Fun with friends by Beth Williamson

I’ve been very fortunate to be invited to be part of two anthologies with fellow authors. Fun with friends! The first, Cowboy 12 Pack, hit the NYT and USA Today bestseller lists. Holy cow! Color me excited and humbled by that fact!  🙂

Next up is an anthology of a different sort, A Dozen Rakes, Renegades and Rogues, Oh My! is a compilation of all historical novels by some of the most amazing historical novelists today. Release date is set for February 14 – Valentine’s Day!!

I can tell you I felt like an imposter being invited to be in an anthology with top notch talent who’ve practically lived on my bookshelf for years. Little ol’ me? Yeppers!

I included my book Circle Eight: Caleb in this collection – the very first self-published novel I put out there. One that was my very first RT Top Pick! It was a rite of passage for me and I’m incredibly honored to have it included in ADRRROM!

If you haven’t already preordered this amazing anthology, you’ll be missing out on a sweet Valentine’s Day treat!

2015 is starting with quite a bang and I’m having a serious amount of fun with friends!!

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2 Responses to Fun with friends by Beth Williamson

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Looks like a lovely stack of books!

  2. carol L says:

    Cowboys and then Rakes & Rogues. Some of my favorites. I can’t wait. Thanks for posting.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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