us much.”

“I don’t imagine he had the energy,” she said dryly. “All that humping must have worn him out.”

“So he got to all of them?” Zac asked.

“Let’s just say he didn’t overlook any who were willing. I’m very disappointed with the low morale caliber of my cows.”

“Given that breeding is what you bought them for you, should be happy how eagerly they embraced the job,” Zac replied with a twitch of his fascinating mouth.

“But they aren’t supposed to breed indiscriminately. I had the studs all picked out before your cow seducing Casanova came along.”

Zac cocked a brow. “Maybe they wanted to know the baby daddy instead of some anonymous stranger. Maybe they thought they’d be happier humping than taking a semen injection by syringe.”

“Point taken,” she said softly. “The idea of a syringe isn’t very appealing. Neither is a battery operated vibrator.”


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About Victoria Vane

~Smart and Sexy Romance~ VICTORIA VANE is an award-winning author whose works of fiction include everything from wild comedic romps to emotionally compelling erotic romance. She loves the mountains and resides in the upstate region of South Carolina. In addition to reading and writing, she is an avid equestrienne. Look for her sexy new contemporary cowboy series coming from Sourcebooks in 2014.
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6 Responses to Preview: Beauty and the Bull Rider (Hotel Rodeo#3) by VICTORIA VANE

  1. What a great prize you’re giving away Victoria! Your readers will LOVE that! Wishing you lots of sales for this upcoming release!

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    Love the cover, and the outline. Fun vid clip of the bucking bull event!

  3. Thanks Clare! A friend of min embedded that clip into the cover. I think it’s pretty cool too! XO Victoria

  4. Ginger Robertson says:

    I loved reading the excerpt with the interaction between Delaney and Zac. So the entire story of Beauty and the Bull Rider should be just buck wild…..

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