Winner of last week’s copy of Loving Justice will be Rhonda B. Crochet. Now Rhonda I’ll get you a copy as soon as it goes live in a couple of weeks – but you’ll have to help me remember and communicate with me on facebook or at sablehunter@rocketmail.com.

Let me show you my inspiration for Justice – God, I just wanna rub on this guy.


You know, I can get myself into some messes, I’m talented that way. That’s why I have 5 deadlines looming that I have to write like crazy to meet. Good thing I work better under pressure. But I can blame no one but myself – most of my troubles are self-inflicted. I wish you could see me when I’m like this – I’m cranky as a sore-headed pussycat! I subsist on popcorn and trail mix and I work till 2 am then sleep in my clothes. If I go out with anyone, I don’t stop working – I take a notebook and plot over pasta.

I was out with this guy the other night and we started talking about my writing and then of course it gravitated to sex scenes. And he decided to give me some advice on sex positions. Now, he’s a bit of a redneck and hunts a lot and he told me instead of doggy style, I ought to try my hand at one called birddog style. According to him, it would be a rear entry position with one of the girl’s leg’s distended backward for easier access to something or another and one of her arms up, supposedly so the guy can also can access easier to her breasts. You know, like a birddog – I asked him if I’d have to point – haha! Now, it was my contention that all of those access points were accessible without all of those gymnastics – I’m a simple girl.

I’ll be honest, my favorite sexual position is missionary, it just seems to hit the spot and its not – as one guy said – because I’m lazy, I just get off on the domination and being on the bottom and how everything sorta fits together.

Anyway for our next contest – also for a copy of Justice – you make up a new sexual position – new name and describe it to me – – like this and I didn’t make this one, but it seems appropriate – Reverse Cowgirl – which is girl on top facing his feet – ride em’ cowgirl! Anyway, this is your chance – make up your own sexual position and call it what you will – haha – this should be exciting.

To get you in the mood – Here’s a sexy excerpt from LOVING JUSTICE – I read part of it on the radio the other night, but I cut off before the ‘big finish’ if you know what I mean.

“I can’t believe you drank too much. This isn’t like you.” When he grunted and grumbled under his breath, she retorted, “Yea, I’m fussing a little. Sue me.”

“Just help me upstairs, boss.” His voice held that teasing note she’d heard so often years ago.

“Don’t you want me to fix you something to eat first?”

A groan was her answer to that question. “We’re alone.” He announced. The house was deserted. His parents and the twins, Trace and Trevor, were in Austin with Abby. All the rest of the boys were at school. Apparently Abby had insisted her injury be downplayed to such an extent that most of the family was going about their normal routine.

“Don’t worry your virtue is safe with me.” She did some teasing of her own. The second and fifth stair creaked like normal. Charlee didn’t need to be told where Justice’s room was located. She’d snuck up these stairs or shimmed up the drain pipe to his window more times than she could count while growing up. “Let’s get you into bed,” she winced, he was getting heavier by the second.

“Sounds good to me.” Justice murmured. “I’m beat.”

“You’ll feel better soon,” she assured him, checking the thermostat, making sure his room was warm enough for him. He obediently stood next to the big four poster bed, looking to her like a cross between a sexy teddy bear and an old west desperado. Justice always reminded her of Chris Pine in a cowboy hat.

“You smell good, like a woman.”

Charlee had to laugh. “You are drunk.” At his snort, she added. “At least something about me is womanly.” It sure wasn’t her shape. Charlee’s unfortunate chest was as flat as a board.

“There’s not a damn thing wrong with you.” His voice was low and raspy.

Charlee shivered. “Never mind. Let me get the covers turned back and I’ll help you get your boots off.” This wasn’t the first time she’d helped him to bed. Of course, the other times he’d been hurting with one of those damn headaches he was plagued with.

“I think I need help with the rest of my clothes.”

His whisper sounded a little suggestive and Charlee blushed from her nose to her toes. “I think you need a cold shower.” She made light of his comment. Charlee had seen Justice flirt many times, but she’d never been the recipient. She’d always been relegated to the role of best buddy.

“Will you take one with me?”

“A shower?” She choked back a laugh. Was he tormenting her on purpose? “Not a good idea.” Charlee fluffed the pillows and turned on the bedside lamp, anything to keep her eyes off the handsome hunk who was unbuttoning his shirt and eyeing her like she was a tasty treat. How many times had she dreamed of this moment? The only problem was – the Jose Cuervo talking, not Justice.

