Cowboys and Christmas

Two of my favorite things. ♥  Especially when they’re combined.


Hope y’all had a Merry Christmas!

There’s one cowboy in Harland County about to have a very merry one…


Accounting major Jen Dalton has one more year to earn her Masters before she graduates and moves out of Harland County to find a corporate job and maybe a good-looking businessman to boot. Cowboys were handsome and fun, but they didn’t stick. Neither did ranch hands. Experience has taught her they come and go, and some took a piece of her heart with them. Well, no more handsome, sexy, cowboys. She wanted a stay around, stable, lifetime type of guy.

Then she returns to the family ranch after a ‘hurrah to summer’ weekend with friends to discover Brock, the hot, one-night stand she’d given herself permission to enjoy, is the new ranch hand. And dang it, she’s just as drawn to his sexy grin, gorgeous green eyes and quiet strength. As the summer ends, classes resume, and the holidays near, the handsome, alpha cowboy has her rethinking her future. So does the unborn baby she’s carrying. Maybe sticking around Harland County isn’t so bad—if she could get Brock to stay, and break out of the ‘leave Jen and move on to another ranch’ mold.


“Happy birthday, Jen,” he said, meeting her in front of the king-sized bed centered on the far wall.HarlandCountyChristmasfrontcover500x750

He drew her close, running his palms down her back while she slid her hands over his chest and shoulders to cup his head as he captured her mouth. She tasted of coffee and caramel, and he let her have the lead a few moments, relishing the feel of her lips, dipping and tasting his like she hadn’t seen him in days.

She was hot, and the heat of her body seared into him, setting his temperature to inferno. But he wanted to take his time with her. Savor, worship, commit to memory every beautiful detail about her for when he was cold and alone at his next job.

Bringing his hands around, he cupped her face and drew back until their lips barely touched. “Slow, Jen,” he said against her mouth. “I want to take my time with you.”

When her hands dropped to his shoulders, he kissed the corner of her mouth, dipping his tongue to lightly lick and taste her sweet essence, then repeated over the bow of her top lip before tasting the other corner, lingering until her soft, breathy sigh funneled into his mouth. That was when he finally slanted his lips fully over hers, slipping his tongue inside to sweep and stroke as need and hunger took over.

With a sensual, low sound, she rocked against him, bringing a flash of stars to his closed eyes, and heat, he couldn’t forget the heat. God, no. The heat was one of the things he was going to remember the most about her, that and how much her fierce need matched his own. Their chemistry was special. He already missed it. Releasing her mouth, he trailed kisses down her neck and throat, and had her moaning and clutching his shoulders tight.

“Don’t stop,” she breathed, angling her head to give him better access.

He tugged her neckline and grazed the curve with his teeth before biting down, eliciting the sweet, sexy moan that haunted his dreams. Again and again, he bit and she moaned, pressing her curves into him, reminding him they had on way too many clothes. He drew back, his heart taking a knock at the hunger darkening her gaze to his favorite color.


“Lift your arms,” he rasped out, but before he could grab the bottom of her sweater, she beat him to it by ripping the top over her head and tossing it on the floor.

That worked for him.

Zeroing in on her breasts, barely covered by the sexiest damn blue lace bra he’d ever seen, he stared without moving anything except his throat muscles as he swallowed the mouthwatering her curves created.

But when her fingers went to the waistband of her jeans, he snapped out of his stupor and grasped her wrist. “Let me.” Then he walked her backward, and when she sank onto the bed, he proceeded to remove her boots and socks before he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. A scrap of blue lace peeked out. He sucked in a breath.

“Do you like?” she asked. “I bought the set just for you.”

He pulled off the jeans to get a good look at her, and the arousal pressing into his zipper jumped.

Hell yeah. “I love,” he replied, dipping down to kiss a path up her thighs straight to the sapphire lace on her hips. “Thank you.” It was a hell of a surprise. Too bad they had to go. Hooking his fingers in her panties, he slowly tugged them down, taking in the sweet sight of Jen nearly naked on the bed. “You’re so damn beautiful.”


His name left her lips in a throaty whisper of need. He loved that. Loved hearing her say his name. Loved hearing the need he induced. Jennifer Dalton was a rarity. A blessing, and he allowed himself to bask in her presence while he had the chance.

“Brock?” She frowned up at him, confusion overruling her desire. “Everything okay?”

Snapping out of it, he smiled. “Couldn’t be better.” And to prove it, he grasped her ankles and tugged her to the end of the bed, heat skittering down his spine at having her open and ready.

His mouth watered, but he shouldn’t have hesitated because she scooted off the bed.

“You’re still dressed,” she said, shaking a finger at him, wearing nothing but a lacy bra. “Not fair.” The sneaky woman had his shirt out of his pants and half unbuttoned before he could blink. “It’s my birthday, and I want you naked.”

Smiling, he obliged, quickly removing his clothes so he could get back to worshiping her soft, supple curves. He reached for her, his heart rocking hard against his ribs at the wicked smile claiming her lips.

“Mmm…happy birthday to me,” she said, sliding a hand down his chest and abs, his muscles quivering under her touch, erection pulsing as her fingers closed around him and tugged. “Do I get to blow out the candle?”


If you could have a cowboy for Christmas, who would it be? Ahh…the possibilities…
Thanks for reading,


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2 Responses to Cowboys and Christmas

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Sounds like a lot of big decisions for your characters so early in life.
    Hope you had a good Christmas Day! Today we in Ireland call St. Stephen’s Day and the British call Boxing Day.

  2. DonnaMichaels says:

    Thanks, Clare! Christmas was good. Hope you have a wonderful St. Stephen’s Day!

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