One Cowboy is good…Two is better! Mari Carr’s latest release!

Red Zone by Mari Carr-highresRed Zone released this month! And while we all know that one cowboy is hot, let’s face it. Two is SIZZLING!

A Boys of Fall story

Unlike so many of his teammates, Joel never left small-town Quinn after high school. Coach Carr offered him a full-time job on his ranch, and Joel was more than happy to stay near family. In his downtime, Joel good-naturedly competes with his best bud Oakley for the sexy local bartender’s attention, but Sadie repeatedly turns down their frequent requests for dates. She doesn’t want to come between the two friends…until a little too much champagne at a wedding reception leads to a sizzling encounter. In that moment, Joel and Oakley know they’ll never make Sadie choose — she can have them both.

A no-strings affair between the trio turns complicated when it becomes clear there’s nothing casual about their feelings. Add in a sensual, accidental touch between Joel and Oakley, and those feelings become intense times a thousand. It’s an emotional game of chance, one they may ultimately lose…but if they can reach the Red Zone, Joel, Oakley and Sadie have a chance at the biggest score of their lives.

This is a full-contact story with scenes of m/m/f sex.

Be sure to also check out the other new Boys of Fall books as well: Illegal Motion by Erin Nicholas and Going Deep by Cari Quinn.

It's time for a texas Three-stepExcerpt:

She allowed Oakley to take her hand and lead her to the taxi as Joel pressed his palm against her lower back. She caught more than a few sideways glances from people as the three of them left together. God only knew what everyone was thinking.

Actually, Sadie had a pretty good notion what they thought. As she climbed into the cab—Joel and Oakley doing exactly as she’d expected as they trapped her in the middle—she wondered if the dirty-minded people didn’t have a great idea.

Oakley kept hold of her hand, his fingers absentmindedly toying with her rings. Joel leaned closer, his arm draping around her along the backseat. Sadie gave the driver her address, though it was hard to speak with a dry mouth.

They hadn’t been in the cab more than two minutes before the darkness of the night wrapped them up in a cocoon that wasn’t lost on the guys.

Joel’s fingers began to stroke the nape of her neck—dear God, that was one of her favorite erogenous zones—as Oakley’s hand released hers in favor of her knee.

“I like your dress,” Oakley murmured.

She’d wondered when she bought it if it was too short for a fall wedding, but had decided fuck it. She’d liked it because it showed off all the assets she felt like revealing perfectly. She hadn’t cared about the old biddies giving her the hairy eyeball as much as she’d wanted to find a lover for the night.

Instead, she’d snared the wrong two guys.

Or the right two.

Oakley’s hand drifted higher and, because she didn’t have an ounce of self-restraint, she parted her legs in silent invitation.

Neither man missed the movement. Joel turned toward her, his fingers gripping her neck more firmly as he leaned closer to kiss her cheek.

Her eyes drifted closed, savoring the heat from his breath as his lips lingered there, stroking the sensitive skin of her face.

Oakley didn’t hesitate to explore deeper between her legs, his fingers lightly grazing her panties. They were wet, a dead giveaway to her desires, but it wasn’t as if she was pushing them away or protesting. Instead, she slid her hips forward a bit more, making sure Oakley had even better access.

The smart cowboy never missed a beat. Oakley dipped his finger beneath her silky panties and found her clit almost instantly.

Sadie sucked in a loud gasp, then pressed her lips closed tightly. The cab driver’s gaze found hers in the rearview mirror. There was no way she could play off the fact she was currently the cream filling in a cowboy Oreo, so she just winked at the guy.

What the hell did she care what he thought?

She didn’t give two fucks about what she thought either. The champagne had done its job well.

Oakley applied some pressure to her clit and the world shrank down to just that tiny spot. Well, that one and the one Joel was currently sucking on her neck.

Sadie was in serious danger of spontaneously combusting when the cab pulled up to the curb outside her apartment.

Oh, hell no. She was about to tell the guy to circle the block a few times, but Joel spoke before she could make the suggestion.

“Thanks.” He handed the guy a twenty, told him to keep the change and then he got out, reaching to help her. When she heard a second door close, she realized Oakley had gotten out too.

The cab drove away, leaving her on the curb, hot and bothered and still not alone.

“Did the plan change? I thought the taxi was taking you guys to the ranch.”

Oakley chuckled. “Do you want us to call him back?”

She shook her head. “Fuck no.”





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  2. lacombejc says:

    sounds yummy, going to check this one out.

  3. mjmgma says:

    Added to wish list. Can’t wait for payday.

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