Cowboy Wisdom and Giveaway by Rhonda Lee Carver

Cowboys have their own way of sayin’ and doin’. They like a good laugh the same as the next fella. Some interesting and funny sayings from a cowboy.

~ Always drink upstream from the herd

~ Quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back into your pocket

~ The only reason to ride a bull is to meet a nurse

~ Don’t squat with spurs on

~ Don’t dig for water under the outhouse

~ Never drive black cattle in the dark

~ Never slap a man who’s chewing tobacco

~ Don’t get in front of a bad plum


Comment below what you think “Don’t get in front of a bad plum” means and one lucky winner will receive an ecopy of Pressure Point (Book 3, Rhinestone Cowgirls). Leave your email address where you’d like the ebook sent to.

Coming June 10th!!!

Second Sunrise Cowboy (Book 8, Second Chance).



Dakota Childs stood at the cemetery in the rain on an unbelievably cold Texas afternoon. She’d quit her job and used up most of her cash to get here to say farewell to her beloved aunt. The last thing she needed or wanted was anyone’s pity, but when the tall, sexy stranger in worn hat and boots pulled out the umbrella, and offered her a place to stay, she couldn’t think of one good reason not to accept. When he steered his pale blue eyes her way, she was mesmerized…and instantly rethought her plans of leaving the small town.

Cash Bailey loved his daughter, but being a single father could be trying and downright confusing. He had no clue how young girls dressed, or how to braid hair or the importance of picking out matching shoes. Physically, he missed having someone to hold. Emotionally, he missed having someone to love—
what he’d lost when his wife died five years ago. Then in pops Dakota, her expressive eyes and innocent smile triggers something deep and intense in him. She’s giving, beautiful and braids hair like a champ. For the first time in a long time, he has an opportunity for happiness, but why can’t he shake the guilt?

When things start to heat up on Havens Ranch, Dakota faces a decision that will change her life forever. Will Cash finally break his internal chains and accept the emotions in his heart, or lose happiness for a second time?


Cash stood so close Dakota could  inhale his masculine scent.  He gripped the edge of the sink, caging her between his thick, muscular arms.

“Would you hate me if I kissed you?” His gaze held hers.

His husky voice made her heart skip several beats. “I-I…no, I could never hate you.” Before she knew what was happening, he dragged his arms around her, pulling her against his chest and his heated breath caressed her cheek.  She shivered and it had nothing to do with being cold. The apex of her thighs quivered as she reached up and buried her fingers into his cotton covered shoulders, clinging to him as her knees weakened. She stared at him, waiting for what he did next. “We barely know one another. What is this feeling?”

“I don’t know you, but I sure as hell want you,” he said on a ragged tone.

This made no sense at all. He came home a different man. There was a deep tension rolling through him and it seeped from his every pore.

A scorching heat traveled between them when he lowered his mouth to her ear and whispered, “You smell so good. It’s been a long time since I smelled something so sweet. I could lap you up.”

She shivered from her roots to the tips of her toes. “You don’t smell so bad yourself, cowboy.” She’d never been good at seduction. She had no idea if what she’d said sounded corny or did the trick, but the bulge rubbing her thigh told her he didn’t care what she said.

“If you don’t want—”

“I want,” she said a little too quickly. Yeah, she’d definitely have to work on holding back some.

He pressed her between his large body and the sink, smoothing his hands down her back. His fingers dug into her skin. A long breath came through his lips as if he were holding back. She saw the evidence of his chaos in the depth of his sparkling eyes. They were the clearest blue, as if they were their own special color.

“The look in your eyes is almost damn near ripping out my insides.”

She tilted her chin. “That sounds painful.”

“Oh trust me. It’s painful, but so damn right at the same time.”

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About rhondaleecarver

At an early age, Rhonda fell in love with romance novels, knowing one day she’d write her own love story. Life took a short detour, but when the story ideas would no longer be contained, she decided to dive in and write. Her first rough draft was on a dirty napkin she found buried in her car. Eventually, she ran out of napkins. With baby on one hip and laptop on the other, she made a dream into reality—one word at a time. Her specialty is men who love to get their hands dirty and women who are smart, strong and flawed. She loves writing about the everyday hero. When Rhonda isn't crafting sizzling manuscripts, you will find her busy editing novels, blogging, juggling kids and animals (too many to name), dreaming of a beach house and keeping romance alive. Oh, and drinking lots of coffee.
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38 Responses to Cowboy Wisdom and Giveaway by Rhonda Lee Carver

  1. Terri says:

    Not sure what it means but here are my guesses. Don’t get hit by someone through a rotten plum or standing in front of someone who bites into a bad plum. They may spit it out. Would love to know the meaning. Lol

  2. Diane V says:

    I am totally baffled as to the saying, “Don’t get in front of a bad plum.” My guess would be to not get into the middle of a bad situation, or you could be the unwilling target of someone’s angry actions. I would love to find out the correct meaning. 🙂

  3. mjmgma says:

    Don’t have any idea but would like to know the answer. Maybe not to get in front of someone eating a bad plum. I did the thunderclap on both facebook and twitter and requested to join your street team.

  4. merriedth says:

    I think it means stay out of the way cause sometimes rotten stuff comes at you no matter where you are

  5. laurellasky says:

    i think it might refer to a cow chip. You don’t want to step on it.

  6. Diane V says:

    Oooh, Laurel, sounds gross, but it also makes sense! I’m anxious to find out what this one really means. 😉

  7. Not entering the contest but just wanted to say that all of Rhonda’s books are keepers :). I think the bad plum is referring to a person.

  8. I think it means don’t mess with an outlaw or bad guy

  9. Michelle DeLeon says:

    Maybe it means don’t get in the way of someone needing the porcelain throne?

  10. tanyakay28 says:

    Congrays on another book!! It’s amazing!!! Already supported your thunderclap!!!

  11. When something is called “plum” it’s usually a good thing or good situation. So “Don’t get in front of a bad plum” means don’t get in the way of a good thing that’s happening or about to happen.

  12. Judy Harder says:

    All I can think of is “Avoid Prunes’ — eager to find out the answer. Congrats on the release!

  13. Gail S says:

    I think it means: Don’t go looking for trouble, it can explode in your face. 🙂
    Excited to read Second Sunrise Cowboy. I supported you on Thunderclap. Have a great week.

  14. Janet Rodman says:

    Don’t eat questionable food on the trail?

  15. Seeing as others have posted about people with outlaw personalities. I am going to say a horse with anger mgmt problems.

  16. Don’t stand up for someone who’s not worth your loyalty….just a guess You never know with Cowboy sayings…LOL

  17. I’d guess to avoid eating a bad plum, repercussions will follow! Or, stay away from crooked lines.

  18. Rachael Brown says:

    Don’t get in front of a bullet.

  19. Don’t get hit with rotting fruit

  20. Deborah says:

    Peared with the bad apple. Pun intended. Watch your back with this one. Congratulations on the new book.

  21. Diane Blaser says:

    Don’t get too close to a bad situation?

  22. The answer to the meaning of “Don’t get in front of a bad plum” is… “Don’t get in front of a bullet.”
    Congrats to Michelle DeLeon for winning an ecopy of Pressure Point. Enjoy Michelle, and see the rest of you soon 🙂

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