Happy Thanksgiving, a New Release, and Kindle Fire Giveaway by Donna Michaels

happy thanksgiving
Hope today finds you all well. We have lots of family coming over today, so I’ll keep this simple for all who are celebrating the holiday.

Tuesday was release day for WYNE AND SONG, Book 3 in my Citizen Soldier Series. To celebrate, I’m giving away a Kindle Fire HD 7!

For those of you who have been waiting for the oldest brother and single father Ethan’s story, it’s finally out!

Wyne and Song 500x750


 Amazon UK:


Single father Ethan Wyne’s trust in women stopped when his cheating wife died while he was deployed. Dating and relationships are in the past. His son is his life now and he’s proud of the stable home he’s created through hard work, determination, and support. But when a family celebration in NYC leads to a moment of weakness with a vivacious beauty, he’s tempted to rethink his reasoning. Especially when she turns up in the Poconos. Can he take a chance again when more than his heart is at stake?

Phoebe Weston’s temporary gig in a summer production in the Poconos is just what the Broadway star needs to keep busy while awaiting a Hollywood screen test. The magic of the show reawakens her passion for the basics, and her frequent encounters with the handsome, single father of one of her young friends awakens something more.

But Ethan’s made it clear he’s not looking for permanent, and for the first time in her life, Phoebe’s not looking for temporary. Maybe what the jaded father’s locked up, guarded heart needs is a little song.


Phoebe still couldn’t believe Gwen, her stunning, former neighbor, actually gave up modeling to live on a ranch in south Texas. But according to Lea, Gwen was beyond happy. She wondered fleetingly what that would feel like, then reeled back.

Where the heck had that thought come from?

She was happy. Very happy. She had a successful career that was about to take a giant leap forward. A mother who cared about her, good friends, and an agent/manager she could actually trust. What more could she possibly want?

An image of the handsome, dark-haired man with the five o’clock shadow and sexy half-smirk skittered through her mind.

Phoebe shook it off and lifted her chin. She did not need a man to make her happy. This day and age, technology had a gadget for that, too.


In fact, she kept one in the drawer of her nightstand. The French Tickler had been a gift Gwen had bought her while in Paris on a photoshoot. Phoebe had renamed it Pierre. If she was going to contemplate sticking the gadget near her good parts, then it needed a manly name, and, well, Peter sounded too crude. But, despite his romantic name, Pierre was still useless without batteries, so she’d stuffed the gadget in the drawer, promising to get reacquainted as soon as she bought a box.

That’d been two years ago. Pierre probably wouldn’t work from lack of use.

Poor thing had died a virgin.

“Well, we’d better let you go to your dressing room,” her mom said, regaining her attention. “I know you don’t like to wear your theatrical makeup in public.”

She nodded. It was too heavy for her tastes. “Yeah, and I need to change back into something from the twenty-first century before I meet the Wynes in the lobby.”

Her mother laughed. “Congratulate Jill for me, and enjoy dinner.”

“Will do.” She smiled and patted her rumbling stomach as her mother disappeared down the hall.

An unpleasant and embarrassing incident in her youth had taught Phoebe to avoid heavy meals at least two hours before a performance, so counting the two curtain calls tonight, it had been over six hours since she’d had an actual meal, having only nibbled on a light snack and sipped hot lemon water with honey between performances backstage.

Bellandini’s definitely beckoned.

“Have fun, but not too much.” Niles frowned. “Watch for cameras. Now that we know Hollywood is interested in you, they’ll also be watching.”

With a salute to her agent, she pivoted, as much as the tight hallway allowed, and headed to her dressing room to shed her stage persona. The sooner she slipped back into Phoebe, the sooner she could eat.

In an attempt to hasten her steps, she grasped a handful of her long skirts and lifted them off the floor as she scurried around a handful of cast and crew still lingering backstage. After exchanging a few more congratulatory remarks along the way, she finally made it to her door. Her blocked door. Her unlocked blocked door. With so many quick changes between scenes, it was best to leave the dressing room unlocked, which wasn’t normally an issue.

Until now.

A borderline creepy fan stood in front of her door.

