Leah Braemel on Canadian Cowboys

Tomorrow is Canada Day — the day we celebrate the birth of our nation north of the 49th parallel. While a lot of people south of the border may not realize it, but we have cowboys up here, and not just in Alberta, either.  I’ll be going to a rodeo that’s held annually a few towns over in a couple weeks…gotta love summer and all those lovely denim clad cowboy butts!  Oh don’t worry, they have barrel racers and ropers too. There’s something for everyone.


To celebrate Canada Day, Kobo Canada (our main e-book provider over…well, that other major online store) is celebrating Canadian authors, and so from today until July 6th, they’re dropping the price on my No Accounting for Cowboys to just 99 cents.  Which means even more Canadians get to enjoy my fantasy cowboys and their tight jeans. 😉

**EDITED** No Accounting for Cowboys is now available for 99 cents at Kobo Canada AND Kobo US, as well as Amazon.com 

Buy from Amazon Kindle

Buy from Kobo

Keep an eye on this spot if you are Nook or iBooks user…coming soon to them too.

Promises-99-cent-saleSad because you’re in the States and can’t take advantage of this sale? Don’t worry, I’ll have you covered for your Fourth of July celebrations too. 😉 Check back with me on the 2nd!

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One Response to Leah Braemel on Canadian Cowboys

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Enjoy Canada Day!

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