Time to Knock Boots

bicep_em_knockers-1 (2)


The time has come for you to stop baking all those cookies and wrapping presents and treat yourself to some amazing biceps, worn jeans, stubbled jaws and dusty boots. Yep, The Boot Knockers are here!


Twenty sexy cowboys just chomping to rope you into their beds for a mind-blowing week of sin. Who’s ready to ride?


Meet Hugh and Riggs

PushinButtons72lg (2)


Meet Damian

BodyLanguage72lg (2)


Meet Jack and Paul

ReiningMen72lg (2)


And take a never-before seen peek at Ty…

Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 4


At twenty-one, Bree Roberts is ready to sow some wild oats. The perfect place to start? The neighboring spread—The Boot Knockers Ranch, where twenty smokin’ hot cowboys deliver sexual therapy to women. The problem? The entry fee is more than she’s made in a lifetime.


Only wanting to explore, she figures her tanned, toned legs will be her ticket to ride. Except Ty keeps kicking her off their land. Then she begins to suspect the reason why. He likes her.


If Ty spots that little vixen wrapped around one of his cowboys one more time, he’s going to throw her over his knee. Trouble is, she’d like it. Catching her participating in the ranch’s notorious, semi-clad corn-hole tournament is one thing, but when he finds her under their resident Dom’s whip, enough is enough.


Ty won’t throw a naked woman out of his bed, namely one who deserves a spanking, but showing Bree the rewards of sex mixed with a little emotion leads to trails neither of them intended to tread.

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**Now for a rope-tying lesson.** Let’s get this party started. This knot is good for horse and livestock. Also mountaineering and search and rescue.


Now have another sneak peek at REINING MEN, now available for preorder and in your ereader Dec 30!



One of the horses trotted by, so close Paul could reach out and touch her.


“Did you come all the way out here to ask me about Dylan and the girl with the great ass?” He hadn’t even noticed her great ass.


Jack tightened his lips. “No.”


“Then say it. Why hold back now?”


When Jack met his gaze, Paul’s heart seized. Oh shit. It was going to happen. Lissy wanted a threesome with him and Jack, and how the hell would Paul manage to say no?


Jack nodded. “She wants it.”


“Asked for me? Or you’re asking for me?”


Jack’s throat worked. “Both.”




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Thank you for reading and happy holidays to you all,


Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



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Em Petrova writes heroes who work hard in bed and out.
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13 Responses to Time to Knock Boots

  1. I have the first 2 books, waiting on the 3rd so I can read back to back. Can’t wait!!

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    I have never heard of a corn hole contest so I hope it is fully explained!

  3. Paula F says:

    I LOVE this series! Makes me want to pay a visit to the ranch. 🙂

  4. seelkfireice says:

    Exciting news!!! Dec. 30th you say? I am so getting Reigning Men! YAY Love the series!
    Merry Christmas and happy, bountiful New Year!

  5. mjmgma says:

    Looking forward to this one.

  6. doveknoll says:

    I haven’t read any of your books but these sound great. Went in put them on my wishlist and hope to start reading them after the holidays. Thanks for the info on a new (to me) author.

  7. Shirley Long says:

    Totally awesome series!! I so enjoyed the first 2 and am now anxiously (insert impatiently here) waiting to help Jack & Paul find their HEA. Already preordered and just waiting on the release.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS EM. Hope 2015 is filled with love, laughter and success. Promise to do my part to help with the success.

  8. geenakmom says:

    Oh my! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of your books! I need these in my hands! Adding to my TBR and wish list.

  9. Alisa Boisclair says:

    So glad I stumbled on this blog.Plan to start the series after the New Year. Merry Christmas.

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