Cowboy Sexy to Fiancé to Payback by Donna Michaels

Back in 2012, I wrote one of my favorite cowboys ever. Actually, Finn practically wrote himself. He was a former Navy SEAL with a dislike for Marines. And a bit alpha…I know, shocker. It’s no wonder he wrote himself. 🙂

CowboyFiance 500x750

An injury forced him to give up the brotherhood and return to the family dude ranch to work with his practical joker twin brother…his Marine twin brother Brett. While on deployment, Brett sends Finn another Marine to help out. But tells their mother the female Marine is Finn’s fiancé.

The alpha cowboy is not amused. Neither is his fake fiancé. But, of course they bond, and start to scheme a way to get Brett back. They come up with Operation Cowboy Payback. And that turned into the second book. COWBOY PAYBACK

This time, Brett is the one with the fake fiancé, but at least she is someone he knows, and a former Marine.

Or maybe those are bad things…

If you enjoyed Cowboy-Sexy, (now an AmazonEncore Imprint re-titled Cowboy-Fiancé) I’m pleased to announce, that in two weeks, the practical joker twin FINALLY gets his payback!!


COWBOY PAYBACK releases 09/09/15
through The Wild Rose Press
Available NOW for pre-order!

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Former Marine Captain Brett Brennan loves a good practical joke—when he’s the prankster not the prankee. Unfortunately, his twin brother has learned a lesson or two from the master and springs Operation Payback on him, thrusting Brett into a fake engagement to his former corporal, Trisha Jennings, in front of her matchmaking, District Attorney father.

Relationships are so not his thing, but realizing Trisha is struggling to come to terms with a horrific incident from their recent deployment, Brett takes matters into his own hands, using their fake relationship to keep her on his family’s resort ranch, the perfect place for her to find peace and heal. After all, he would never let one of his own men down.

Except, Trisha is no longer a corporal under his command. Out of uniform, she is all woman, and his unexpected attraction to her soon has him forgetting their prank relationship is only for show. Who knew payback could be so sweet?


“Mr. Finn also asked me to email him some pictures of your arrival, so come on.” The manager smiled, pulling a camera out of her pocket. “Get close, and don’t worry about offending us. You can kiss. This is the start of your life together, so let’s capture some great memories.”



Trisha’s heart dropped to her knees. She couldn’t kiss him. He was too sexy. Too hot.

He was her captain.

Okay. Technically, not anymore. And right now, he didn’t resemble her C.O. all that much. Not in a pair of jeans, sitting low on his lean hips, gray shirt stretched across his ridged upper quadrant, and yeah, let’s not forget the cowboy boots and that sexy, darn Stetson.

This man was a trumped up, mouth-watering cowboy version of her captain.


With the woman looking on, Trisha realized she was expected to make a move.

A move. Really?

Hysterical laughter bubbled up her dried throat. They wanted her to put the moves on Captain Brennan. Kind of impossible since her legs felt like rubber. Nope. She wasn’t budging. Seemed her feet were out of order. Glued to the driveway. Stuck. Which was too bad, since she’d always secretly wondered what the captain would taste like…

Ever the problem solver, he turned toward her, sexy, lop-sided grin spreading across his face, erasing the dark scowl and tripping her pulse.

This wasn’t good. This was wrong. It would be like kissing her brother.

Not really.

But she had to at least try to resist in her mind if she wanted to keep her cool.

“Well, if Finn wants pictures, we’ll give him pictures,” Captain Brennan said, shocking her silent as he stepped closer, grin widening to consume ever bit of those tempting lips.

Oh boy.

When he grinned like that, he garnered absolutely no sisterly reaction. None what-so-ever. Just that darn, damp tingling.

She was in trouble. They needed to be rational, and abstain. It wasn’t good if they both threw caution to the wind.

What happened to the angry man she was just stuck in the car with for nearly three hours?

The non-angry man reached out and pulled her close, fitting her against him as if it was common practice. Her whole body heated at once, sending rational thought straight to the dirt drive. Being in his arms shouldn’t feel as good as it did. And it did feel good. Too good. Engulfed, consumed, safe…turned on.

As the captain lowered his mouth, he tightened his hold, and for a beat or two, they shared a breath. Anticipation fluttered through Trisha’s chest in a prerequisite of what was to come.

This was going to change things between them. She knew this to her soul, but was powerless to stop. It had to be done.

With those words resounding in her head, the cowboy hat was the last thing she saw before their lips met.

Goosebumps returned full force, racing down the arms Trisha wrapped tightly around her fiancé’s neck as her world tilted on its axis.

Cupping her face with one hand, he teased her lips open with his tongue. Not normally one to cling, but cling she did, having effectively lost the feeling in her legs. Again.

Her C.O. was an expert at many things. Shooting, defusing, coordinating attacks, leading them into battle, chicken fights, practical jokes, and now she could add kissing to the list.

Even his sex appeal was strong. She pressed into the cowboy-marine’s rock solid body and swept her tongue inside his hot, tempting mouth, determined not to let him have complete control.

But exploring the sexy captain’s space, tasting his domain, might have been a mistake. She could easily become addicted to his essence. It consumed, heating her within, racing her pulse—sucking the oxygen from her lungs until she could no longer breathe.

He kissed her slow and deep and thoroughly amazing. Heaven help her, she didn’t want him to stop.

And that’s exactly why she ended the kiss. She couldn’t let any man have that power over her.


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4 Responses to Cowboy Sexy to Fiancé to Payback by Donna Michaels

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Nice covers!

    • DonnaMichaels says:

      Thank you, Clare! I am truly in love with the cover! I just ordered print books to take with me to InD’Scribe Con in Palm Springs next month. I’m hoping they arrive on time, and I can NOT wait to see them!!

  2. Phew, loved the excerpt!! This sounds great. Congrats on your soon to be new release.

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