When You Created Your Own Book Boyfriend–Em Petrova

I have recurring dreams of a gorgeous alpha male wearing black leather pants and a cowboy hat. He lives on the Boot Knockers Ranch, and his main job is to please the ladies who visit it.


He’s also my Book Boyfriend.


When I started the Boot Knockers Ranch series with PUSHIN’ BUTTONS, I knew this man was special. His name is Stowe, and he’s an Australian cowboy transplanted to Texas. He’s known around the ranch as The Dom from Down Under. Yes, he’s a Master of Domination, and he treats the ladies who come to him for help with his whip, crop and paddle. For several more books (Body Language, Reining Men, Ropin’ Hearts), I loved Stowe from afar.


Then I began to write Stowe’s story. Here’s a little glimpse:


She wants to turn up the heat. He’s got the skills to whip her into a frenzy.

The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 5

TV food show host Tabbart Tracy works hard to give viewers her best recipes. But while her fans are legion, her personal life is colder than a meat locker. Most men just want her to serve up some pie—in the nude.

One glance at her assistant’s sexy brother, though, and her body skips straight from low simmer to rolling boil. Especially when she tracks him down at a stud ranch. Where he’s the stud.

When a certain little TV foodie personally requests Stowe’s company for a week, he’s flattered as hell. She needs to give up some control, and as a sex therapist otherwise known as the “Dom from Down Under”, Stowe has the leather, rope, and paddles to do it.

Just as Tabbart melts into a puddle under Stowe’s hands, her worst fear chills her back to reality: someone recognizes her. Worse, her Master frowns on opening her checkbook to make it all go away. But trusting him means hanging onto their connection with both hands—while he takes her for the ride of her life.

Warning: This book contains a TV chef looking for some R&R (as in rough and raunchy) and a whip-wielding Aussie cowboy Dom intent on showing her she can take the heat. As hot as—and anywhere—she wants it.


That’s when I truly fell for Stowe. I wrote hard and fast, loving his power over me. In my career, I’ve had a few heroes take over my brain before, but this one was really it for me. I’d written my own Book Boyfriend!


When I finished, I had a long period of grief. I missed him so much I could barely start writing the next book. At first I didn’t realize what had happened. One day I woke up and said I MISS STOWE! And then something amazing happened–I got first round edits of ROPE BURN and got to play with him again.


I hope you’ll one-click on my Book Boyfriend and claim him as your own too. After all, I share.









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5 Responses to When You Created Your Own Book Boyfriend–Em Petrova

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    There’s more than one way to please a lady. Is he a good cook who washes up after him?

  2. alisab8 says:

    Cant’t wait for this one to be released.

  3. seelkfireice says:

    I can’t wait to see if Stowe is mine too, you know how I love my book boyfriends 😀 Thanks for sharing !!!

  4. Shirley Long says:

    I tend to imagine they’re ALL my “book boyfriend” when I’m reading their stories. Makes for some really hot reading time. 🙂

  5. Therese lopez says:

    This sounds like one sexy read!! I can’t wait, I love your books so much. I love alpha, dominant men!!!

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