Books, book conventions and more books!

By Mizz Sidda Lee Rain

I survived the holidays…barely, but I did. And, it’s back to the keys for me. I hope ya’ll had a wonderful holiday and that you too survived the family gatherings. I love them but… 😉

I’m still working on the FINAL novel in my Dirty Denim Series. Saddled, Straddled and Cinched is proving to be bittersweet for me to write. Soooo many changes coming to the Dirty Denim crew. Love lost, love found, babies making their arrivals, new beginnings and more than one sad ending. I promise it’ll will work out in the end.


Here’s a sneak peek into Saddled, Straddled and Cinched:

(Minus the name of the expectant mother…I’m evil, I know)

Running her fingers down the terrycloth sleeper covered in rubber duckies it hit her. “This is really happening.” Laying the garment over her protruding tummy she looked at Siri and this time she didn’t try to hold the tears in. “There’s really a baby in there. I’m really gonna be a mom.”
“Yes, you are. You’re going to be a great mother, XXXX.”
“Am I?” She wasn’t playing coy she honestly wondered sometimes.
Siri squeezed her hand. “Of course you are.”
“How do you know though?”
Setting the bags on the table, Siri turned towards her taking both her hands in her own. “You loved a man who at some point didn’t deserve your love anymore. You cared for a man you no longer recognized until his dying day. You…” raising her chin with a single finger, “never stopped trying to save him no matter what he did…to himself and to you.”
“I loved him so much Siri—”
“And you will love this baby—the baby you and XXXX created.” Siri pulled her into an embrace and held her as she cried. “You will love this baby more than you ever thought possible. You don’t have it in you to be anything but an amazing mother because XXXX? You’re simply an amazing woman with an amazing heart.”
She said nothing. No reply, no denial, hell, no thank you. Speaking was beyond her capabilities at the moment. All she could do was pray that Siri was right.


Hmm…who could be the expectant mother, huh? 😉 Wait and see. There’s still plenty of time to read the first four books in the Dirty Denim Series.

Next up from me?

Well, that would be the next Casual Curves Holiday short just in time for Valentines Day.


Lust, Leather and Love will be available in early February.                                                        **Tell me you YOUR favorite HOLIDAY and why for a chance to WIN the first TWO stories in the Casual Curves Series (eBook/kindle copies)**

February is a busy month for me with a new release AND my first convention of the 2016. I’ll be attending the Coastal Magic book convention in Daytona Beach, Florida.                                ~Stop by and see me if you’ll be there February 4th-7th~                                                                                               There will be a few of us Wild Wicked Cowboy Authors there.




My website:

Always remember…

    “If your knees ain’t dirty…

                 You ain’t doin’ it right!”



About siddaleerain

Erotic author, huntress, cowboy connoisseur, biker stalker, all around pleasant yet distasteful kinda girl.
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6 Responses to Books, book conventions and more books!

  1. Therese lopez says:

    Your books rock Sidda!! I love them, from the sexy, curvy heroine to the strong, alpha cowboy. Your stories are steamy and fun to read. I love this series and have read three of them and I absolutely love them all!! Thanks for a fantastic series.

  2. doveknoll says:

    My favorite holiday has to be Halloween. You can dress up as anything you want, let go of your worries for at least one night, have fun with friends and strangers, and possibly live out a fantasy. I love the build up to the fun and decorate the whole house, inside and out.

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    I was reading that excerpt and thinking Siri was the voice on the phone that answers questions. It got confusing. (laughs)
    Favourite holiday could be Christmas because you are not expected to work except around the house, people get in contact and you have an excuse to keep warm, read new books and eat delicious foods.

  4. Michelle D says:

    Favorite holiday would have to be Halloween. Costumes, lights and spookiness, love it! Only drawback, not a fan of horror movies.

  5. February is also a very busy month for me too, Sidda! Although, I wish I was going to the Coastal Magic Convention in Florida with you. I’m sick of winter already.

    Wishing you lots of sales on your upcoming releases!

  6. Karen Hrdlicka says:

    Favorite holidays—4th of July and Halloween

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