The Sons of Dusty Walker – SEQUELS! by Randi Alexander

Did you know that Jodi Redford, Desiree Holt, Sable Hunter, and I have written sequels to the bestselling Sons of Dusty Walker books?

They’re available for PRE-ORDER now, and will be released by Thanksgiving! So you’ll have something fun to read as you spread out on the couch after all that turkey and pie.

The Sons of Dusty Walker Randi Alexander


Here’s a sneak peek at Rori and Jackson:

She pulled into her parking spot, not seeing Jackson’s work truck, figuring he’d left it at the office of D. Walker Mineral Company, across the street and down a few blocks. While everyone knew they were cohabiting, they still tried to keep their personal comings and goings private.

She smoothed her hair in the mirror, blinked at the excitement in her eyes, and grabbed her bag of gear and the box of cheese. In seconds, she was in the back stairwell, running up to see her cowboy.

The door at the top swung open and he grabbed her as she reached the landing. “Darlin’.” His low voice reverberated through her.

She dropped the box of cheese and bag of gear as he pulled her against him. Hot and firm, his body welcomed her home. She ran her fingers through his dark brown hair, loving how it’d grown a little long and curled around her knuckles. “Jackson. I missed you.” She looked deep into his inky-blue eyes.

“I missed you, too. A whole lot.”

He’d missed her? She let out a long, decadent sigh. In her chest, that lovely ache formed again. How had she gotten so lucky to have found this perfect, sexy, kind, hunk of man? What did she need to do to make him happy, and keep him here? The anxious thought cooled her enthusiasm a little. She couldn’t dwell on that or she’d go crazy.

His hand smoothed along her back and cupped her butt cheek. “I wish you could come with me more often.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck. Work had been so busy, she’d needed to put in hours on weekends and evenings. She needed help, but ironically, didn’t have time to interview anyone. “I will soon. Things slow down a little in the fall.”

A buzzer went off in the kitchen. “Perfect timing.” He kissed her and set her loose, walked into the kitchen and opened the oven. “I made supper.”

She picked up the box of cheese and followed him in. “You’re the best…roommate I’ve ever had.” She stumbled over the word roommate, not sure exactly what to call him, not sure exactly what they were to each other. No matter what the technical term for their situation was, she loved how he enjoyed cooking. Finally, her oven was being used for something other than a frozen pizza.

Jackson stopped moving and gave her the stink-eye. “Roommate, huh? Is that all I am to you?” He pulled a pan of some kind of pasta and red sauce from the oven.

She started unloading the cheese into the dairy drawer in the refrigerator, feeling unsettled with the direction of the conversation. “No. You’re one heck of a boss, too.”

He smacked her butt as she giggled. Jackson owned the company that her business, Cyber Wise, contracted with. “Boss? Roommate?” He pulled her back against his body and leaned around her, pawing through the different kinds of cheeses. “Sounds like we need to have a conversation about our roles in this relationship.” Reaching lower, on the door, he took out the grated Parmesan. “And what kinds of cheese we like.”

She closed the refrigerator, excitement at his proclamation—about the relationship roles, not the cheese preferences—made her heart race. She wouldn’t push him, though. “I couldn’t say no to the cheese. They’re from a customer. And I dropped off about fifteen pounds with Lexi already.”

He kissed her neck and stepped back, sliding a cookie sheet of sliced Italian bread into the oven. “That’s nice of you.”

She remembered what Lexi had told her about the woman at the motel. Taking a breath, Rori tested the subject. “What time did you get back to Red Creek?”

“Early. Around nine, I think.” He tasted some of the pasta, then poured two glasses of red wine.

She accepted a glass from him and leaned back on the counter. “What did you do all day?”

He shrugged. “The usual. Showed my face at work, autographed some paperwork on the lines where Abby told me to sign.” Tapping his glass on hers, he winked. “Boring, but it’s the usual.”

She sipped her wine. No mention of a young woman at the motel? Was it work-related? Personal? Whatever the lady’s reason for being in town—and in her cowboy’s truck—was evidently none of Rori’s business. The though gave her anxiety a boost. “Okay, I need to change, and take a quick shower.” She set down her glass and sniffed her shirtsleeve. “I smell like cheese.”

With a wicked smile, Jackson put his glass on the counter and pulled the tray of bread from the oven, setting it on top of the cold burners. “Need some help with that?”

A wild race of desire centered down in her belly. She held up a hand to stop him and backed out of the room, grinning. “Now, wait a minute, boss.”

He stalked her, unbuckling his belt and pulling his shirt out of his jeans. “Boss?”

“Roommate?” She glanced back to make sure she didn’t run into the wall, and pulled her T-shirt off over her head.

“Let’s call it what it is.” He whipped his shirt off over his head then dropped his jeans and walked out of them, not missing a step. “Official cheese-smell remover.”


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“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”


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10 Responses to The Sons of Dusty Walker – SEQUELS! by Randi Alexander

  1. lacombejc says:

    I have the first 4, can’t wait for these to come out!! Love the sneak peak 🙂

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Thank you! It’s been fun working with these talented authors again. I’ve read snippets of their books, and they’re going to be amazing!

  2. Anxious to read book 2 on all 4 of this boys. Didn’t read the prequel because I’d rather be surprised and I know i will be 🙂

  3. mjmgma says:

    I can’t wait to read these. Unfortunately I have to wait till after the 3rd of December to get them. I know what I’ll be doing on the 3rd and 4th of December.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Ah, good plan. I’m excited to take a couple days off and read the other three myself. Hmmm, where can I hide???

  4. Clare O' Beara says:

    I like the Desiree cover because it’s easy to sell me on horses. Yes ladies, there are horses…

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