“Come here. I need to hold you.”

The teasing tone had left his voice completely. This sexy Justice was almost more than she could handle. “Hush. Let me help you. You’re making a mess.” She stepped close to him, her whole body quivering at the sight of his gorgeous chest, lightly furred, muscles rippling as he struggled with the shirt which was behind him, still fastened at the cuffs.

While she was so near and he was otherwise occupied, Charlee dared to do something she’d only dreamed about. She placed a small quick kiss over his heart and felt hers jump in her chest.

“That’s good. Now kiss me up here.”

Caught. She lifted her eyes and he was staring at her with unmistakable heat. “Sorry.”

“God, don’t be. I need you.” He tossed the shirt across the room and began tugging at his pants. “Damned buttons.”

“Justice, you don’t want me.” The words slipped from her lips unbidden even as her hands joined his, tugging to get his belt out of the loops.

“Yes, I do. I want you. I need you.” He bent his head and she felt his lips on her neck. “Feel.”

He took her hand and moved it below his waist – and he was right. She could feel him big and hard. For her? Not possible. Unable to rest, she shyly cupped him, marveling at the way he throbbed in her hand. “I’m not your type, you said so. Remember?” Each word tore a little bit of her pride away.

“You’re my friend. A guy isn’t supposed to lust after his friend. But I can’t help it.” His words were still a bit slurred, punctuated by kisses as he licked a path from her cheek to her collarbone. “Don’t think I’ve missed those hot little nipples pressing against your shirt, or that wild flush on your cheeks when we sit close. You want me, Parker.”

“We don’t always get what we want, Justice.” Charlee tried to muster up some fight, some strength to push away his hands. But she couldn’t. She had wanted him forever. By age fifteen, she’d been aware of Justice as a man and by the time she was eighteen, she’d burned for him.

“I do, I’m not afraid to reach out and take what I want when I see it.”

God, he was potent. “All I’ve ever wanted was for you to be happy,” she offered as she tilted her head to give him access. Frissons of excitement covered her skin.

“I want your soft touches, like how you used to caress my forehead when I was sick. Now, I want you to whimper for the pleasure I can give you.”

Right on cue, she moaned for him as he skated his hands up under her shirt. “Justice,” she gasped his name in prayer.

“Your skin is like toffee-colored silk and your hair drives me mad.” He ran his fingers through the long thick chocolate colored waterfall.

“It does?” Charlee was losing her mind. This was surreal. His hands were now working on her clothes, soon she would be naked in his arms.

“Yea, I love the taste of you. Sugar cookies. You’re sweet on my tongue.” Justice kissed her neck again, this time sucking a bit of soft flesh between his teeth. God, he was so excited, he was seeing stars. “Are you gonna let me love you?”

Did she have a choice? Her mind might be wary but her body was melting at his touch.

Justice slipped an arm around Charlee and lifted her to him, his other hand making quick work of the remainder of their clothes. Wrapping Charlee’s hair around his fist, he pulled her head back and claimed her lips with his own.

Their first kiss.

He had known this girl since he was nine years old, she had been the singularly most important person in his life – including his family – and he’d never dreamed she could singe him with such fiery heat. God in heaven, she’d been worth the wait. “Kiss me back, Charlee.”

As if being set free, Charlee exploded in his arms. Her whole body shuddered and she melded herself to him, fingers weaving through his hair, tugging its length even as she urged his head down so she could reach his mouth easier.

“You feel good, Justice. So good.” She strained up to meet him, going up on her toes. She would have climbed into his body if she could have.

Moaning, he crashed their lips together, his tongue sweeping through her mouth even as he his hand slid between them to find her breasts. That was when Charlee froze. “No.” She tried to stop his hands. “Don’t.”

“Why?” He sat down, pulling her between his legs. His mouth lifting, seeking those tender buds which pushed out from her chest as if they were offering themselves to him. “You don’t think I’ve seen these little nipples, wanted them? You may hide how you feel, but you could never control this little body.”

She shifted in his embrace, her arms coming up to cross over, shielding her breasts from his eyes. “I’m too small. Not like…”

“Shhhh,” he hushed her, pulling her arms down, exposing her to his mouth. “Delicate, dainty, exquisitely feminine – that’s what you are.” He kissed the tender swell and she arched into him as he swirled his tongue around her areola, then sucked the nipple into his mouth.

“Justice!” she keened.

