Corsets with Sarah M. Anderson plus giveaway!

SarahMAndersonhiresFirst off, I have to apologize to the September and October book winners—it turns out that we moved my website around in anticipation of rebuilding it—and my email got cut off. SO! Joanna B—please email me again!

Plus, last month’s winner of The Nanny Plan was Tanya Bee! Tanya, email me with your address!!

Again, so sorry that modern technology wasn’t my friend there.

Okay! Now, onto today’s blog!

*Psst* I have a little secret to tell you:


Me as Big Red, Wolf Hunter for Halloween!

I’m wearing a corset. Right now.

Making that sort of statement out of nowhere gets me one of two reactions. First, people are worried that I’m harming my body to fit into some weird hourglass shape. They ask about permanent harm to my internal organs or weakening my core muscles.

The other common reaction is much simpler: Why? Why would anyone voluntarily lace up into what, as far as most people know, was an instrument of feminine torture for centuries?

To both, I basically say the same thing: It’s not what you think.

I came to corsets in a very roundabout way—I was in constant pain. I sit at a desk all day long, typing. Which is great! I love writing and I love telling my stories. It’s good for my brain! But not always my body.

I follow the blog Epbot—Jen Yates is an awesome geeky person—and she did a massive blog on why she’d started wearing a corset. And—surprise!—it had nothing to do with reshaping her body. (Read her blog for her excellent discussion and breakdown of corsets for casual wear. It’s worth it.)

The pain I mentioned earlier?

It was from sitting in my chair, all day long, with my upper body curved like a C and my legs out straight. My back, neck and shoulder muscles were messed up and no amount of manipulation or massage could keep them straight for long. True fact: every year for at least a couple of decades, I’ve resolved to have better posture. But shockingly, it hasn’t happened all by itself!

green corset 2.57 AM #3

How I look practically every day

So after reading Epbot, I bought a corset and laced into that sucker and you know what? The relief was INSTANTANEOUS. I couldn’t slouch in a C, so I sat up straight, which pulled my legs in. Within a week, my massage therapist was commenting on how much better my midback was. My ribs stopped popping out of joint (yes, it’s a problem).

Now this is where I point out the difference between how I wear a corset and the kind of corsetry that will, in fact, damage your ribs and internal organs. That kind of corsetry is called “tight-lacing” and the people who tight-lace are in it for the waist-whittling properties of a corset. Yes, you can lace down so much that you can’t breath or sit or do anything. If anything, my corsets are loose simply because I sort of need to be able to breath while sitting.

Another difference between old-fashioned corsets and what I wear daily in my office is the sheer amount of corset. Old-fashioned corsets came down over the hips–way, WAY over the hips. Plus, corsets were both over shifts and then under massive dresses. The sheer weight of it all had to be stunning. Throw in a hot, crowded ballroom and it’s no wonder ladies fainted all the time!

green corset 1.56 AM #2.jpg

The base layer–tank top and corset

(Although now that I wear corsets, I do enjoy seeing which historical authors have done their corset research…but that’s another blog!)

If you look at my corsets, you can see that they do not come all the way over the hips but instead, sit above the hipbone. Again, that’s that whole sitting thing. I need help to make sure I sit up straight—but I don’t want or need steel bars (no more whalebone!) digging into me. If it’s not comfortable, why would anyone do it?

And as for the concern that I’m weakening my core muscles by relying on a corset instead of, you know, sitting up straight—well, here’s the thing. The thing is pain. The way my body works is that one group of muscles are unable to cope with the me-ness that is me and a corresponding group of muscles does double duty trying to pick up the slack. This is the fact of my physiology, as medically verified by my pain-management doctor. So for me, corsets are actually giving those overworked muscle groups a break and helping the underworked muscles stretch out more. It’s crazy—but it’s true!

Most of my corsets are underbust and I just wear them over my regular clothes. In the winter, I normally layer anyway, so I’ll have on a t-shirt, a corset, and a sweater. I only wear them when I’m in my office writing. Every one of my corsets is from Orchard Corset. They’re amazingly affordable—perfect for starting out—and their blogs are a wealth of information on how to corset in today’s modern age.

green corset sitting.00 AM

The aforementioned cleavage, totally wasted on the dogs.

What are the side effects? Well, I have really great cleavage when I’m wearing a corset—and, since I only wear them when I’m writing, which is during business hours, that cleavage is COMPLETELY wasted on the dogs. They truly don’t appreciate it at all.

In the summer, it can get hot—which is why I bought a mesh corset. It’s not as tight as the all-fabric ones, but it keeps me mostly in line. And sometimes I answer the door when I’m wearing a wild corset/shirt color combo and accidentally freak out a neighbor. Sorry! I do keep a cardigan handy just so the cleavage is under control.

As I’ve started wearing them more, I’ve started buying more. They’re so pretty! So then I started incorporating them into my Professional Author Look—yeah, that one. At the conferences I’ve been to, people are really surprised to see one. Plus we’ve started steampunking and look! I had all these corsets ready to go!

So what do you think? Would you ever wear a corset on a regular basis? I’ll pick one random commenter to win a copy of His Son, Her Secret! And this time, I’ll actually GET the email, I promise!

