Guest Blogger Natalie Alder Weaves Cowboy Romances in The Tapestry Series

JP Ryan wasn’t sure where he was going in life and really hadn’t thought all that much about it. Before his father passed away, it was just everyday living for him, go to school, go to work as a barn hand at a nearby farm. Between him and his father, they covered the rent, food and expenses. He hadn’t thought to worry about anything beyond what the day would bring.


Lucky for J.P., his cousin Tanner Ford thought ahead for him. At eighteen he was suddenly alone and on his own in the world. Before he had too much time sitting around thinking about what he was going to do now, Tanner offered him an apprenticeship at Bridgeton Pass Farm, a prestigious race horse farm a few hours away from where J.P. lived. The farm’s aging trainer was planning to retire and they were looking for an apprentice to eventually replace him.

J.P. had the confidence that he could do well as a horse trainer. He’d done a lot of good work with the horses at the farm he’d worked at since he was fourteen. But he would be replacing Manuel Rodriguez. The man was truly amazing with race horses and had given Bridgeton Pass Farm many wins over the years. Big wins. Figuring, if they believed in him then why shouldn’t he believe in himself. There had been a formal interview process with William Becker, the farm owner, and with Manuel Rodriguez. If they had any doubts, they would never have offered him the position, right? He could do this. With no one but himself to worry about he had no one to prove himself to, only him and no one else.

Certainly, he should consider living and working at the farm his cousin, Tanner, was the foreman of a blessing. He’d have some family there. Only having met Tanner a few times when he was younger, the cousins didn’t know each other well but family was family. Right?

Looking back over those early years, J.P. remembers struggling to keep his confidence as soon came to realize how much there was to know and how much he didn’t. He also remembers struggling to learn to live in a group setting in the hand’s house. And he may not have realized it then but he struggled watching the Becker family be just that, a family. They were broken given Mrs. Becker died several years ago, leaving William Becker to raise their three children on his own while running the farm. Nonetheless, the small family worked together and had so much. First, they had each other. Even though they fought as all families do, it was never anything serious. They rallied together and got things done. They also managed to have fun together, trail rides, bonfires and cookouts. It was like watching a movie, an all-American hard working family living with and loving each other. It made J.P. sick. Not that he wasn’t happy for them. It was just wasn’t something he ever had. Surely, it was something he always wanted but it hadn’t been in the cards for him.

He’d been an only child whose mother died when he was seven years old and then completely orphaned just as he became an adult at eighteen. He’d barely ever met any of his relatives and now lived a lonely life on the road traveling the horse race circuit. Women were whomever he found in the honky tonk in whatever city they were holed up in that night. When he thought about it, and thinking was something he had a lot of time to do on the road, he wanted his own family. He wanted to have kids and give them what he didn’t have in life, family, siblings and lots of love. He’d need to find that woman who wanted that with him. It certainly wasn’t going to be out on the road that was for sure. At some point, he wouldn’t have to travel as often. Maybe things would change for him then.

With the time he spent thinking while on the road, his head occasionally went to a places it shouldn’t – one of the hazards of having too much time to think. One of those places was the one where the farm owner’s daughter, Audra, was. She was just a kid when he started working at the farm. Lately, however, each time he was back on the farm he couldn’t help notice her. Dang, she was something else. Beautiful like no other girl he’d ever seen. She was young, probably just sixteen or seventeen but she was radiant, inside and out. The sweet girl hung around the barn a lot. She rode almost daily and tended to read in the hayloft. She had caught his attention. Almost as if overnight she went from a kid to a curvy bombshell. But it wasn’t just her body and errant lust, J.P. truly liked the girl. Talking to her in the barn, she was smart, opinionated, and independent. Without difficulty he could see her as the mother of his children. If only she wasn’t his boss’ daughter.

Read about the Becker family in The Tapestry Series starting with Audra’s story in Book 1, Crewel Work. Journey down the path of forbidden love with her and J.P. Learn how J.P. fights his desire for her in favor of keeping his job. But how long can he live like that? Then Audra is hurt in a riding accident and a disgruntled former barn hand begins making trouble. Book1, Crewel Work, is available on Amazon


The stories continue in Books 2 and 3, Trouble Looming and Woven Interests. Trouble Looming is the story of the oldest son, Cole who helped his father raise his siblings after their mother died. Now it’s time for Cole to have the life he deserves. When he meets Sara, all of his dreams seem to finally be within reach…until things begin to fall apart. Their perfect romance soon becomes complicated, scary, even life-threatening.

Book 2, Trouble Looming, is available on Amazon

Woven Interests is the story of the middle son, James. Uptight, serious, introvert…those were the words most used to describe James. Though austere, he was covertly a playboy.

Unable to resist a beautiful body, whether male or female, James never had a desire to commit to just one. A consummate player, he had no interest in a relationship.

Never say never. A broken ankle is the catalyst that leads James to considering a relationship. Falling for a man already in a committed relationship with a woman was intricate enough. But the likelihood of their woven interests in each other becoming a real relationship is threatened by shallow judgment, the media and a trouble making former barn hand.

Book 3, Woven Interests is available on Amazon

Warning: m/f/m, f/f/m, and m/m romance with strong language and explicit sexual content intended for mature readers only.

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  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    What beautiful covers! Thanks for showing us your books. They look like interesting reads.

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