Bitten on the boob-Rhonda Lee Carver

By Rhonda Lee Carver

I wish I could bring you good news and tell you that I was bitten on the boob by one of my Cowboys of Nirvana, but sadly that is not the case.

One morning I woke up and had a tingling, burning sensation on my right breast. I looked and found a red spot. At first, it wasn’t very big. And then it grew and started hurting. I looked closer and I could see the puncture wound in the center. I had been bitten by a spider–an effing eight legged bastard. You see, I don’t kill spiders. I’ve always caught them and released them outside. Everyone around me said, “Once you’re bitten, you’ll kill the son-of-a-guns.” They were right.

The trouble doesn’t end there.

I ended up breaking out in hives, which eventually sent me to the doctor. Apparently, I’m sensitive. I’m also very angry because two weeks later and I still have a mark on my skin and if glancing, you’d think it’s a third nipple–a very small third nipple, but still…

So, why am I telling you this? It does have a happy ending. While on the exam table with the doc’s hand on my boob, the nurse tells me that she’s read all of my books. Her favorite is the Nirvana Series. Amazing! She also asked for my autograph. Even more amazing! What’s better? She reads excerpts from the books to her husband.  At this, the doc, who’d been concentrating, chuckled. I love when things like this happen.

Well, you’re here for the cowboys, right? I aim to please.

Have you read any of my Nirvana cowboys yet? Here’s what a few reviewers had to say about Book 3, Smoke. Fire. Cowboy…

“this is by far my favorite in the series!!! I feel so bad for Sofie……to have her husband do what he did to her in the beginning of this book, terrible!!! but she was strong and stood up for herself and moved on with dignity!
when she moves to the nirvana ranch. she just wanted to get away. and at first she thot she longed for Chase. but thay dosent go as she’d hoped. she ends up chatting with the last person she thought she would, Jared. he’s a ranch hand at Nirvana. he is also a known womanizer! Jared grew up with not a perfect life and dosent tend to open up to anyone or stay in places long! but when these two get together it is out of this world hot!!!! Jared knows what Sofie needs, and if she could just get him to open up! They have to sneak around to continue their secret love affair, but when someone catches on and then something terrible happens, Jared blames himself, and decides it’s time to move on, leaving Sofie behind, and little does he know, Sofie has a secret of her own.”


“Smoke, Fire, Cowboy is a wonderful read. Rhonda’s Nirvana series has been a sizzling hot adventure into the world of cowboys and sultry vixens. I love the way she develops her characters, and the narrative descriptions are such that you feel you can look out over the beautiful views as if you were really there. In this installment of her series, it’s Jared and Sofie’s story, hot from the very beginning, full of sexy moments and a good share of plot twists that keeps the reader engaged. It’s hard to put a book down when you care what may happen to the main characters on the next page. I recommend this title, as well as the rest of Rhonda Lee Carver’s books! She is a wonderful author!”



Welcome to Nirvana—your wish is a cowboy’s command.

Cowboy Paradise (Book 1) Ben and Cara
Ropin’ Trouble (Book 2) Chase and Kaycee
Smoke. Fire. Cowboy (Book 3) Jared and Sofie

A cowboy can always dream that a woman like Sofie Drake would turn his way, but from the second she came to work at Nirvana Ranch she’s treated Jared like spoiled milk. His reputation as a rebel and a womanizer doesn’t weigh in his favor, but he never really cared what people thought of him, until Sofie. Wanting her is enough to make a man go crazy. One night she shows up with a wine bottle and a lonely heart, and Jared is more than willing to help a lady out. What would any other red-blooded man do?

Yet, with the sweet comes the sour.

One night with Sofie leaves Jared hungry for more, but when he learns that she’s in love with the boss things might come to a skidding halt. This suddenly becomes a wicked triangle entwined with secrets, surprises and a sultry love affair.


“Is it true you have a bull tattoo on your bottom and that each woman you’ve—,” she cleared her throat delicately, “you know, you get a slash on the bull’s bicep for each woman you’ve slept with?”

“I didn’t see you as the sort who participated in rumors, sweetheart.”

“How about the tattoo?” she asked.

“There’s only one way for you to find out.” He kept his gaze glued to hers. “Can you handle it?”

She was mute for the longest time, long enough that he thought she’d pull away, but then she saucily flipped her hair over one shoulder and turned her chin in a determined tilt. “I can handle it.”

His cock twitched. “I bet you can.” He stood, gazes still locked, the color of her skin turning brighter as he undid the buckle. The metal loosened and clanked loudly. Slowly and deliberately, he pulled the leather strap out from the loops, his cock growing harder. This would probably be the closest he’d ever get to undressing in Sofie’s presence. He placed the belt on the table and it slipped into her lap. She gripped the worn leather in her hands, her knuckles turning white, yet she kept her curious gaze on him. Her lovely mouth slightly parted and the tip of her tongue slid across the seam. My God, she’s beautiful.  He swallowed against the constriction in his throat, willing his body to stay in control. He hadn’t been this close to coming in his jeans since high school.

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About rhondaleecarver

Rhonda Lee Carver is the bestselling author of the Second Chance Cowboy Series and Cowboys of Nirvana Series. She’s emotional, fun-loving, known to be witty (sometimes at the wrong times) and values a good love story. By day, she taps into her creative, fictional world and writes beautifully-flawed, broken characters with big hearts that readers can relate to. In the evening, she travels back to reality and becomes the adoring, saucy wife, chauffeur for her two amazing kids, homework virtuoso (at least she thinks so), amateur nurse, mediocre chef, pet-guru, and a Jackie of all trades. She adds a sprinkle of her own real-life adventures in each story she spins. She wouldn’t give up one thing in her crazy, chaotic, ever-amusing life. Writing for Rhonda is like falling in love and finding a new best friend over and over again. Her characters will find a place inside of your heart too.
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15 Responses to Bitten on the boob-Rhonda Lee Carver

  1. Therese lopez says:

    I loved this one so much!! I have read the entire series and I this one is my favorite. I loved Sofie and Jared. The whole series is outstanding, who wouldn’t love a hot, sexy cowboy and the strong, sassy women who fall in love with them. I can’t wait to read which cowboy finds love next!!

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    Why is he standing around when the barn’s on fire?
    Sorry about your spider bite!

  3. Pingback: Bitten on the boob-Rhonda Lee Carver | cherylanne57

  4. Donna Bayar Repsher says:

    I feel your pain–I woke up one morning to find that I couldn’t open my right eyelid–also a spider bite that took forever to go away. They are my only phobia–and if they’re in my house uninvited, they’ll soon be dead and I will feel no remorse. Did you that that no matter where you on the this planet, you’re never more than 6 feet away from a spider? Arghhhhh!

  5. OMGosh what a great story! I’m glad it at least ended on a good note.

    I thought I’d been bitten by a spider once, on my left leg. It started out as a red welt, then grew to be hard and inflamed. After a day of worrying, I went to the doctor’s at my sister’s insistence and found I had shingles! Unfortunately, no one at my doctors office read my books though.

    Thanks for making me laugh today, Rhonda!

  6. I love the Nirvana series. I can’t wait for the next book. I do have to ask have you started killing the spiders????? I loved the story, I don’t like spiders but I truly hate roaches comes from growing up in Florida where they are huge(both spiders and roaches). Hope your feeling better!!!!!

  7. Michelle says:

    Hope you heal up quick! Great excerpt!

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