There wasn’tFalling Fiance FINAL jpeg a new release this month (whew!) but you can still go support your friendly corset-wearing author!

Falling For Her Fake Fiance buy links: AmazonB & N | Harlequin All Romance | iBooks | Kobo | Google

Byron NOT FINALHis Son, Her Secret buy links: Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound B & N | Harlequin All Romance | iBooks | Kobo | Google

About Sarah M. Anderson

Sarah M. Anderson is an award-winning author who writes contemporary snarky and sensual romances featuring cowboys and bull riders as well as billionaires with and without babies. She won RT Reviewer’s Choice 2012 Desire of the Year for A Man of Privilege. The Nanny Plan was a 2016 RITA® winner for Contemporary Romance: Short. Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and billionaires. Find out more at and sign up for the new-release newsletter at
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19 Responses to Corsets with Sarah M. Anderson plus giveaway!

  1. doveknoll says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I would definitely wear corsets and for the same reasons you mentioned. My ribs pop out too and it is painful. Ugh. I could also use the help to have a better posture. Maybe it would help my back pain. I’m going to check them out. Thanks for the info. Btw, I love your Halloween costume. I plan on going as steam punk Harley Quin next Halloween. I’m going to gather parts of my costume throughout the year. Lol. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Melissa Tackett says:

    I have be rn thinking of doing the s ame thing you are, getting one for e upport. I e it on a phone 8 hours a day, my desk is very low but I have to have my chair up to be able to stand when I need to. Lol. So yes, as soon as I can af gorder it, I will buying and wearing a core st on a daily basis. Love yours by the way, very stylish and comfortable looking.

    • sarahmanderson says:

      There’s a breaking in period but after about a week they conform to your body. AHHH!! There are some corsets on that site that are only $50-60 bucks. Maybe Santa can bring you one? 🙂

  3. Clare O' Beara says:

    No, I don’t see myself wearing a corset but it would certainly go with steampunk. Do work on your posture and try some yoga which is very good for strngth, balance and posture.

    • sarahmanderson says:

      Oh…Yoga and I aren’t friends. It’s sad but very, very true. I wish we were–just like I wish I could eat bananas without barfing, because they’re such the perfect food but…alas. 😦

  4. Lorac says:

    Would love to give one a try after reading about them can fully understand what you say, its too easy to get into a ‘comfy’ position which does your body no favours

  5. debby236 says:

    Wow, a whole new outlook on corsets. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Mina Gerhart says:

    I’d wear the newer type of corset, They look so pretty (and I’m a Steampunker too 🙂

  7. laineslite says:

    I love your corsets and such a lovely green you were currently wearing. Knowing that you like the smaller compact type corset it would be exactly the type I would wear also due to basically the same factors. First would be keeping the back straight and relieving pain, of which I am in constantly. With 2 neck surgeries and 3 vertebrae fused in my neck C5-C7. Another reason is being fuller figured and definitely buxom, the shorter style would not kill in the boning department either. Unfortunately for me I cannot sit in an armed chair either, my arms will go numb fairly quick if I do. A little leftover symptom of the nerve damage. Anyway I love your look and it is an idea that will run around in my brain awhile and if I just happened upon a store selling them while out shopping _ you can bet I will be trying some on. Good research for your historicals too. Have you ever tried on some of the types of corsets in your books?

    • sarahmanderson says:

      Oh yeah–I hear you in the pain dept. In all honesty, the first corset I bought was from an ‘Adult Couples Store’. And it was pretty but…flimsy is the nicest word I can think of. I know Orchard has an amazing customer service line and if you’re wearing them for pain support, you don’t want flimsy. It defeats the purpose! Good luck!!

  8. Lori Meehan says:

    I’m a nail tech and I sit like you every day and my posture is horrible. I’m going to that website now. This was a great blog today!
    Thanks for the great information.

  9. I have to try one–for pretty much the same reasons you listed! I visited the website. Can you tell me how hard it was for you to find your correct size?

    • sarahmanderson says:

      Hey Delilah! My first corset was a 32 and all the subsequent ones have been 30. There was measuring involved and obviously, I didn’t do the best job. BUT! Orchard Corset has amazing customer service and they will be happy to walk you through the process. I’ve watched videos where they talk about sizing–so if you’re not sure, talk to them! I really do like them. I don’t wear them every day, all day–but when I’m at the computer, they really help. Let me know how it goes!!

  10. Rosemarie says:

    I probably should try one for my posture, but I work in an office and don’t think it would be acceptable.

  11. Corsets are also worn under clothing. The used to worn over a chemise and trussed up very tightly with laces until the wearer could barely breathe. Then the outer garment over top of all that. Vivian Leigh had a 16″ waist due to the heavy wear of corsets. I don’t recommend woman wear them like they used to because studies show it was very hard on your organs.
    I love the corsets and thank you for sharing. I am checking the website out.

  12. lacombejc says:

    Nope not for me. I can’t even stand wearing my bra all day long much less a corset, lol 😀
    thanks for the chance to win copy of your book. It sounds really good.

  13. Yeah, that wasn’t suppose to go up there ^^. I would give wearing a corset a try

    • sarahmanderson says:

      Hi Tanya–I deleted your address but I wrote it down! It’ll go out next week and again, congratulations!!

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