Football & His Forever Family by Sarah M. Anderson

Happy Super Sunday! First off, congratulations to Mary Lawson, who won an ARC of His Forever Family from last month’s blog! Mary, send your format preference to!SarahMAndersonhires

I love football. I always have. My mother raised us to be very involved with sports–as spectators. God knows I didn’t have the athletic grace or aptitude to actually *do* sporty things. But I’m from St. Louis where the Cardinals (baseball) is a religion and the Blues (hockey) is a cult. I’m old enough (sigh) to remember when the St. Louis Cardinals football team left us for Arizona. It’s hard to root for the Arizona Cardinals, even to this day.

I have a few funny traditions about football. I MUST watch the players run out of the tunnel and onto the field. I’m spookily accurate about predicting who the winners will be based off of that. I remember (coincidentally) the only time when the St. Louis Rams (alas, no more) won the Super Bowl back in 1999. I was living in Ohio, going to grad school–but it was a big deal and my mom called me long distance (yes, that was still a thing back then) to ask me who would win and I said it was too close to tell. And the Rams
won by stopping a touchdown something like six inches from the end zone as time expired. WAY TOO CLOSE TO TELL. 🙂

Every year now, we have a little party with our oldest friends. It’s mostly a good excuse to clean the house and eat snacks while hanging out with people we like. We watch the commercials and slowly sip our one allotted alcoholic beverage for the week–getting old is hell. But I still watch the players run out!

I’ll give one copy of Falling For Her Fake Fiance (in which the hero, Ethan Logan, used to play linebacker) to a lucky commenter who tells me about your Super Sunday traditions!

Now onto the books! I have a special surprise for you guys–an exclusive cover reveal for One Rodeo Season (gasp! A Cowboy book!) that will be out this May! Here’s the blurb:

When his past collides with her present, only true love can survive the wild ride…One Rodeo Season FINAL 

Bullfighter Ian Tall Chief is determined to get off the reservation and onto the pro circuit. After a wild youth, and some big mistakes, he’s found his focus. The only person who can break his concentration? Lacy Evans, owner of the Straight Arrow Ranch.

But the beautiful cowgirl is dealing with problems of her own. She’s running the ranch alone, after her parents’ deaths. The macho rodeo world is not ready for a female stock contractor. And she’s discovered her parents were keeping secrets from her—ones that rock the very foundation of her identity. Can she trust Ian to be the good man he claims to be?

And here’s the links! 
| B & N | iBooks | Kobo
| All Romance eBooks | Google | Harlequin

I also have a book out this week! His Forever Family, featuring a hot billionaire, a heroine tortured by her past and an adorable baby. Here’s the blurb:

Found: one baby…and the boss’s future bride? 

Tiny and helpless—the abandoned newborn that venture capitalist Marcus Warren finds during a morning run takes him by surprise. So does the sudden longing for his capable assistant, Liberty Reese, who reveals her tender side with the baby.

But Liberty must resist her gorgeous boss’s advances. Her secrets could destroy his trust, her career and the chance to care for the foster child they are both coming to love. Even so, she can’t deny the heat between them—or the fear that her past will end their chance to create a forever family.

Amazon | B & N | iBooks | Kobo | Powell’s | Indiebound | Google | Harlequin

Here’s an exclusive9780373734382.indd excerpt!

Liberty was only vaguely aware that they were moving through a room that contained tables and chairs. Instead, she was more focused on how Marcus’s hands snaked down her hips and how he was pulling her skirt up. “Wait,” she said and the moment the word left her mouth, he froze.

“Wait?” In that moment when he stopped, she fell a whole lot more in love with him. It wasn’t an act. He wasn’t telling her how special, how important she was just to get her in bed. He really did want her and he really did want to do right by her.

“Don’t pull it up,” she told him. She didn’t want a boring khaki skirt bunched up around her middle. Nothing sexy about that. In her fantasies, he stripped her bare. “Just take it off.”

“Woman,” he growled, relief flooding his face. Whereas he’d been slow and gentle with her shirt and her bra, he jerked at the button at the top of her skirt with an almost savage force.

He didn’t even get the zipper the whole way down before he was pushing at the skirt, sliding it over her hips. The fabric hit the ground with a dull whump and Liberty took a mental second to thank the laundry gods that she’d put on a cute pair of undies today, white with little pink flowers printed on them and an edge of lace all the way around.

“Office,” he said, jerking his head at a doorway.

“Mmm,” she hummed, pulling him up and working at the buttons on his shirt. Which was not easy, as she was walking backward and he was sliding his fingertips under the leg bands of her panties and kissing her neck. She managed to get the top two undone before she gave up and jerked the shirt over his head.

“Look at you,” she whispered, running her hands over Marcus’s bare chest. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve dreamed about this?” She rubbed her thumbs over his flat nipples.

He shuddered into her touch. “I didn’t want to be that boss,” he said, pivoting her to the left this time. “I didn’t want to hurt you.”

This was going to hurt, in the end. Not the sex so much—although it might—but falling into bed with Marcus would, in the long run, be bad for both of them.

