Once with a Cowboy with Selena Illyria

*Leah waves to everyone*  I’m busy working to deadline, which is today (yikes, still have two scenes left to write) so I’ve invited the lovely Selena Illyria to take over my spot today.  

Hello Readers!
The fabulous Leah Braemel asked me to guest blog and I jumped at the chance. I’ll be talking about my first ever cowboy book Once with a Cowboy. As a writer I always loved reading cowboy themed books but was intimidated to writing them. I suppose it was because I wanted to get things write and I had a stereotype in my head of what was needed. But after talking to a few fellow authors who’d written in the genre and of course my characters I threw out what I thought and went with what my characters wanted.

The cowboy in my Once in a Cowboy book is a native son of Texas and a former hockey player who had to retire because of injury. Now Ty runs a sports bar where he can talk shop and still enjoy the sports he loves without the pain. He’s the type of guy who wears his Stetson some of the time and his cowboy boots all of the time, loves his family, even if is gossipy aunt doesn’t know when to stop talking, adores his mama and gets along well with his brother. He loves to cook for his woman, and is pretty damn good at it.  Despite all of Nessa’s insecurities and trying to keep him at arms length he loves all over her even if she tests his patience, pisses him off and turns him on like no other. Read their story OUT NOW at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Only 99 cents!

Take one stubborn and sexy cowboy, add in a voluptuous beauty, mix in emotions, and stir.

OnceWithACowboy_AReVanessa and Tyler have been friends with benefits for a year. While he’s fallen in love with her, she’s tried to keep her distance. Convinced by her parents that she’s a failure in everything from relationships to jobs, she’s come to believe that she isn’t worthy of love.

Tyler fell for Vanessa from day one when she came to him for a job. He’s accepted her distances and a friends with benefits relationship, while keeping his feelings to himself. Well, not to himself, he had to tell his family right? When his aunt blurts out the dirty details, he has to deal with the fallout.

Can Nessa move beyond her past and what she thought she deserved? Will he take her back despite the hurt she’s caused him?

This Swirl Romance contains sex toys, voyeurism, a sexy cowboy who can’t keep his hands to himself, a curvaceous, plus-sized bartender and a big mouthed aunt.

Buy it now from:



“Drake, Roy, harassing my best girl?” Ty came over and slung an arm around her shoulders. Just the touch, the weight and the press of him against her made her knees sag as a wave of heat washed over her. She let out a soft sigh. She cuddled into his side before she realized just what she was doing. They were in public and although she suspected people knew what was going on with them, she didn’t want to give the rumor mill even more fodder.

“Yo, you two gonna cuddle or serve me?” someone at the far end of the bar shouted out.

She straightened up. “Gotta go kill…I mean help someone. Don’t get into any trouble while I’m gone,” she warned before she slipped away.

“You mean something you don’t want to have to punish Ty for later don’t you?” Roy called after her. “Ow! Damn it, man.”

“Shut the hell up,” Ty hissed.

She peeked over her shoulder and giggled when she saw Ty had taken off his hat and swatted Roy with it before, placing it back on his head. Nessa shook her head but couldn’t keep from smiling at his attempt to keep their business private. She just wished this wasn’t a temporary thing. As much as she enjoyed working at the bar and playing around with Ty, it wouldn’t do to get attached. After all, work relationships and commitment didn’t work out, the past had taught her that much.


Multi-Published Author, part vampire, part pixie, Selena Illyria was born with a need to write and enable. Her imagination takes her into the paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy genres and all sorts of mischief. When not writing she enjoys catching up on her TBR pile, watching some of her favorite programs and listening to her favorite music as well as teasing people with posts on decadent food and plot bunnies. To connect with you her can either go to:

Her Website: www.selenaillyria.com

Her Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SelenaIllyria/100175079107?ref=nf

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8 Responses to Once with a Cowboy with Selena Illyria

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Nice to meet you Selena, I hope your book does well. I’m on Nessa’s side!

  2. Your book sounds real interesting, I’m going to go check it out.

  3. Shirley Long says:

    Hey Selena~~I’m always looking for new authors so I’m gonna give this one a try. I love anything cowboy so it’s just right for me.

  4. Well, now…seems to be a bit of humor in her…re the voyeurism, like the above sample or full on?

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