Double the Cowboys, a Random Song Game–and giveaway! — Em Petrova

Howdy! I’m really happy because unofficially fall is here and it’s boot weather! Sure, a real die-hard cowgirl might live in her boots 24/7 through heat and humidity but I’m not that gal.


I’m also thrilled to share some brand new cowboys with you! My  menage short story, Lasso My Heart, is out now! And my super-sexy Dom from Down Under is featured in the next Boot Knockers Ranch series book, Rope Burn, coming Sept 29!

LassoMyHeart_EmP-1 RopeBurn

Which hottie do you prefer? Here’s a little teaser of each…



After washing up at the outdoor sink, Josh shook the water from his hands and went inside. “Dixie!”

She didn’t answer. Moving through the rooms they were remodeling one by one, his mind worked over his current problem—how to make this anniversary a memory she’d cherish.

When he reached the bedroom and spotted the red slinky dress hanging on the closet door, he pushed out a sigh. “Dammit.”

He caught the music of water in the brand new bathroom he’d finished just in time to start pulling calves. Dixie would be standing naked under the rain shower head, her body glistening.

His cock jumped to attention. He kicked off his boots, stepped out of his jeans and then tossed away his shirt, leaving his clothing in a puddle on the floor. He’d catch hell for that too, but right now his mind—and cock—had one thought.

As he opened the door, steam rolled out. Through the glass shower door, he traced her outline with his gaze. When he stepped in behind her, she gave him one of her come-hither smiles.

He yanked her against him.. She was hot and slippery as the road to hell. Good thing she was his wife or he’d be a sinner hourly.

Burrowing his face against the crook of her neck, he rocked his hips against hers. They shared a groan, and she spun her arms around his neck.

One thing they’d always had was great sex. Better than great. She was an insatiable little minx at times, and he’d always teased her that someday he’d take a whole day and just make her come over and over.

As soon as I figure out how to take a real break from ranchin’.

She stood on tiptoe and stole his thoughts with her kiss. When Dixie kissed, his brain flew south. His cock strained, and he nudged the V of her thighs with a rock of his hips. She moaned, and he swallowed it, feeding her his tongue and nipping her lips for long minutes.

When she reached between their bodies and gripped his shaft at the root, he realized they were leaning against the tiled wall. His muscles forgot how to stand when she was in his arms.

He cupped her breast, rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Her eyes darkened a shade and she clung to him. “You need these little brown nipples sucked, darlin’?”

“Uhhhh.” She arched into his touch.

Leaning down slowly, he snaked his tongue over the tip. It beaded instantly, raising a growl from him. She was so damn perfect. Beautiful, sweet, smart and sassy.


A woman like Tabbart needed to be shoved out of her comfort zone—and fast. As soon as she got too cerebral, she’d be hiding in the bungalow with a book. Stowe wasn’t waiting for her to come to terms with what she was here for. He wanted to put her on a horse, so to speak, and slap its rump, sending her for a fast ride. Eventually she’d hang on.

He grinned down at her and her breaths came faster. Her body under his felt like the plushest cloud. He ground his hips and her eyes widened in surprise.

“Don’t you think we should take it slower?” Her voice came in short pants. While her head asked for slower, her body said the opposite.

Since he was all about consent, he’d grant her wish, but that didn’t mean he was going to stop touching her.

“You have the most beautiful hair.” He wrapped his fist around her sleek ponytail and let the silken mass slide through his palm. She shuddered.

“Maybe we should…uh, talk.”

“We are talking. But I want your body to know mine.” He braced his weight on his arms and made a rolling movement, pressing his chest to her breasts and his hips to hers. His erection throbbed in time to his heart. He hadn’t wanted a woman this bad in a while. Good thing he had self-control in spades.

He caught her gaze and held it. Gray flecked the outside edges of her irises. Again he was struck by how soft her features were, but he had to make sure one particular emotion was never spelled on her face.

“You’re not afraid of me.”

She started. “No.” She flicked her gaze away as if conducting an inner examination. “Should I be? I mean, you are the most frightening cowboy on the ranch.”

He couldn’t stop his grin if he wanted. “Is it the leather?”

“And the ropes and handcuffs.”

“My tools of the trade. Just as you have your cooking utensils.”

“But I can’t inflict harm with a whisk.”

He skimmed a finger over the shell of her ear, raising a full body shiver in her. Yes, her body knew him already. He needed her mind to catch up before he commanded it.

“I don’t inflict harm either. Not even with my crops or whips.”

She sank her teeth into her lower lip. The plump flesh pinned by her white tooth infused him with more lust. He wanted Tabbart with a deep ache, but slowly opening her like petals on the most delicate flower was as heady as the end result would be.

“Do you…have those here? Whips and things?”

He gave a slow nod. “Do you want to hear why I use them?”

“Y-yes. I don’t understand this at all.”


**GAME–Since I write to music, I’m always looking for new songs and artists. So I’d like you to put your phone, ipod or Pandora playlist on shuffle and post the first 5 songs that play. No cheating! Here are mine (please don’t judge. I share a cloud with my teen daughters)


Airstream Song–Miranda Lambert

Suede–Tori Amos

Breakeven– The Script

Hello My Old Heart–Oh Hellos

Darth Vader vs. Adoph Hitler Rap Battle (LMAO!!!! WTH is this and why have I paid 99c for it???)


Now it’s your turn! Post your 5 songs and one random winner will be selected to win an ebook of your choice from my backlist! Good luck!


Thanks for stopping by!

Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



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5 Responses to Double the Cowboys, a Random Song Game–and giveaway! — Em Petrova

  1. Rachel Hill says:

    100 in a 55 by pop evil
    18 days (my fave) by Saving abel
    all or nothing by theory of a dead man
    all summer long by kid rock
    crash into me by dave Matthews band

  2. Amy Garnet says:

    5 songs –
    Sam Hunt – Take your Time
    X Ambassador – Renegades
    Delta Rae – hey hey hey
    Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden
    Heavy is the Head

  3. vicky says:

    Crazy girl
    Drink a beer Luke Bryan
    because of you Reba McEntire
    American honey lady antebellum
    Lip of an angel hinder
    Honey bee Blake Shelton

  4. girlfromwva says:

    5 songs!
    Counting Stars~ One Republic
    Let’s Dance~ David Bowie
    Better Love~ Anthony Hamilton
    Cherish the Day~ Sade
    Bump N Grind~ R.Kelly

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