Four Books, Four Authors, One Hot Cowboy Series – Randi Alexander

Have you fed your cowboy craving this week? Here’s a suggestion. The four books of The Sons of Dusty Walker Series

Book 1, Dylan, by Jodi Redford

Book 2, Jackson, by Randi Alexander

Book 3, Killian, by Desiree Holt

Book 4, Rogue, by Sable Hunter

Here’s the book blurb for the series:

cowboy romance series

“Four Brothers, One Tainted Legacy, and a Wild, Wild Ride. Will They Survive It?”

When Dusty Walker’s untimely death brings his four sons to Red Creek, Kansas, they are in for more of a shock than just losing their father. None of them knew about the others. Nor did they expect to hear the strange terms of their father’s will. They might share last names, and even a special belt buckle, but they also share a lot of resentment. Dylan is struggling to follow his dream of being a country musician and dealing with yet another shock from the woman who suddenly came back into his life. Jackson’s life is on the rodeo circuit and doesn’t include any permanent arrangements, including a woman. Killian dreams of owning a ranch where he can raise Appaloosa horses, and he doesn’t plan to do it in Nowhere, USA. Rogue doesn’t know what to do with the naked woman in his bed nor the direction his life seems to be taking. He’s a loner, pure and simple. But if the brothers want their share of the half-billion dollar estate, they have to follow the terms of the will…one week in Red Creek running the business and getting to know each other. None of them can begin to predict how drastically their lives are about to change.



Book Blurb for Jackson: The Sons of Dusty Walker:

When rodeo bronc rider Jackson Walker’s father passes away, he’s shocked to find he’s not the only son of Dusty Walker. His dad had three other families at compass points around the country. When a stipulation in Dusty’s will requires him to live in his dad’s house and work at his company for one week, Jackson heads to Red Creek, Kansas to get it over with, so he can get the hell back to his regularly scheduled life.

Computer engineer Rori Hughes needs to solidify her position in Dusty’s company, but the only one of his four sons available is Jackson, and Rori has a mighty low opinion of rodeo cowboys. Finding inconsistencies in the computer files, Rori and Jackson work together to solve the mystery, but their constant contact fires a red-hot desire that burns wild between them.

Spending their days at Dusty’s opulent lakeside home, and their nights together making love, they both ignore the warning signs that point to their attraction becoming more than merely sexual. Jackson’s time in Red Creek is coming to an end, but can he follow his original plan and leave town, breaking away from smart, beautiful, sexy Rori?


Excerpt From Jackson: The Sons of Dusty Walker

Jackson took Rori’s hand and led her around the side of the house and down the gradual sloping walkway to the sandy lakeshore. Three docks jutted into the water, two of them holding boats and a pontoon, the other longer, with personal watercraft, both motorized and paddle-driven. A gazebo sat at the end of the dock.

“This is pretty impressive.” Rori held tight to his hand, and it felt too right to Jackson. Like she was someone he’d known for a long time.

Outside the gazebo stood a swinging seat just big enough for two, and he gestured for her to sit.

She didn’t move, just looked up at him, the orange glow of the sun shimmering in her hair, sparkling in her eyes. “Jackson.”

“Darlin’.” He stepped closer, his belt buckle brushing against her stomach. “I’ve been wanting to do this all day.”

After glancing at the water, she blinked her pretty eyes up at him. “Throw me in?”

“Not hardly.” He slid his hands along her arms to her shoulders, slowly, gently, giving her plenty of room to say no. When she tipped her head, he had to take. Pressing his lips to hers, he let a wash of desire flood him, hardening him in his jeans, and sending his thoughts to the two of them in his bedroom.

His tongue slid along the seam of her lips, tasting sweet and sour margarita, before he pressed it inside her mouth, tasting the deep, warm spices of their supper mixed with the addictive flavor of her.

Her arms wrapped around his neck as she pulled herself closer to him, deepening the kiss.

Against his shirt, burning through layers of fabric, her nipples rubbed, hard and hot against his chest. She let out a little moan that made him far too wild.

Sliding one hand down her back, he cupped her ass, squeezing the firm, ripe roundness as his tongue played with hers. Then it hit him. Rori was okay with this? He ended the kiss but stayed just an inch from her lips. “You know, I’m still a rodeo cowboy.”

Her eyes, unfocused and darker blue than the evening sky, shifted left, then right. “I know, but I’ve made peace with it.”

Backing away another inch, he narrowed his eyes. “How so?”


Rori shrugged. “First…” She thought for a few seconds.

“That’s how you like to get your points across, Ms. Hughes. Logically, and in perfect order.”

With a smile, she closed her eyes. “You noticed that in me?”

“Yeah. First…” He laughed. “It’s because it’s different from anyone else I know.”

“Is that why you like me?” She felt her face heat. Had she really just asked him that? And sounded like a teenager with her first crush?

