*Chance to WIN PAPERBACK of Quick On the Trigger, book #1 in the DIRTY DENIM Series*

By Sidda Lee Rain

Sooo…I’ve been working on a few things lately but the most important at the moment is the final novel in the DIRTY DENIM Series. I’m really hoping to end the series with a great book. Yet, I’m heading into new territory with these characters.

I’ve always been about far from perfect characters and far from perfect love stories. But, I’ve never written twists and turns like I am in Saddled, Straddled and Cinched. Characters that have been together since the very first book Quick On the Trigger will see their love affair come to an end. Babies will make their arrivals and new but completely unexpected love will begin.  *grins* It only feels right to leave these families with the happily ever afters they deserve.

That being said it’ll be hard to tell that will be the outcome when the very first words of the book are…

“Ashes to ashes and dust to dust…” Were the same seven words that had been playing on a loop in her head the last three hours. Glancing up she could see children running in the yard, playing tag in their Sunday best without a care in the world. Naivety of the young. Yeah, she’d still had some of that herself until five days ago that is.

Did I mention that there will be so many wonderful things happening with the DIRTY DENIM crew but also a few not so wonderful things too? (Far from perfect love stories, remember?)


Saddled, Straddled and Cinched will be hitting Amazon exclusively this December. You still have plenty of time to read the first four books of the series if you haven’t yet. Book one, Quick On the Trigger is only .99 right now!


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Always remember…

    “If your knees ain’t dirty…

                 You ain’t doin’ it right!”


About siddaleerain

Erotic author, huntress, cowboy connoisseur, biker stalker, all around pleasant yet distasteful kinda girl.
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4 Responses to *Chance to WIN PAPERBACK of Quick On the Trigger, book #1 in the DIRTY DENIM Series*

  1. Clare O' Beara says:

    I don’t use Facebook, but thanks, and if your knees ain’t dirty, maybe you’re hanging wallpaper. Have fun.

  2. If your knee ain’t dirty, you ain’t doin’ right! I think my knees were always dirty years ago but not so much now. The older I get the cleaner they are, lol! I’d love to win this book!
    Donna Harris

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