Guest Blogger Vanessa Vale Shares Her First Sighting of “The Cowboy”

Have you ever come across a man that froze you in your tracks? Stalled your brain, made your heart skip a beat, your mouth go dry, other places get…wet? I’m not talking about in the movies or a photo. Those hot posts on Facebook. A real live, breathing, pheromone oozing man. I remember the time when I saw…The Cowboy.

I was living in Montana at the time and the cowboys there are…wow. These are real cowboys, with ranches the size of Delaware. Cows. Horses. Combines. They aren’t the pretend city slickers, but the real deal. I was at the gas station getting gas and a dually pulls up. (It’s a pick-up truck with two wheels in the back on each side to be able to tow heavy loads.) Out climbs…Him. He was over six feet tall, a cowboy hat, thick dark hair, a handlebar mustache. Yes! It was unbelievably hot! A thick canvas jacket (it was winter), Wranglers and work boots. Serious well worn leather boots. He wasn’t skinny or scrawny, but all muscle. He was like a man right out of my every cowboy fantasy.

Thank goodness for auto shut-off at the pump! I stared, ogled, transfixed on him. My heart rate went into stroke point and I was no longer cold. Unfortunately, he never looked my way, but I watched him until he filled up and drove away.

Yes, that’s all it was, a passing with the hottest cowboy…ever…at the gas station. But, he fuels my every cowboy fantasy and my every book. I write historical western erotic, specializing in the men of Montana. My latest book is The Lawman, and you’ll see glimpses of The Man At The Gas Pump in Ryder Graves and every other one man in my stories. Dominant. Possessive. Protective. Panty Melting.

Oh yeah.


Blurb for The Lawman:

Ellen Oldsmere, believing she’d killed an overly amorous suitor, agreed to become a mail order bride for a complete stranger in the Montana Territory in order to flee Minneapolis and avoid prosecution. When she arrives in August Point, her husband is all that she’d imagined, and then some. He’s handsome, virile and sexually skilled. But there’s a problem for this new bride; her new husband is also the town sheriff. How can she be married to a man who would surely arrest her if he found out her secret?

As the most eligible bachelor in town, Ryder Graves is determined to not fall prey small town mothers eager to match him with their marriage- hungry daughters. He wants more than what is available in August Point. His needs demand a wife meeting certain criteria women in town do not possess, so he seeks the help of an expert–a madame with a skill for matchmaking. When Eleanor arrives from Minnesota, she meets all of his expectations. She’s also headstrong and defiant, requiring a stern spanking or two to teach her that – as the lawman of August Point – it is his job to keep her safe. It comes down to a matter of right from wrong. But his wife is not all she seems. Will he still want her when he learns the truth, or will his passion for the law make her face the consequences of her actions?

Excerpt for The Lawman: (Copyright 2015, Vanessa Vale & Blushing Books)

We were alone at the edge of town, the rustle of the wind over the tall prairie grass the only sound. Eleanor squinted slightly against the sun, her brow crinkling. I lifted my hand and placed my finger over the spot, her skin soft and warm. She was so small, delicate. Breakable even. “You look…worried.”

Surprisingly, my protectiveness had asserted itself and I wanted to ensure that she was not only well, but happy. Safe.

She leaned back out of reach of my touch only slightly, shook her head. “Oh, um…no.” Breaking eye contact, she looked straight at my chest. “I’m nervous.”

“I admit, I am as well.” I smiled down at the top of her head, all riotous curls and color, although she could see my amusement most likely solely in her periphery. “It’s not every day you meet your bride and discover how lovely she is.” The words were true, and meant to coax and soften her. I didn’t need her on edge or afraid. With what I had planned for her, especially now that I’d seen her and anticipated what kind of fire was deep within, I needed her receptive. Open.

Her head came up.

“You blush so prettily.”

“You have me…at a…um…disadvantage.”

I arched a brow. “How so?”

She glanced from side to side, taking in her surroundings before looking at me. “You’re from here, know people, have friends. This is all new to me. You’re new to me.”

I picked up her small bag from the ground, never breaking her gaze. “Then I should remedy that. I’d like to take you home, if that’s acceptable. What I have in mind will have us getting to know each other very well.”

When she blushed even more, I knew she didn’t miss my meaning. Some women would have run away screaming from such bold words, but Eleanor didn’t.

Instead of bursting into tears or being missish, she nodded, a red curl slipping down over her cheek. I was wholly surprised, yet immensely pleased. With my free hand, I tucked it back behind her ear, stroking her soft skin as I paused a moment, ensuring that I had myself in check. I had to stay in control and not let my cock take over. I couldn’t toss her over my shoulder in my haste and carry her back to the house and fuck her. Just toss-the-skirts-up fucking. That would be for another day. For now, she needed slow seduction and gentleness required for a virgin. Eleanor needed that and I needed to give it to her. As her husband–husband!–it was my right, my privilege to make her mine in the basest of ways.

I moved my hand to her elbow, leading her into town at a modest pace. August Point was small, only a few hundred residents, although large enough for the need for a sheriff and a jail. My house was conveniently close to the jail, which made my life easy and simple. I could return to work the family ranch south of town when my role as lawman was complete, whenever I chose that day to be, but I felt settled in the role, content to let my brothers handle the operation.

We made it to the house in only a few short minutes and I enjoyed the feel of her beside me and the ability to glance down at her full breasts every step of the way. My thoughts consisted solely of the color of her nipples. Would they be fair like the rest of her, a sharp contrast to her striking hair? I guessed peaches and cream and imagined them to taste just as sweet.

Once she was within the private confines of our home, I’d find out. And she’d find out all about me and what I wanted from her. I wouldn’t just take her, I’d possess her.

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5 Responses to Guest Blogger Vanessa Vale Shares Her First Sighting of “The Cowboy”

  1. mjmgma says:

    This sounds like one I have to read.

  2. doveknoll says:

    This book sounds amazing and I put both books in the series on my TBR list and Amazon wish list. Hoping to get them soon.

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    Interesting, not keen on the corporal punishment you mention ‘to teach her’ her place. Of course it may have been part of the times.

  4. Vanessa Vale says:

    Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope you enjoy The Cowboy!

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