Cowboys, cowboys everywhere! On sale, releasing, & a giveaway!

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Howdy! November is a busy cowboy month for me. I have three, sexy, pushy cowboys all vying for the spotlight this month. ☺

First up, is my .99¢ cowboy!



Connor McCall, my biggest, clueless cowboy is part of another Cowboy Candy Shoppe promotion with six wonderful cowboy authors, Rhonda Lee Carver, Randi Alexander, Parker Kincade, Sidda Lee Rain, Em Petrova, and Gem Sivad ! Last time, I put Cole McCall on sale. This time, his older brother Connor is on sale. Read how a visiting former neighbor tamed the big, handsome, laid-back cowboy in HER UNBRIDLED COWBOY Harland County Series/Book 2: Connor.

Seven authors with seven cowboys on sale for .99¢ from November 27th – December 4th! (Shh…some are already on sale.) Visit the Cowboy Candy Shoppe for your one-stop shopping pleasure HERE 

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Next up, even more cowboys are on sale for .99¢! The Pre-Order is available for the Cowboy 12 Pack: Twelve-Novel Boxed Set I’m in with 11 wonderful, best selling cowboy authors: Cora Seton, Becky McGraw, Elle James, Sable Hunter, Sabrina York, Cynthia D’Alba, Randi Alexander, Paige Tyler, Shoshanna Evers, Beth Williamson, and Lexi Post!


The .99¢ boxed set releases January 20th, but the Pre-Order links are available right now:


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And finally, I have a new cowboy holiday release coming out December 1st!
HARLAND COUNTY CHRISTMAS is a prequel novella to my best selling Harland County Series.

**Giveaway**I’m giving away a free copy of one of the other four Harland County cowboys, Her Fated Cowboy, Her Unbridled Cowboy, Her Uniform Cowboy or Her Forever Cowboy, winner’s choice! Just leave a comment with your email address and you’re in the running! Good luck!**

The first cowboy to fall…


Accounting major Jen Dalton has one more year to earn her Masters before she graduates and moves out of Harland County to find a corporate job and maybe a good-looking businessman to boot. Cowboys were handsome and fun, but they didn’t stick. Neither did ranch hands. Experience has taught her they come and go, and some took a piece of her heart with them. Well, no more handsome, sexy, cowboys. She wanted a stay around, stable, lifetime type of guy.

Then she returns to the family ranch after a ‘hurrah to summer’ weekend with friends to discover Brock, the hot, one-night stand she’d given herself permission to enjoy, is the new ranch hand. And dang it, she’s just as drawn to his sexy grin, gorgeous green eyes and quiet strength. As the summer ends, classes resume, and the holidays near, the handsome, alpha cowboy has her rethinking her future. So does the unborn baby she’s carrying. Maybe sticking around Harland County isn’t so bad—if she could get Brock to stay, and break out of the ‘leave Jen and move on to another ranch’ mold.


Heat smoldered in his green eyes, and his warm breath hit her face as his mouth stilled just above her lips. “Are you sure about this, Jen?”

“What?” She blinked, trying to make sense of what he was asking.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” A muscle jumped in his jaw.

She was sure that if he didn’t kiss her soon, her teeth were going to start rattling from the fierce need rushing through her body.

“Just tell me to go, and I’m gone. No questions asked.”

Go? God, no, she didn’t want him to go. She wanted him to come. With her. Now.

“I want to do this real bad.” She clenched the fabric of his shirt in her hands and pulled him closer. With a groan, his mouth covered hers, nipping, tasting, devouring until she could hardly think straight.

As if sensing she needed more, he shoved his hands in her hair and tipped her head to his liking before he slid his tongue into her mouth to sweep inside. A sweet thrill shot down to her toes, pebbling her nipples in a shock of need.

Yeah, she needed him to keep doing that.

Releasing her grip on his shirt, she slid her hands up over his broad shoulders to lace behind his neck so she could press her peaked breasts into his firm chest. They remembered him. Remembered the exquisite attention he’d given to each.

He drew back and stared down at her with such hunger she shook for him. “Incredible.”

“You make me feel it.” Hot kisses, and touches, and looks, spiked desire to every pore in her body.

He grazed his teeth down her jaw, his stubble deliciously rough against her skin. “I’ve never wanted anyone”—he bit her earlobe and she gasped—“as much as I want you.”