“Oh, no you don’t. You’re not changing the subject. You finish telling me your list.” He guided her to the swing and sat them hip-to-hip, his arm around her shoulders. “First…” he prodded.

“First, I know you’ll be leaving this town, probably never returning.” It killed her to realize she might never see him again, but facts were facts. “So the whole rodeo problem ends Sunday when you fly out of Kansas.”

He stared at her, but his lips thinned slightly.

“Second, people have seen us together, so gossip has more than likely spread to about half the population of Red Creek, and by tomorrow, we should have total saturation.”

A corner of his mouth quirked.

“You know they’re assuming we’re getting cozy, so we may as well do it.”

Jackson let out a laugh. “Those are your reasons? I’m short-term and we’re assumed guilty already?”

She turned in to him, pressing her hand on his chest. His hard, well-developed chest, where his heart beat strong and fast. Warm tugs pulled at her core, and she barely refrained from pressing her thighs together and wiggling with the pleasure. “Um…” What had she been about to say? “No. Yes. No.” She shook her head a few times to clear it. “I feel this pull toward you, like a chemical reaction, or a magnetic force.” She needed to admit it, to him and to herself. “From the moment you walked up to me at your company, and then in your office, I thought I might just kiss you. For no reason.” Recalling those moments, her heart beat faster, too.

Jackson cupped her cheek and leaned closer. “Don’t need a reason.” He slanted his mouth on hers, opening his lips and sweetly running his tongue along her teeth, then tasting her mouth and teasing her tongue with his.

She laced her fingers through the back of his hair, thick and silky, she loved how it curled just a little around her fingers. With a tug, she ended the kiss and touched the tip of her nose on his. “Your turn.” Her voice came low and breathy, sounding too far gone for her own good.

“That voice of yours. The second I heard it, I got ideas.” His fingertip traced along her collarbone to the base of her neck, then moved slowly downward as his eyes followed the movement. “But when I looked around the corner and saw you…” His hand flattened under her breast, wrapping his fingers around her ribcage. He looked into her eyes. “I knew you wanted to kiss me.”

She laughed. “I think you started it. In your office, you leaned—” Her phone chimed. She pulled it from her pocket. “It’s my contact. He’s going to need a couple more hours to try to get the info we need.”

“Perfect.” He stood, holding out his hand to her. “I know how we’re going to spend those hours.”

Laying her palm on his, that magic jolt rolled through her again. She stood. “Not on a computer?” Her knees wobbled a bit and she held tighter.

“Doesn’t sound like the most comfortable of positions, but if you’re into that kind of kinky…” He wagged his brows at her.

She giggled. Again. Something she hadn’t done for years, until she met Jackson Walker.

He tugged her closer and guided her along the dock. Lights set into the edges of the boards guided the way back to shore. “There’s a side door with stairs up to the bedrooms.”

They moved quickly along the walkway, and between her desire and her anxiousness, she had a hard time catching her breath.

Wrapping his arm around her, he jostled her a little. “You okay? You look like you’re walking into a police lineup.”

How did she tell him it’d been a while since the last time? “I’m good.”

“Hm. Those are not exactly the words a guy wants to hear.” He stopped, set his hands on her shoulders, and turned her toward him. “If you’re not sure about this…”

She couldn’t remember ever wanting a man the way she craved this cowboy. Was it the bad boy aspect of his rodeo life? The fact that she’d never started a relationship with a man who she knew would be gone in a few days? Or just the big, sexy muscles and blue eyes that turned her tummy to jiggling jelly? “I’m sure, Jackson.” She took his hands in hers and backed toward the house. “Now stop your stalling.”

He grinned. “Yes, ma’am.”


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18 Responses to Four Books, Four Authors, One Hot Cowboy Series – Randi Alexander

  1. Donna Bayar Repsher says:

    Already snagged the series–can’t wait to read it!

  2. I LOVED writing this series with these very talented ladies. Thank you so much, Randi, for inviting me in.

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    Great cover picture and sounds like a fine story!

  4. Shirley Long says:

    I’ve read all 4 books and they were all fantastic. And the cover model ain’t half bad either.
    Seriously, these boys were hot, sweet, loved their mamas, and did I mention HOT???
    I just wish there had been more brothers, like 6 or 7 or 8 Walker boys to learn about.

  5. mjmgma says:

    These are 4 of the best books. I plan to read them all again I enjoyed them so much.

  6. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Loved this series!!

  7. I have read all four and they are as good as the covers. Loved them all. I am encouraging everyone to go now and get a copy of each of these books. You will love them!!!

  8. What a great series. I’m loving it so far!! One more book to go 🙂

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Yay, I’m glad you’re liking the books so far. You’re gonna love Rogue’s story, too. You can’t go wrong with a Sable Hunter story.

  9. carol L says:

    Sounds like a fantastic series. I love reading series with siblings. Thanks for the post. I have to catch up now.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    • Randi Alexander says:

      It was really fun to see how each of the brothers developed, and it was a pleasure working with such skilled authors.

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