New Cowboy Dreamin’ by Sandy Sullivan

Hi guys,

For those who haven’t heard from me in a bit, I apologize. Life has been crazy. I’ve been writing and trying to get things under control, but I somehow forget to post on this blog.

Today, I want to introduce you to A Cowboy of My Own which is my latest release in the Cowboy Dreamin’ series. It is the second to the last one in this series and it has a place close to my heart.

It is available on most retailers including Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Ibooks, Kobo, and more.

Find those links on my website at



Jonathan Young is the cowboy nerd of the Young brood. He’s the website and marketing go to person for Thunder Ridge and he’s not nearly as ruggedly handsome as his eight brothers, or so he thinks. Nerds aren’t like that. They sit behind computers, work on graphics, content, and how to make their clients rich by pushing the envelope to get the name out there. He’s done that for years. Now it’s time to see what else is in his future.

Enter Mandy Jenkins, wild child of Bandera Texas and honorary family member of the Young’s. She’s gorgeous, funny, smart, and sweet, and she apparently wants him. Can he come out of his shell and be the man she needs?

Mandy Jenkins has wanted Jonathan Young for over three years. He’s been the cowboy of her dreams, since the day she met him. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem interested at all and she’s about given up on the vision of happily ever after with him. A secret in her past could put him beyond her grasp, even if it wasn’t her fault.

Will they be able to find true love or will past mistakes be the end of what could prove to be the best thing they ever had?

Watch for the final piece of this series coming soon called A Cowboy’s Promise.

I have also begun re-releasing my books that used to be held by Siren Publishing. The first in the Wilder Series has been released on Amazon. Wild Wyoming Nights has a brand new cover, newly edited, and at a lower price!


Available on Amazon!


Abigail Carter decides transplanting herself in Wyoming after the death of her husband in the 9/11 bombings, is the answer to moving on without him. He was her life, her future, her husband, and a New York City firefighter. How can she even think about finding someone else?

Chase Wilder is a local horse rancher outside of Laramie Wyoming. He knows what the snowy, treacherous roads are like in the winter all too well after losing his wife to an accident on the highway. When he’s called to an accident near his house as a first responder, he can’t help but pray for the woman hanging upside down by her seat belt. Inexplicably drawn to her, he can’t shake the need to learn more about her.

When two very different people find they need each other to survive the rough Wyoming winter, will the sizzle when they touch be enough to keep their future warm?

******This is a re-release of this title originally released in 2009. It has been re-edited, reformatted, brand new cover, and additional text******

Anyway, that’s it for me this month. I hope to keep up with this a little better in 2016!

See you at the next conference!



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10 Responses to New Cowboy Dreamin’ by Sandy Sullivan

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Lovely covers – except that I don’t like the words written across the man’s chest because they look as though they are written in blood. Painful.

  2. Shirley Long says:

    Cowboy of My Own was is a great read!! Jonathan may be the “nerd” of the family, but he is definitely ONE HOT NERD!!!

  3. sandys37 says:

    Aw, thank you, Shirley. I’m so glad you enjoyed Jonathan and Mandy’s story.

  4. Michelle says:

    Love these!!

  5. Barbi Davis says:

    Sandy, both books sound great !!

  6. Ronnie C says:

    Sandy, I love your books! I have to get these!!! 💜

  7. Sandy, I’m having the same problem here…life just has a way of making things crazy, doesn’t it?! But I’m glad you dropped by to post about your cowboy releases! Wishing you all the best!

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