In the space of a breath, his mouth was on hers again, tasting, drinking, killing her strength. She lost herself in his kiss, giving, demanding, trembling at the shockingly sensuous feel of his tongue stroking hers.

“I’ve thought of nothing but this since this afternoon,” he murmured against her lips. “Every damn second of the day.”

“Me, too.” She shook against him.

In a swift move, he lifted her up, and she grabbed at his hat before it fell to the floor.

“Where’s your room?” His voice was raw with the same need burning her from the inside out.

“Down that hall, first door on the left.” She motioned with his hat, her mouth nipping playfully at his jaw, while he carried her to her room in record time.

After he stepped inside, he kicked the door closed with his foot, and let her slowly slide down his hard, hot body. He was killing her again. Stepping back, she set his hat on her dresser, reached for the bottom of her sweater, and yanked it up over her head before dropping it on the floor, giving him full view of her black, lacy bra.

“Hot.” His gaze glittered as he stalked her to the bed, removing his shirt as she walked backward, exposing the lickable muscles and ridges her body wanted to explore again.

She dropped her gaze to the thick, mouthwatering bulge behind his zipper and heat shot between her legs. “Definitely.”

“You keep looking at me like that and I’m going to burst,” he said, following her down when she fell backward onto the mattress. “And take you with me,” he said against her neck, his tongue swirling and licking, lips sucking and biting as his hands found hers and raised her arms above her head.

She arched into him, eliciting a groan that had him kissing a path over her cleavage while his hands trailed down her raised arms, over her shoulders, to cup her aching breasts. As if reading her mind, he brushed the black lace aside to expose her beaded nipples. “Gorgeous.”

And when he took one into his mouth and brushed the other with his thumb, she let out a needy moan that echoed around them. “Lift up,” he commanded, then slipped his hands behind her back, unhooked her bra, and tossed it on the floor. His gaze devoured her naked chest, darkening as her breasts bounced when she dropped onto her back.

A second later, his mouth and hands took turns on her body, driving her out of her mind. She clutched the back of his head and thrust her fingers through hair that flopped over his forehead in gorgeous shades of golden amber.

His teeth nibbled and nipped, quivering her skin, and she lost a few brain cells when he sucked a firm peak into his mouth. Oh, but it was so worth the lowering of her IQ. Then his fingers where circling and pinching her tight peak. She felt the pull between her legs, right where she ached for him the most.

When he lifted his head, his eyes blazed with the same heat and need she knew must be mirrored in her own. “Like that?”

“Yes,” she admitted, then grew bold. “Again, please.”

A sinful expression curved his lips before he captured her nipples and did as he was told. Liquid heat rushed through her veins, and he had her squirming and trembling with so much need she thought she’d fracture. The fact she was that hot and bothered with only the top half of them naked made her feel a whole lot of naughty.


Pre-Order available HERE!

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I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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22 Responses to Cowboys, cowboys everywhere! On sale, releasing, & a giveaway!

  1. laineslite says:

    It all sounds great and can’t wait to get the set for January.
    Elaine Breault
    laineslite at gmail dot com

  2. laurellasky says:

    I just ordered the boxed set. It sound great. All my favorite authors in one box. Yay January

    • DonnaMichaels says:

      Thanks, Laurel! I agree, some of my favorites, too! I’m thrilled to be in the set with them, and can’t wait to read their stories!! Good luck!

  3. Terri Shortell says:

    I love cowboys both in books and real life. Thanks for the giveaway. It would be amazing to win.

  4. Margaret Chaney Handler says:

    I love the Harland County Cowboys! !!!

    • DonnaMichaels says:

      Thank you, Margaret! Me, too!! Even though Brock and Jen’s story had to be shorter, I’m was still able to give them the spotlight. Good luck!

  5. Clare O'Beara says:

    Going to be a warm Christmas!

  6. Judy Harder says:

    I can’t wait to spend Christmas in Harland County with Brock!!

  7. darholley1 says:

    what great deals on these books. I love cowboys!!!! Your books about them are so good to read. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  8. connie blair says:

    i just bought them all. boy i am going to have some hot!!!! reading over thanksgiving. love all of your books. keep them coming???(get it) ha=ha

  9. Jana B says:

    So many great reads! Thanks!

  10. Deb says:

    Just snagged a copy of Cowboy 12 pack. 🙂

  11. cassie polla says:

    I haven’t read this series yet, but would love to! Thanks for the great giveaway!

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