The False Promise of the Orgasm in Romance Novels – Randi Alexander

When I first started reading romance novels, I grabbed my older sister’s historicals. Pirates and Dukes and Rogues abounded in these thick paperbacks, and the covers? Oh my, they could make a girl have lovely dreams for many nights. Remember Fabio’s covers?

fabioIn these books, the hero would make love to the heroine, mostly missionary position, and with very little foreplay or during-sex stimulation. It was just vaginal penetration by the man.

And the heroine always had an orgasm.

For years, I thought that was all it took. My first real boyfriend must have been a fan of those books too, because that was all I got from him. Humpity, humpity, humpity, done.

I began to think there was something wrong with me. I’d heard the term “frigid” somewhere, and wondered if that was my problem. I even asked my doctor, and he shook his head and moved on to less embarrassing topics.

It was years later, and with the right guy, that I learned what it took to give me the satisfaction I was craving. (Thanks, Kick!!!) From then on, I’ve been happy and healthy and just all-around horny. So much so, that I pour out my excess horniness in my books! Books, which by the way, give a much more accurate description of what is needed to give a woman an orgasm.

Pink and purple clouds over the Superstition Mountains at sunset

My goal in writing this way is to help women find their happiness, their sexual healthiness, and hopefully their all-around horniness. No woman should ever have to worry that they are frigid, the way I did.

Ready to learn the right way? Get your free copy of A Gentleman and a Cowboy by clicking HERE

Hoping you’re having a healthy, horny day!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

About Randi Alexander

Writer of Erotic Romances - "Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied"
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6 Responses to The False Promise of the Orgasm in Romance Novels – Randi Alexander

  1. Shirley Long says:

    Loved this one Randi. And yes, I think we’ve all thought there was something wrong with us. In the beginning, I actually thought sex was “yuck” because I never really felt the excitement, ya know?
    But with enough time and the right man, I soon discovered that it was actually one of the great wonders of the world. And your books take me back to that place when I discovered how great it really could be.
    Thanks for that!!!

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Thanks, Shirley, I’m glad I’m not the only one who had that experience. I’m so happy that my stories are doing their job. LOL Thank you so much for the comment.

  2. Thanks for free read, and for sharing your wisdom 😉 now to get the knowledge out there 🙂

  3. Therese lopez says:

    Thank you Randi!! I have this book and have read it 6 times!! I love it that much, I hope that tells you something. (Hint, hint) thanks for all that happy, sexy reading!!

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