New Cover!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted on here. I missed you guys!

Life has been crazy for the last several months so I haven’t had a moment to myself, but I wanted to offer the readers of this blog a first peek at my new cover!

The book is called Loving Hard and it’s part of the Eight Second Ride series. It should be released around the first part of December and I should have the pre-order link for Amazon up soon, so watch my website and my fb page for those links.

Here it is!

Loving Hard Cover

Isn’t it gorgeous?


Rusty Arnold was on the top of the bull rider’s circuit, heading for a world championship when a bad ride took that away, leaving him with a broken leg and a shredded soul. Not knowing whether his career was over or not, he turns to fellow bull rider and his good friend growing up, Lucas Jacks for support.

Lucas Jacks is an up and coming rider on the circuit. Watching his friend and fellow rider take a hard hit in the arena makes him feel the morality of the ride more than ever. Eight seconds of glory can be over in the snap of a bone.

When friends turn to lovers in the heat of the moment, will they be able to see past the testosterone laden sport of bull riding, to find some kind future together?

Stay tuned for more yummy male male goodness!


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3 Responses to New Cover!

  1. mjmgma says:

    Will definitely be looking for the pre-order.

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    Sounds like a strong story. I can’t understand the sport, but I have to admire the people who compete.

  3. Shirley Long says:

    O this one sounds good. Been waiting for the next 1 in this series. Can’t wait to read it.

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