He felt his cock throb. God, this was good. He kneaded the small of her back as he nursed at her breast, his lips suckling the tender tip. “Sit,” he urged as he slid his mouth from one side of her chest to the other.

Charlee did as he bade, easing herself down on his muscular thigh which pressed hard between her legs. “Oh, oh, oh,” she whimpered as the dual sensations of his mouth on her breast collided with the pressure in her clit as she began to move on him, riding him almost mindlessly as he sucked at her nipple. None of her fantasies even came close to what Justice was doing, scoring her nipple with his teeth, then lashing at it with his tongue. The pleasure was swirling around her and she was dizzy with it, clutching his shoulders as he fell back with her on the bed.

Justice lay beside her, but he didn’t stop the incredible things he was doing to her body, his mouth ravishing her breasts, giving each one of them the attention they so desperately craved. Of their own volition, her thighs parted in invitation and she felt his hand cup her heat, his fingers delving deep where no man had ever touched her before. Charlee lifted her hips in supplication as he rubbed up and down, massaging her pussy, driving her crazy as he speared up inside her then swirled his fingers up to pleasure her clit. “Justice!” she cried, unable to stop the heat which rose, swelled, pulsed and exploded between her thighs.

“God, you’re precious,” he growled as he lifted his lips from her well-sucked nipple.

“Give me what I need, Justice. Please,” she begged, for what, she didn’t know. He spread her open and she arched, bucking gently as he pressed the hot swollen head of his dick against the folds of her femininity.

“This is what you need, I’m what you need.” He took her by the waist and angled her body, draping her legs over his thighs, then he lowered himself to her. Slowly he pushed his way into her. Charlee tossed her head from one side to the other, her fingers wrapped around the thick muscles of his forearms.

This was her first time. Even through his alcoholic haze, Justice was aware of the need to be gentle. But she wasn’t making it easy. Her tight pussy was grabbing onto him like a hot hungry little mouth, sucking him in inch by inch. She chewed on her body lip and made the sweetest sound as her snug channel hugged the wide crest of his cock. He couldn’t stop. She didn’t want him to stop. “Do it, Justice. Don’t make me wait,” she moaned. “I’ve wanted you so long.” Her voice rose as he surged over her, pressing deep as he gave her the penetration she seemed to crave.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “You’re so damned sweet.”

Charlee wrapped her arms around his neck and opened her legs even wider, spreading herself open like a butterfly, her hips undulating as she felt her femininity giving, stretching to welcome him. If there was pain, it was inconsequential compared to the sheer ecstasy of becoming his.

“Put your legs around me and hold on,” he instructed her as he pulled out, pushed back – thrusting and pumping. There were just no words. The pleasure was so intense that Justice thought he might black out. And he didn’t want to miss a moment. This was pure, raw rapture.

“I had no idea,” she murmured as she kissed his shoulder then sought out his mouth, kissing him hard and deep, her body accommodating him, her mouth eating at his with desperate hunger.

Her passion turned him on like nothing ever had. She was his. She’d always been his. How had he resisted her for so long? Giving himself over to the bliss, he filled her over and over again. Justice didn’t hold back, didn’t try to control the impulse to cover, dominate – possess.

Charlee’s world was tilting out of control. Her lips pressed kisses to his neck, she buried her face against him, raking her teeth on his skin even as she dug her nails into the strength of his back.

“You’re so wild, I love it.” He held himself up, watching her face.

“Suck my nipples some more, please?”

“Will you come for me if I do?”

She giggled, the sweetest sound he’d ever heard. God, she was hot. She blistered him with her sensuality.

“I’m going to cum anyway.” Charlee confessed, feeling secure. “Did you know I masturbate every night, dreaming about you? I call your name when I climax.”

“Damn.” He couldn’t hold out any longer. She was too much. Bending his head, he closed his mouth over her nipple and sucked hard, opening his mouth wide, devouring, pulling the red bud deep into his mouth.

The sweet suction caused her to writhe, her inner muscles clenching and unclenching around him in time with the pressure of his mouth. “Sweet Jesus,” she moaned.

“Can’t stand it any longer,” he muttered. He shifted upward, taking her hips in his hands, angling her so he could finish the deed. His hips churned, his cock pistoning in and out of her, pushing them both to the edge of reality and beyond. Bending, he captured her mouth as she came, inhaling her sweet cries even as his hips flexed and his cock ravished her pussy,

Charlee understood then, she realized what she’d been missing, what she was created for. The orgasm that swept over her was more than just a physical release, it was a branding – a possessing.

