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Hello, friends! I’ve been writing for deadlines since December, and I’m just now coming out of my winter burrow with a blog post that has more than a few grunts and photos! So howwwdeeee!


Since I’ve been writing cowboys nonstop, I’m neck-deep in how they strut, dress, throw a rope and drawl. Oh and beard scruff. Let’s all take a moment of silence to think about the beard scruff.







Okay, that was 5 moments. Whatever–it’s beard scruff!

Now down to business. Today I’m going to share a few words cowboys say that make me smile. Maybe you’ve run across some and scratched your head, wondering what they mean.

1. A hog-killin’ time

meaning: a good time

use: We went to the Suds and Duds and had a hog-killin’ time!

2. Alfalfa Desperado

meaning: a farmer

use: You’ve been too busy playing alfalfa desperado to give a damn that I’m up to my ass in diapers and snotty noses.

3. Huckleberry

meaning: Just the man you’re looking for, or just the man for the job.

use: I’m your huckleberry. (In Val Kilmer voice)

4. Mule-Ears

meaning: boots

use: He was nekkid and lost his mule-ears when the river rose.

5. On the Prod

meaning: full of piss and vinegar, full of trouble and spoiling for a fight

use: After finding out you were with his daughter, old Randall’s on the prod.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some cowboy terms! Do you know any more terms to share?

***One random commenter will win an ebook of your choice from my backlist!***

Read on for a snippet from ROPIN’ HEARTS, book 4 of the Boot Knockers Ranch series


It’ll take more than ropes and whips for this cowboy to keep his bratty woman in line.

The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 4

At twenty-three, Bree Roberts is ready to sow some wild oats. The perfect place to start? The neighboring spread—The Boot Knockers Ranch, where twenty smokin’ hot cowboys deliver sexual therapy to women. The problem? The entry fee is more than she’s made in a lifetime.

Only wanting to explore, she figures her tanned, toned legs will be her ticket to ride. Except Ty keeps kicking her off their land. Then she begins to suspect the reason why. He likes her.

If Ty spots that little vixen wrapped around one of his cowboys one more time, he’s going to throw her over his knee. Trouble is, she’d like it. Catching her participating in the ranch’s notorious, semi-clad Cornhole tournament is one thing, but when he finds her under their resident Dom’s whip, enough is enough.

Ty won’t throw a naked woman out of his bed, namely one who deserves a spanking, but showing Bree the rewards of sex mixed with a little emotion leads to trails neither of them intended to tread.

Warning: Contains a spitfire cowgirl who excels at breaking the rules, and a cowboy who lays down the law—and a firm hand on her ass cheek.


Ty started dragging her away. She dug in her bootheels.

“If you don’t walk away with me normal, I’ll pick you up and throw you over my shoulder, Miss Roberts.”

Ice filled her veins. He knew her. How? Was there a wanted poster on the wall somewhere? This man saw dozens of women a week—surely he wouldn’t remember her face after visiting her ranch.

“Let go of me!”

“I don’t think so, sugar tits. You’re trespassing. Wonder what Daddy would think of you down here getting corrupted.”

“Sugar tits! Did you really just call me that?”

He placed his mouth close to her ear, heating it with his words. “Don’t you want to be objectified, sweetheart? Isn’t that why you’re here?”

“No.” She aimed a kick at his shin, but he moved his leg at the same moment. “Where are you taking me?”

Her pulse thrummed. For the first time since rolling under that fence, fear took hold. Not because Ty would likely hand her back to her father and she’d be in for the lecture of her life, but because she might not get another chance with a Boot Knocker.

<em>No, I’ll get a chance.</em>

This time her bootheel glanced off Ty’s shin. He didn’t even flinch, just kept walking.

“What do you have—iron shins?”

He eyed her. “I’ve got iron everything, sweetheart. Now I’m going to put you into my truck and take you home.” With him being shirtless, she was well aware of how hard he was.