But not falling into bed with him right now? That wasn’t even an option. “Then don’t hurt me,” she told him, trying to unbutton his pants.

“Bedroom,” he grunted, picking her up. “Bed.” The next thing she knew, Marcus was laying her out on a massive bed with crisp white sheets.

Liberty fell back, surrendering herself to the plush softness of his bed and the hard muscles of his body. She touched him everywhere, but it wasn’t enough—he still had his pants on. “I like your bedroom. Nice place.”

“Better with you in it.” Liberty got the button on his pants undone but when she went for his zipper, her hands brushing his massive bulge, he sucked in breath and grabbed her hands. “Slow down, babe. Let me just…”

He pinned her hands to the bed and kneed between her legs. “Let me learn you,” he murmured, leaning down and sucking on her nipple.

“Oh, Marcus,” she moaned as he kissed and sucked at her. In all the times she’d thought about this, she’d never taken into consideration the wet warmth of his mouth. All that light and heat that flowed around her focused on where his mouth touched her, and her nipple went hard under his attention.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she hissed as his mouth closed over her other nipple, pulling and tugging until she was writhing on the mattress. Yes.”

“You taste so good,” he said as his mouth moved lower. He let go of her hands and slid his palms down her sides, hooking into the waistband of her panties. “I want to taste all of you.”

He pulled and her panties came off. She was nude before him. She’d have thought that she might feel nervous or self-conscious about this—being naked, having Marcus look at her with that lust in his eyes. But she wasn’t.

A strange pressure was building up inside her, like lightning getting ready to strike. She shimmied against the bed when Marcus put his hand over her heart and let his fingertips drift over her midsection. “I’m going to touch you here,” he said as his hand moved lower.

“You better,” she replied, impressed at how confident she managed to make that sound. He was in no hurry, though, and the anticipation was killing her. She fisted her hands in the sheets.

“Impatient? That’s not like you, Ms. Reese,” he said with a confident grin.

“I just want to do—” She gasped as his fingers stroked over her sex. “I just want to do a good job, Mr. Warren,” she managed to say through clenched teeth as he started to rub her.

“Oh, I have no doubts that you’ll do an excellent job, Ms. Reese. You always take care of everything I need, don’t you?” His other hand came up between her legs and touched her opening, but he didn’t stop rubbing.

“I want to be good for you,” she whispered, unable to look away from where he was touching her.

“You are,” he said, his voice ragged with need. “So let me be good for you.”

One of his fingers slid into her.

“Oh.” She sucked in air as he moved inside her and rubbed outside her. “Oh, Marcus.”

“That’s it, babe,” he said, his own breathing coming in hard, fast bursts. “Open up for me.”

Then he leaned down and his mouth replaced the finger rubbing against her and he was licking her and stroking into her, and everything about her tightened down until a wave of electricity spiked through her and her mouth fell open in a silent scream of pleasure.

It was unlike anything she’d ever felt. She’d touched herself, but those little pops of release had nothing on the way Marcus had effortlessly brought her to orgasm.

Marcus knew it, too. He looked up from between her legs and stared at her. She was powerless to do anything but stare back as her muscles pulsed around his fingers. “Ms. Reese,” he said, but that was as far as he got because Liberty had grabbed hold of his face and hauled him up to her mouth.

This was what she’d guarded herself from for so long—this feeling of his weight pressing her back against the mattress, the feel of his mouth on hers, the sound of her name on his lips.

She was his now. She’d always been his.

But now?

Now he knew it, too.

WHEW! I always save the best excerpts for you guys. 🙂

So, remember! Tell my about your football traditions to be entered to win a copy of Falling For His Fake Fiance! And try not to eat *too* many snacks, okay? 🙂

About Sarah M. Anderson

Sarah M. Anderson is an award-winning author who writes contemporary snarky and sensual romances featuring cowboys and bull riders as well as billionaires with and without babies. She won RT Reviewer’s Choice 2012 Desire of the Year for A Man of Privilege. The Nanny Plan was a 2016 RITA® winner for Contemporary Romance: Short. Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and billionaires. Find out more at and sign up for the new-release newsletter at
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7 Responses to Football & His Forever Family by Sarah M. Anderson

  1. Diane V says:

    For Super Bowl Sunday, we have a small family get-together with everyone’s favorite snacks.

  2. Pingback: Football & His Forever Family by Sarah M. Anderson – cherylanne57

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    Looks like a good story! I don’t watch football, either soccer or American.

  4. Cynthia Gallaher says:

    Our Sunday best in Steeler Country is Wearing it on Game day to Church

  5. Michelle says:

    My husband watches the game, my kids and I commercials and half time, then I put them to bed. Though this year my ten year old seemed to be game watching, too!

  6. Eileen says:

    Game day jerseys if it is our team (Steelers). Wine for me and beer for hubby.

  7. I love football too! I’m always sad when the season ends….but I have to say I was so glad Peyton Manning got to out with a superbowl win!
    Anyway, I just dropped by to say hello and great excerpt! Wishing you all the best!

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