Cowboy Chocolate Cake — Em Petrova

Hello, friends! Last month I missed my blog date, and I sincerely apologize! During that time, I was doing a massive edit of ROPE BURN, book 5 of my Boot Knockers Ranch series and finishing COWBOY NOT INCLUDED, book 6, at the same time!


So I’ve neglected y’all and I’m here to remedy that–with something sinful and rich and devlish… That’s right–chocolate cake!


I’m sharing my Texas Sheet Cake recipe because every cowboy would melt over this–plus, it’s my birthday month and somebody better make it for me LOL.



Homemade chocolate sheet cake with nuts (Texas sheet cake)


Here’s what you’ll need:

2 sticks unsalted butter melted (yes, 2! We’re not making heart-healthy, gluten-free, carob vegetarian cowboy chocolate cake)

Melt in a saucepan and while it’s melting, add:

1 cup of hot water

When butter melted add:

4 heaping TBSP cocoa powder



1 cup boiling water

Allow to boil for 30 sec and set aside

In another bowl combine:

2 c flour

2 c sugar

1/4 tsp salt

stir then pour hot chocolate mixture into it slowly, mixing as you go

Mix together in another bowl (yes, this is 3 things you’re washing afterward, but it’s soooo worth it!):

1/2 cup buttermilk (if you don’t have this, add some vinegar to reg milk and voila!)

1 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

1 tsp baking soda


Add all to chocolate mixture and stir well. Pour into a greased baking sheet. Bake 350 degrees F for 20 minutes. In the meantime, make the topping!

In saucepan, add:

1 3/4 cups of regular butter (cowboys don’t have heart attacks, don’t worry)

4 heaping TBSP cocoa (yes, again!)

stir together, bubble 30 seconds

turn off heat and add:

1 tsp vanilla

1 lb of powdered sugar (Believe me, you’ll work this off later in bed with your cowboy, so don’t give a thought to those calories.)

Stir together, add 1/2 cup chopped pecans and dump over cake while it’s still warm. It’s going to ooze together and run down the sides of the pan. If there’s extra frosting, I’m sure you’ll know what to do with it *wink*


Now for a little food fun from the Boot Knockers Ranch. Read on for an excerpt of ROPIN’ HEARTS:


In silence they rode up to a group of cows. A small herd, freshly branded by the looks of it.

“New cattle?” he asked.

She circled the group and back toward him. “Yes, quarantined.”

His brows shot up. “Why?”

“Couple died two days ago. Daddy had a vet up here but he didn’t know the cause of death.”

“Where’d they come from? Might have been travel stress.”

“We don’t think so. Daddy thought it best to keep them away from the rest of the herd, so they were brought here. Help me count.”

A minute later they said at the same time, “Fifty-six.”

She smiled, stabbing him in the heart like sun to the eyes of a man too long in darkness.

He wet his lips. “Is that the right number?”

“Yes. We haven’t lost any.”

“Good.” He snagged her reins and yanked her horse to a stop. Then he pulled her right out of the saddle and into his arms. She thumped against his groin, her ass nestled against his hard-on, her lips close.

“Ty.” Her voice was a warning but her body quivered.

“Ride with me. Let’s just talk.” He settled her into the saddle before him, leaving her horse to crop grass as they trotted in a leisurely pace across the field.

He placed his lips near her ear. “Favorite toy as a child?”

She turned her head, placing her delicious lobe right between his teeth. He bit down gently, and she burrowed closer. “Uhh…a baby doll I called Jenny.”

“Bet you took good care of her.”

She giggled and writhed as he nibbled up the shell of her ear. “Not really. I cut off all her hair and left her in the rain.”

“Bad girl.” He pinched her ass, raising a gasp. God, he wanted to keep her panting under him all night long on sweaty, twisted sheets.

He kissed the sensitive spot on her throat, and she fell still. “Favorite meal?”

“Chicken and biscuits.”

“Mmm. Good choice.”

“What’s yours?”

“Bree with a side of whipped cream.”

“That’s…” pant, pant, “…not a meal.”

“It will be, I promise you.”

“I thought we were…talking.” Her breathing hitched as he swirled his tongue over the column of her throat, flicking down into her open shirt collar. He loved her in ranch attire. All buttoned up and wearing everything but spurs, she was more tantalizing. Maybe because he knew what was underneath all that fabric.

“We are talking, baby girl. Where do you see yourself in five years?”

“What—is this a job interview?”

“Answer the question.”

She was silent for so long he grew concerned enough to stop sucking her neck and turn her face to look at him.

“You don’t know, do you?” he asked.

Her eyes were too bright. With tears? Damn, he didn’t want to upset her.

“No,” she whispered.

“That’s okay. You know why?”


“Because I don’t know either. That doesn’t mean we can’t do great things together.” The emotions he had for her needed more time to settle in his mind. He needed to see where they fit into his life—and hers.








May 20-June 9







Also in the Boot Knockers Ranch series:

Body Language

Reining Men


Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



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6 Responses to Cowboy Chocolate Cake — Em Petrova

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Yummy chocolate cake!

  2. alisab8 says:

    Wow! A must read.

  3. seelkfireice says:

    I am hopeless at baking, so I will have to get one of my friends to do this cake 😀
    Thanks for the taste of your next book YUM

  4. angieia says:

    Thank you for the recipe and I enjoyed the excerpt!

  5. girlfromwva says:

    thanks so much for the recipe! great excerpt!

  6. Ginger Robertson says:

    Mercy those are some seriously hot cowboys….and thank you very much for the chocolate cake recipe….yum!

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