Where was security? She glanced around the dimly lit hall, but only saw a few crew members. The cast was either gone, or safely tucked inside the common dressing room the rest of the cast used. Security was usually pretty good about keeping the strange fans from gaining access backstage.

“You were wonderful as always tonight, Ms. Weston. I made this especially for you.” The man, in his late forties with pale blue eyes, glasses, a crooked nose, and brown hair combed straight back from his balding temples, leaned his thin frame against the closed door while he handed her a white cowboy hat.

Thanks to that darn missing cruel gene of hers, Phoebe tamped down her unease, released her skirt and grasped the hat. “Th-thank you.” A red rose was tucked into the band.

More sweet than creepy.

“I’ve seen all your shows,” he gushed, color flooding his cheeks. “Can I have your autograph?”

Maybe then he’ll leave.


Smiling, he thrust a red permanent marker at her. “On my chest. Right next to our tattoo.”

At first, she thought she’d heard wrong, but a second later, he ripped open his shirt, and sure enough, on the left breast of his boney chest, was a heart tattooed in red with the black letters F + P in the center.

Okay, back to more creepy than sweet. Especially since the heart was shaped like the organ, not the sentiment.

Call security, common sense urged.

“Ah, I-I’m sorry. But I’ve got to go,” she said, contemplating if trying to get inside her dressing room was a good idea, since the man could be stronger than he appeared, and possibly force his way in, as well.

“Where?” His chin lifted. “Do you have a date? I could be your date.”

“Thanks, but I have one.” Technically not a lie, since she had plans with her friends.

The man’s expression turned suspicious. He shook his head. “But you don’t have a boyfriend.”

Did Pierre count?

Not that he’d be much help, although, he’d probably make a good weapon. She cringed as a headline flashed through her mind: Broadway Star Delivers Death By Dildo.

Her mother would faint, Niles would drop dead of a heart attack, and any chance of heading to Hollywood would die with him.

“I’ve read all the papers, and I google you every day. You shouldn’t lie, Ms. Weston.” He stepped closer, blue gaze no longer friendly.

She shouldn’t have been kind to him, either. Fear thumped through her ears louder than the base drum in the finale.

“You don’t really have a boyfriend, do you?”

She was definitely ready to call security now. Too bad her throat was too dry to scream.

“Phoebe, sorry I’m late.”

Thank God. Another person.

She didn’t recognize the voice, but she sure as heck appreciated the interruption. Relief burst through the tight hold fear had on her limbs, and she turned to face the welcomed intruder.

It was him.

The sexy stranger from the audience. She sucked in a breath and promptly forgot what to do with it.

“These are for you.” He handed her a bunch of long-stemmed roses. “You were great tonight, sweetheart.”

The deep timber of his voice did funny things to her body. Operating on autopilot, she reached for the roses and opened her mouth to squeak out a thank you, but he stepped right into her personal space, cupped her face with both hands and pressed his lips to hers as if it was a daily occurrence.

**Citizen Soldier Series**
Book 1/ Ben – Wyne and Dine
Book 2/Mason – Wyne and Chocolate
Book 3/Ethan – Wyne and Song
Book 4/ Lukas – Wine and Her New Year Cowboy (Harland County/Citizen Soldier Crossover Novella/in the Ring in a Cowboy Boxed Set rel. 12/28)

Enter now! Kindle Fire HD 7 #giveaway to celebrate the release of
Wine and Song/Citizen Soldier Series.


Head on over to my blog to enter:


Good luck! Happy Thanksgiving!
And as always, thanks for reading,


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I'm an award winning, NYT & USA Today bestselling author of Romaginative fiction. I write Romance through the H's-Hot, Humorous & Heartwarming.
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  1. laineslite says:

    New book sounds great as all the others are. Thanks for the nice excerpt and have a good day all tomorrow.

  2. tiss81 says:

    Congrats on the new release. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the giveaway.

  3. mjmgma says:

    Loved it, but than I love all your books.

  4. Clare O'Beara says:

    Sounds like an intriguing read!

  5. lacombejc says:

    Congrats on your new releases, it sounds awesome. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Therese lopez says:

    This book sounds so good!! I will definitely have to put it on my to read list!!

  7. Charlene Whitehouse says:

    Congratulations on your release. It sounds really great.

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