“How do you know I didn’t pay to be here?”

He glared at her. Up close his eyes were green, glowing like sea glass. She shut her jaw with such force her teeth grazed her tongue. Biting off a curse, she let him drag her another ten feet before really digging in.

She tore away and set her hands on her hips. “I can go on my own.”

“I’d prefer to escort you.” He didn’t look fazed by her anger. She felt it simmering just below her skin, about to boil over if he tried to manhandle her again.

She waved a hand as if he were an annoying fly. “Go on back to your Cornhole.”

He ran a hand over his chest and abs. She stopped breathing. The sight of long fingers over ridges of manscaped flesh rendered her panties a soggy scrap.

Sure, Ty had one of those crooked cowboy smiles.

Too bad he was an insufferable jerk.

After his treatment of her, she wouldn’t have sex with Ty if he were the last Boot Knocker on earth.





Thanks for reading!

Em Petrova



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Em Petrova lives in Backwoods, Pennsylvania, where she raises 4 kids and a Labradoodle named Daisy Hasselhoff. Her dream is to find an old pickup and travel small-town USA, meeting new people. Her heroes are hardworking–in bed and out–and she is known for panty-scorching erotic romance.
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21 Responses to Cowboy Dictionary

  1. Shyanna says:

    I don’t know if this is a cowboy term but I’ve discovered a lot of people don’t know what a cattle guard is. It’s the ‘bumps’ in the road at fences that keep cattle from leaving their designated area.

  2. carol L says:

    Loved this. I have got to read this and see just how it plays out. Thanks for sharing.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    Fun cowboy terms, thanks!

  4. Lori Meehan says:

    I loved the cowboy phrases. Most of them I had no idea what they meant. I’m so glad you broke them down for us.

  5. alisab8 says:

    Thank you for the cowboy terms. And thank you even more for the excerpt. Hot!

  6. Lisa says:

    Knee high to a… meaning short in stature.(my grandfather used call us knee high to a grasshopper.)

  7. Can’t wait for this!!! Hmmm.. cowboy terms.. skunk eggs= onions, airin the lungs or cussing up a storm… hitched=marries

  8. Pingback: Cowboy Dictionary | lisalovesbooks

  9. lisagk2014 says:

    Woohoo….love those boot knockers. Tweeted pinned reblogged liked

  10. cmucha319 says:

    I can honestly say I had never heard of the boots being called Mule-Ears, always thought of them as Shit-Kickers. LOL

  11. Shirley Long says:

    I have a saying that I’ve heard a lot here in Texas, may be a cowboy expression, may not. I just know I like it.
    “Go butt a stump” meaning shut your mouth and get out of my face or you will regret it.
    And we gotta wait till June to read the rest of this amazing excerpt??????

  12. nicholskathy says:

    Sounds like a rip-roarin read Em and I have to have it!!! I can’t really think of any “cowboy” expressions at the moment though.

  13. Michelle D says:

    One of my favorite phrases is happier than a pig in mud. Funniest is gets more ass than a toilet seat. Wonder what that one would be in cowboy terms

  14. Deb Tindall says:

    Rainin’ out there like a cow peein’ on a flat rock!
    Struttin’ around like a new rooster in a hen house….
    Nose stuck up so high in the air, if it rains he’s gonna drown!

  15. Happier than a dead pig in the sunshine. A big ranch no cows( not all there in their brain). I always loved John Wayne calling people Pilgrim…… Thank you for sharing…I can’t wait I have read all the others!!!!

  16. spiritofnlm says:

    Lol I guess I’m not much of a cowgirl I didn’t know most of these ! Great excerpt 🙂

  17. Debbie Watson says:

    Two wraps and a hooey (reference to tie down roping)

  18. Gray says:

    Omfg. I just started the Boot knockers ranch series and blew through the first book in 2 days! Muy caliente, 5 jalapeños!

  19. empetrova says:

    Congrats to Kathy Nichols, winner of this giveaway!

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