Excuse My Absence, I’m Finishing a Book! By Randi Alexander


Hi, it’s Randi Alexander here – I’ve been absent for a while, trying to handle ailing family members, kids off of school, and too many miles I’ve had to drive. Sometimes it feels like I’m deep under water and everything that needs my attention pulls me under further.

The good news is – I FINISHED THE BOOK! I’m so excited, I typed the last words this evening as my hubby walked in the door. And bless him, he brought supper.

Releasing in just a few days, the ninth book in the Sons of Dusty Walker Series – and the third book about Rori and Jackson, A Wedding in Red Creek is the final book in the series. Sad, I know. But Jodi Redford, Desiree Holt, Sable Hunter, and I have plans to do another series, and it’s already in the plotting stages.

Here’s a sample (unedited) of A Wedding in Red Creek to prove that I have indeed been very busy.

February 10th dawned cold and gray, but Jackson Walker jumped out of his warm bed in their apartment above the computer store, tugged on his red boxer briefs, and yanked open the curtains to look down on Main Street Kansas at the four semi-trucks Jake-braking through town.

They were heading along the road to his new house…their new house on Osprey Lake.

Behind him, still snuggled deep under the quilts, Rori let out a long sigh. “What is it today?”

He turned, grinning at his woman. He couldn’t wait to move into their new home. Right now, they lived like two fish in a bowl, on display for the people of the town. Once their house was finished, they’d have acres and acres of privacy. “Looks like the wood trim, interior doors, bannisters, and cabinets.”

Now, Rori jumped out of bed, slid her arms into her pink robe and wrapped it around her curvy body before joining him at the window. The trucks bore the name of the best woodworking company in the region. “Yes” She hugged him, looking up at him with her beautiful blue eyes, her hair a sweet mess. “The last step.”

Jackson had never seen anyone more sexy. He tugged her tighter against him. “It’s getting close. By Valentine’s Day, the majority of the work will be done, and we can give the go-ahead for furniture delivery.”

She rubbed her hips across his, causing blood to flow down into a prominent area. “Then we can break in the fancy new bed we picked out?” Rori liked to tease him, physically and mentally.

“No, bad girl.” He spanked her bottom and set her away from him. “You know the rules.”

Rolling her eyes, she crossed her arms. “Yes, Jackson. It’s our marriage bed. Gotta have that license all signed and witnessed before you’ll give me any lovin’ in the new house.”

Jackson just nodded, staring at her as his body reacted to her with evident need. “That doesn’t mean we can’t have lovin’ in the old bed.”

She narrowed her eyes, glancing at the rumpled bed. “Can we move the old bed to the new house?” Her eyes sparkled when she looked back at him.

“Stop teasing me. You know my thoughts on this.” He gave her a dramatic pout as he turned his back to her, looking out the window as the trucks rolled out of town.

Rori just laughed. “I know.” She hugged him from behind. “But you take it so seriously, it’s hard not to poke fun.”

He did take it seriously, but he couldn’t help it. He’d been running from home, avoiding settling down, since he was just a teenager. When he’d found out his dad, Dusty Walker, had a wife here in Red Creek, fear of following in those footsteps had kept him from making any commitments. Then, when Dusty had died, and Jackson had learned that good ol’ dad had three other sons around the country, things had gotten much worse, and his life had gone spinning off like a dust devil.

Until Rori, and his love for her.

Now, he wanted it all. A wife, a house, a bunch of little ones. But he wanted to do it right. In the right order, so he didn’t make any mistakes. He had a manic fear about getting it wrong with this perfect woman.

The first time he’d mentioned it to her, Rori had though he was kidding. He’d talked about his plans for them: first came love—check—they had that, and plenty of it. Second came marriage, and that would be happening at the end of the month. Then a few years to get to know each other better. Then babies. And lots of ‘em. He wrapped his arms around behind him to pull her closer. “It’s serious stuff for me.”

She kissed his bare back. “Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll try my best to abide by your request.”

“Hmmm. Until that new bed arrives, I bet. Then you’ll use those sexy luring ways of yours to try to—”

“I have sexy luring ways?” Her hands rubbed circles on his belly.

“You know you do.” His hips jerked, wanting to feel her palms lower, along his hard length that he needed to slide deep, deep inside her hot, slick opening.

“Like this kind of luring way?” Her fingers traced the bulge of his cock as it pressed against the soft cotton fabric of his briefs.

A chill raced up his spine, and his breath caught. “Yeah. Just like that.” He leaned forward a little, watching the last truck disappear over a hill.

She bit at the muscles of his shoulder. “How much time do we have until you can’t wait a second longer to go racing out to the new house to see what’s in those trucks?”

Turning, he laughed. “You know me too well.” He picked her straight up, her body pressed along his, and walked to the bed. “Let’s make this quick and hot.”

Watch for A Wedding in Red Creek: The Sons of Dusty Walker in early February!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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8 Responses to Excuse My Absence, I’m Finishing a Book! By Randi Alexander

  1. Tanya Brown says:

    I am excited to read this!

  2. I can’t wait…..it looks so good. Thank you for sharing!!!! Hugs!!!!

  3. tiss81 says:

    WOW, that was HOT!!! Ok, I’m hooked…

  4. Jai Clark says:

    Looks like a great read

  5. Ronnie C says:

    Yay Randi! I can’t wait to read it! Love what I’ve read so far💜

  6. Clare O'Beara says:

    Finished? Best excuse ever! Go for it and I hope you have a better 2016.

  7. Super congrats on finishing your book, Randi! That is such a great feeling, I know. Please send some “book finishing mojo” my way, would ya?

  8. Deb daniel says:

    Hi Randi, I have bought the second set of Sons of Dusty Walker books, but what order do I read them in please?

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