What Wild Wicked Thing Does Guest Blogger Maggie Carpenter Like to Write About?

Hello, wild and wicked cowboys lovers. My name is Maggie Carpenter, and I love, love, love, to write about sexy, spanking, romantic cowboys. This particular book is the tenth of a series called, Cowboys After Dark, each a book in its own right, though a trilogy called, The Cowboy’s Rules, is included.

This novel, HER COWBOY IN CHARGE, offers a sprinkle of mountain mysticism, a canine that will steal your heart, and of course, tons of that steamy naughty stuff between the sheets.




Can a feisty, fun-loving girl from San Francisco find love in the arms of a square-jawed, take-charge cowboy in Montana?

Crystal Morrison, a free-spirited aspiring novelist is traveling through the country on a working holiday. Finding herself in Whitefish, Montana, she is captivated by its stunning lake and majestic mountains. When she meets a ruggedly handsome rancher by the name of Clay Parker, her stay in the picturesque town suddenly takes an erotic and exciting twist.

Clay finds the spunky city girl quite the handful, and after several weeks he shows the young woman that certain lines cannot be crossed. To her shock he pulls her over his knee and delivers a quick, stinging spanking, but after he kisses her fervently then marches from her house, she discovers he has left her with more than a hot bottom.

His astonishing attention has stirred something inside her, something that will not let her sleep. A short time later their exploration into the world of dark sexual thrills begins, and their passionate love deepens.

But Clay’s Cattle Baron father is none too pleased that his brilliant son has taken up with a city girl who knows nothing of ranch life, and fears she might lure him away to the bright lights and glamorous world from which she comes.

Will Clay’s powerful father try to put a stop to their passion? Is it the hand of fate that brought them together, or is another mystical force playing a part in the blossoming of their unique romance?


Crystal let out a wail as Clay flipped up the tail of her shirt and ripped her lacy french-cut panties in two. Her startled cry didn’t surprise him, and he gazed at her perfect moons for only a moment before landing several hot slaps.

“OW! OW! OW!”

“I reckon that’s what you were wantin’, am I right?” he asked, landing two more quick swats. “The truth!“

“Yes,” she panted, “yes, it was. Ooh, your hand is so hot.”

“And your pussy is so wet,” he grunted, dropping his fingers into her sex. “So fuckin’ wet.”

Not bothering to drop his jeans, he pulled his cock from his open zipper and placed it against her soaked entrance.

“Ask nice.”

“Ooh, Clay, please.”

“Please what?”

“Please take me.”

“You mean, like this?” he growled thrusting forward.


Gripping her hips he pulled her back from the edge of the island and began to pump with slow, powerful strokes. Thanks to their earlier escapade he knew he had staying power and he planned to take his time.

“You are such a bad girl,” he grunted, spanking as he stroked.

“If it gets me what I want I’m going to be bad all the time,” she gasped.

He unexpectedly pulled out, and shifting to stand beside her, he circled her waist and dispatched a rapid volley of hard swats across the full width of her bottom.

“STOP! I’ll be good, I swear, please,” she begged, squirming and kicking out her feet.

Wordlessly he released her, then pulling off his trousers he watched her lay flat on the island as she put her hands on her seat to rub her seared skin. Stepping forward he grabbed her wrists and placed her arms above her head as he leaned over her body.

“What were you sayin’ about bein’ a bad girl to get your way?” he asked, his breath hot in her ear.

“You spanked me so hard,” she panted.

“Yep, and now you’re gonna think twice before you think about manipulatin’ me again, right?”

“Yes, yes, I’ll be good.”

Moving his lips to her neck he nuzzled and kissed, then straightening up he returned his cock to her wet, waiting pussy and slipped inside. She bucked back at him, and resting his hands on her wonderfully warm backside he started to stroke, but this time with gusto.

Crystal’s eyes were squeezed shut. She had provoked the spanking, she had wanted it and he had delivered, and though the heat of his hand had shocked her, it had also sent a ferocious need between her legs. He was riding her hard, and his legs were grazing her stinging sit spot with every thrust, but it only served to fuel her mushrooming moment.

“Clay, I’m so close,” she stammered breathlessly. “It’s so big, it’s…it’s…”

“Not so fast, little lady,” he muttered, pausing his cock but leaving it buried inside her.

“Ooh, Clay, why did you stop?”

“You wanted to feel my hand smack your butt, right?”

“I did, yes,” she said breathlessly.

“And you wanted to have me ravage you right here, just like I’m doin’?”

“Yes, yes,” she said impatiently. “I still don’t know why you stopped.”

“Just lettin’ you know there’s more than one way to punish a bad girl. We understand each other?”

“Ooh, yes,” she bleated, wriggling furiously.

“Your tail looks real pretty squirmin’ like that,” he remarked as he slowly pulled his cock back, “but if you want me to start up again you’d better keep it still.”

“Ooh, Clay, you make me crazy.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’,” he promised, and grasping her hips he plunged forward.


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  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Lovely winter photo! I’m hoping the girl gets to give the man the same treatment.

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