Watching the Flood Waters Go Down by Sarah M. Anderson

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!

Falling Fiance FINAL jpegFirst off–last month’s winner was Stephanie O. Stephanie, you win a copy of Falling for Her Fake Fiance! Stephanie, email me at with your address to claim your prize!

Secondly, I’m on Pinterest now! If you’re on Pinterest, follow me here!

It’s a new year, so here’s a quick cheat-sheet of my upcoming releases and titles:

Feb.: His Forever Family (Billionaires and Babies)

April: A Surprise for the Sheikh (Texas Cattleman’s Club)

May: One Rodeo Season (Rodeo Dreamers)

June: How to Rope a Rancher (

Sept.: Claimed by the Cattleman (Dynasties)

Oct.: The Illegitimate Heir (A Beaumont Heirs book)

Dec.: Stranded for Christmas with the Rancher (tentative title; A Beaumont Heirs book)

Dec.: novella in Silver Belles holiday anthology


So, how was your holiday? We had a great holiday–except for the parts that weren’t. The good parts were that my son and I decided to binge watch the first season of The Flash during the two+ weeks he was home and we really enjoyed the show. Christmas was lovely for us all.

But the parts that were rough were rough. My poor kid woke up at 2 am onSarahMAndersonhires New Year’s Eve barfing, which meant that we had to cancel all our New Year’s plans. (Bonus: we didn’t have to stay up until midnight! It was a New Year somewhere at 10 pm, right? RIGHT!)

But the hardest part of the holiday was what happened in my hometown of Pacific, MO. Pacific lies along the Meramac River and in the 28 hours we were home visiting my folks, it rained almost 7 inches. They got close to 10 inches in less than three days and the river didn’t just rise, it leapt out of the banks and broke every record it’d ever set for flooding.

My parents were safe–they live outside of town, high up on a hill–but half of the town was under water, as was Eureka, Valley Park, Arnold, Imperial and Kimmswick. People I know–people I went to school with, people I kid-sit–lost their homes and most of their possessions.

In the past, floods were things that took days and weeks to crest. Not this time. The water came up so fast, so furiously–we left town at 7:30 on a Sunday and the river was still largely within its banks. My mom made a grocery run at 9:30 and the river had hit the flood plain. By the time she headed home at 11:30, the water was closing in on the shoulder of the road. They were cut off for about 8 days.

The same storm that dumped that much water also tore up Texas with tornados. So many people lost so much. If you can, consider donating to the Red Cross. Their website says this: “If you would like to help, please consider making a donation today by visiting, calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.”

9780373734382.inddOkay, back to the romance. Because this is why we read romance, right? It helps us cope when things go so very wrong.

Next month, I’ll have a new release out–His Forever Family! It has a bonus short story by Brenda Jackson in it, so that’s cool!  My website is being reconstructed so I’ll have more info on that later, too.

I’m going to give an advance copy to one lucky commenter–all you have to do is tell me how late you stayed up on New Year’s Eve. I only made it to 10 (because apparently I am old). How about you?

His Forever Family Blurb:

Found: one baby…and the boss’s future bride? 

Tiny and helpless—the abandoned newborn that venture capitalist Marcus Warren finds during a morning run takes him by surprise. So does the sudden longing for his capable assistant, Liberty Reese, who reveals her tender side with the baby.

But Liberty must resist her gorgeous boss’s advances. Her secrets could destroy his trust, her career and the chance to care for the foster child they are both coming to love. Even so, she can’t deny the heat between them—or the fear that her past will end their chance to create a forever family.

That’s it! Have a good January, everyone!




About Sarah M. Anderson

Sarah M. Anderson is an award-winning author who writes contemporary snarky and sensual romances featuring cowboys and bull riders as well as billionaires with and without babies. She won RT Reviewer’s Choice 2012 Desire of the Year for A Man of Privilege. The Nanny Plan was a 2016 RITA® winner for Contemporary Romance: Short. Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and billionaires. Find out more at and sign up for the new-release newsletter at
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14 Responses to Watching the Flood Waters Go Down by Sarah M. Anderson

  1. Congrats Stephanie O. on winning last month! It’s been a long time since we’ve connected, if this is the same Stephanie I remember haha

    And Sarah, you certainly have a huge release year! How do you write so fast?! haha
    No seriously, how do you do it?

  2. Mary Lawson says:

    I stayed up to 3am only because I
    was reading a really good book!

  3. Shirley Long says:

    Hey Sarah ~~ I think I was up until around 2 a.m. on New Years Eve. As usual, my husband went to bed early, so I was on my couch, with a blanket, reading on my kindle. I’m a night owl so it was basically just another night for me. I’m way, way too old to party anymore.

    And the tornadoes you spoke of in Texas, were about 6 mil north of me. We got some wind and lots of rain, but people 6 mi north had it much worse. Trees down, homes destroyed, just awful.

  4. mjmgma says:

    I was up till 2:30 reading. But I have to be honest, I’m a night person and am often up all night and sleep all day. I’m old, but spent too many years working second and third shift. Can’t wait to read this.

  5. Cindy Hamilton says:

    I stayed up reading til 1 in the morning!

  6. laurellasky says:

    I stayed up till 4 am but not to celebrated. I have chronic insomnia, lol, my hubby went to bed at 11:00pm he’s 90 and I’m 72.

  7. Charlene Whitehouse says:

    I stated up until 3 in the morning. Happy New Year.

  8. Ginger Robertson says:

    HI Sarah,

    So sorry to hear about the terrible floods in your hometown and that your son was so ill. But glad to know everyone was safe.

    I stayed up until about 2 am. That evening I watched Michigan State play Alabama in the semi finals CFP. I had my sister and niece, and several good friends over to watch the game. I was hyped from watching that, it didn’t go off until very late, so I tuned in to several of the New Year events. And, I will be planning to watch Alabama play Clemson this upcoming Monday for all the marbles….

  9. Clare O'Beara says:

    You were flooded too? Half of Ireland is under water. Bad news for farmers, businesses and householders. Sorry you had such a bad time.
    My husband and I stayed up until about 1am.

  10. Sarah M. Anderson says:

    I love how most of you were up to ring in the new year–with a good book! 🙂 What a way to go, am I right? 🙂

  11. davisbarbi70 says:

    I made it to 12:30. Don’t know how. At 10:30 I was resting on my bed. Then my hubby made it home from work.  And we toasted in the New Year…

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note5.

  12. Eileen says:

    Compared to me, you are a kid. Usually I am up till midnight. After all, you must let the old year out the back door then welcome the new year in the front door! Right?? 😎 But , this year I had a bad head cold and only made it till 9 PM.

  13. Joanne B says:

    Happy New Year!! I was only up until 8:00 PM. I had to be in work the next day at 6:00 AM so I went to bed early, as usual.

  14. Mary D. says:

    I was up until about 1:00 am. We had a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit going that would not end! My team finally came out with the win.

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