Want to Know What Goes On in the Mayor’s Backyard? Guest Blogger Maddie Taylor Shares All!

I’m so excited to be back on Wild and Wicked Cowboys with the third and final installment in my bestselling Jackson Brothers series. We met sexy territorial marshal Aaron Jackson in Marshal’s Law, HOT big brother Heath in Jackson’s Justice, and now it’s time for Luke’s story in Wild Wisteria.

Maddie 1

As with the other books in the series, its full of sexy cowboys, danger, action, drama and passion, and that doesn’t include what goes on in the bedroom, on horseback, in an arbor in the Mayor’s backyard, and on a swing.

Did I mention action??? LOL

In this excerpt, Luke has discovered Wisteria in his barn attempting to steal her horse which was confiscated by the judge as penalty for her brother’s half-baked silver mining scheme that had gone awry. Unable to convince him to see it her way, she uses a well-placed knee to make her point, and takes off on her beloved Shasta.


An excerpt from Wild Wisteria:

maddie 2

“Let me go.”

Her demand for release came too late because he’d already put his heels to his horse’s sides and they were off in a fast trot. In her ignominious position, draped like a sack of flour over the saddle horn, she grunted as each long stride jabbed the stiff leather into her belly and robbed her of air.

“Wait. Shasta!” came her breathless cry.

“Gone. After she threw you, she bolted at the next clap of thunder.”

Damn! Despite this dire news, Wisteria struggled, twisting to get free of his hold.

“Stay still unless you want a broken neck.” His big hand that was already riding low on her back, keeping her steady, pressed her down more firmly.

“I need to find her.”

“You’re not going anywhere except someplace safe and dry.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you. Put me down.”


“You’ve got no right—”

Something wide, hard, and quite unforgiving came down sharply on her backside. Instantly, she shut up, but only for a second. Then she twisted, glancing up at him over her shoulder. “Did you just spank me?”

“You betcha, and there’s plenty more of that if you don’t stop wriggling around and start doing what you’re told.”

“I can’t believe—you just can’t—ooo!” She spluttered nonsensically at first, then howled, “How dare you!” and began kicking and hitting him for all she was worth. Stupid on a moving horse, true, but she wasn’t exactly thinking rationally after all she’d been through, least of all being manhandled and unceremoniously carried off by a big brute. When she made no headway with her thrashing, Wisteria used one of the few options left to her, being undersized, outmaneuvered and at his mercy; she turned her head and promptly bit him. Luckily, her face was near the fleshy part of his lower leg between the top of his tall boot and his knee, so when she opened her mouth and clamped down, she caught vulnerable skin, not impenetrable leather. Still, she had to bite hard so he’d feel it through the thick denim.

Cursing a blue streak, he yanked his leg away, kicking his boot free of the stirrup as he reined in. The next thing she knew, her saturated trousers were yanked down to her knees and the same wide, hard, unyielding hand rained blistering swats of fire upon the seat of her thin drawers. While struggling and screaming with outrage, in the back of her mind she realized she was counting. He was past five and closing in on ten in no time. When he was approaching twenty and showed no sign of stopping, the burning sting of his walloping hand finally sank in enough for her to realize she couldn’t win this battle.

“Stop!” she squealed, straining to be heard over the booming thunder and cracks of lightning.

He didn’t, laying into her already tenderized behind for several more swats with his great big hard-as-oak palm. She began to wonder if he’d heard.

As she opened her mouth to plead for mercy, she heard him growl, “I warned you.” Then he stopped at long last. “Are you going to behave now, so I can get you back to the ranch and into some warm dry clothes, or do you need more convincing?”

Gritting her teeth, she nodded as she lay silently over his thighs in complete mortification. Evidently, he wasn’t satisfied with her non-verbal show of consent and whacked her twice more.


“A ‘yes, sir, I’ll behave’ or a ‘no, sir, I don’t need more convincing’ is how this will end, Miss Turner.” His hand came down in a swat harder than all the others before it.

“Yes, I’ll behave,” she cried out. Then just in case, added for good measure, “No, sir, I don’t need any more convincing.”

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The blurb:

Luke Jackson is drawn to beautiful, impetuous Wisteria Turner from the first moment he sees her. She is alone in a strange town and in trouble with the law, and she is reluctant to trust anyone, but Luke is not a man who backs down from a challenge. He is bound and determined to give Wisteria the help she needs, even if that means giving her a good, hard spanking to get her attention first.

Despite her hesitation, Wisteria is swept off her feet by Luke’s chivalry and bold dominance, and she finds pleasure in his arms like nothing she ever imagined. But after a night of incredible passion, a horrible misunderstanding shatters their newfound romance and her fragile trust. She flees Luke’s loving arms, only to encounter hardships, danger, and much more trouble than she bargained for.

When circumstances force Wisteria to return to Luke’s hometown, she does her best to keep the secret she has hidden since that night. Once the truth comes out, however, Luke puts his foot down. He makes it clear that he’ll be watching out for Wisteria from now on, whether she likes it or not. But can she ever truly set the pain of her past aside and embrace the promise of this good man and his loving family? Or will her wild nature continue to put up fences that will forever keep them apart?

Publisher’s Note: Wild Wisteria is a mostly stand-alone sequel to Marshal’s Law and Jackson’s Justice. It is a full-length erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spankings, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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6 Responses to Want to Know What Goes On in the Mayor’s Backyard? Guest Blogger Maddie Taylor Shares All!

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    As long as she gets to spank him in turn! Let him see how it feels and whether she enjoys it. Fair is fair. Nice covers!

  2. mjmgma says:

    Sounds good, will add to my wish list.

  3. Ashley H. says:

    Howdy!!! Sounds like something i need to add to my wish list. Biting never works. Giggles

  4. Beautiful series covers!!!

  5. Joy says:

    I love the jackson brother’s just finished Luke and Wisteria! Have you ever thought of writing how Letty and Henry met?
    Love the close knit family storyline throughout! Waiting for more llike this!!

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