Spring is in the Air

It’s been a long, hard winter for a lot of people. I hope the snow has melted where you are, and that the sun is now shining. Here in my part of northeast Texas, the grass is green, the air is warm, and the sun…well, it’s shining once in a while.

I live in a rural area, six miles from the nearest small town and 50 miles from the big city. I love it. I love driving to the grocery store and passing field after field of horses, cows, bison, and camels. Yes, camels. And zebras. This spring we’re seeing a boom in calves of all kinds. Have you ever watched a small calf playing in the spring sunshine? They are so full of life, kicking up their heels in the sheer joy of being alive.


The plum and pear trees have already bloomed and lost those blooms. The bluebonnets are just beginning to bloom here, though they’ve been out in the hill country for a week or more. Every where you look there are red bud trees and dogwoods decked out in hot pinks and whites, yellow daffodils, and purple irises. Eggs are hatching, the bluebirds are returning, and we anxiously await the first hummingbirds of the season.



Spring means new life, and I’ve never appreciated it more than I have this year as we emerge from the frigid temperatures of February and March.

Spring for me is also a time of awakening. Writing slows down for me during the winter, but with the spring sunshine, my muse awakens, along with my brain. She recently handed me an idea for a new series, set along the Red River. Six brothers and one sister, each with a story to tell and a new love to discover. The first book is twenty percent complete, and I’ve been jotting notes for subsequent books.

I’ve already fallen in love with Cade, the oldest brother, and his two little boys. My heroine, Sarah, seems quite fond of them, too. There’s a new baby calf in the story, a litter of puppies, and like most of Texas, the flowers are in full bloom, and the heroine’s garden is growing with the promise of fresh vegetables in May and June.

Yes, it’s Spring and love is in the air.

What are your favorite things about spring?

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About Tori Scott

Author, former Golden Heart finalist, published by Red Sage, in Woman's World, and selected news media. I live near Dallas Texas and write sexy romantic comedy, contemporary small-town romance, and romantic suspense.
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3 Responses to Spring is in the Air

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Thanks for the photos! Ostriches are supposed to be healthy eating… what are the camels and zebras for?

  2. Tori Scott says:

    I think they’re emus, and here they are just pets or guard animals, used to keep strangers off the property. The camels and zebras are mostly an old man’s indulgence. The guy who owns them has several different properties with different kinds of exotic animals on them.

  3. carol L says:

    The new book sounds like my kind of read. With 6 brothers I feel for the sister . 🙂 Can’t wait. Thanks for the pictures. Yesterday here in Jersey we ctually had almodt 70 degrees. The sun felt beautiful. After so much snow and frigid temps I’m ready.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 . (at) aol (dot) com

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