She was owned.

Justice pulsed within her, each spasm of pleasure so intense he thought he would die from it. “Sweet God, Charlee.” His chest rose and fell as he panted, fighting to breathe. Fire ripped through him as he exploded, he came so hard his vision blurred.

The only noise in the room was their breathing. Neither one of them said a word. Justice hadn’t moved, most of his weight rested on her body and Charlee never wanted the moment to end. With deliberate care, she soothed her hand over the damp skin of his shoulder, placing a single kiss on the pulse-point at the base of his neck.

Finally, she whispered. “Thank you.” Charlee couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to say.

Justice chuckled. “No, thank you.”

He pulled out and Charlee closed her eyes, her mouth opening in a small ‘O’ as they separated.

“I want to give you something,” Justice said as he settled himself next to her. Sitting up, he reached behind his neck and released a clasp, taking off the necklace he always wore.

Charlee’s eyes grew wide. “Your star?” It was a small silver star on a simple leather cord. His grandfather had given it to him, she remembered. It wasn’t expensive, just something the old man had picked up in Mexico. But Justice had always said it was his lucky charm.

“Yea, I want you to wear it. To remember what we did tonight.” While she waited, he fastened it back and slipped it over her head. “There, now you won’t forget me.”

“No chance of that.” Charlee patted the warm metal resting on her bare skin. What did this mean? “I’ll never take it off.”

“Now, lay down with me. I’m so tired and sleepy. I drank way too much tonight.” He shut off the light, holding out his arms and she went into them, happier than she’d ever been in her life. Finally, her dreams were coming true.




About sablehunter

Sable Hunter writes erotic romance. She writes what she likes to read and enjoys putting her fantasies on paper. Her stories are emotional reads where the heroine is faced with challenges, like one of her favorite songs – she’s holding out for a hero – and boy, can she deliver a hero. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and sweat. If she can wring those emotions out of a reader, then she has done her job. She grew up in south Louisiana along the mysterious bayous where the Spanish moss hangs thickly over the dark waters. The culture of Louisiana has shaped her outlook on life and made its way into her novels where the supernatural is entirely normal. Presently, Sable lives in Texas and spends most of her time in wild and wonderful Austin. She is passionate about animals and has been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull to a family of racoons. For fun, Sable has been known to haunt cemeteries and battlefields armed with night-vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond the grave.She writes for Secret Cravings Publishing as well as publishes much of her own work. Join her in her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy, to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where dreams can come true and orgasms only come in multiples.
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  1. Shirley Long says:

    Create a new sexual position? O my Lord Sable girl, I’m way, way too old for that. I’ll leave that to you young people.
    But I am loving this new book. Somehow I don’t think it’s gonna be as smooth and easy as Charlee is anticipating. I see Justice re-thinking what they did in the cold morning light. Should make for a fun read. Please let us know when we can preorder.

  2. Nicole Ortiz says:

    Lol. There is so many out there how can people come up with one I will have to check back and see what people come up with. Just wanted to say I love the excerpt can’t wait to read. Here is one I read and I don’t know who would be daring enough to try. italian chandelier
    This is the real definition… It’s a sexual position. The woman pushes her back and butt completly off the ground using her arm and legs, kind of like crab-walking or like when you do the bridge in gymnastics. The guy does the same thing, but facing down when they make love.

  3. carol L says:

    I love this excerpt. Hot is putting it mildly. :). At my age and having been there (lots) and done that( lots) as long as I can sill walk after is all good. lol lol. This is going on my TRL.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  4. Clare O'Beara says:

    I’m pretty sure every possibility will have been explored already. Yoga would be a good source of flexible positions so maybe a few of those could be combined by different persons.

  5. Ginger Robertson says:

    Hi Sable,

    I am at working and should not have been reading that but….. I’m glad no one was in my office, as I loved that excerpt.


  6. Funny, the position you described is almost like my husbands favorite. On tummy, right leg dtaight out, left leg on knee with arms over head to keep from going into wall. I playfully call it the pile driver. It hits all the right spots. Oh and he is on knees behind. Lol.

  7. OMG…..Like the other ladies said….been there done that. To old to try something “different” unless it is a have to case. Being 4 feet 10 inches with a hubby that’s 6 feet 2 inches we have improvised more than once. Thank you for sharing this excerpt loved it and it s smoking hot!!!!!!

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