Get ready for another Rhinestone Cowgirl!!!

I’m working on Pressure Rising, Book 2 (Rhinestone Cowgirls), Pearl’s story. The first book, UNDER PRESSURE, Jewels’ story, was a blast to write. I love these three sisters. They can hold their own in any situation and are always getting into trouble.

In UNDER PRESSURE, Jewels is out for revenge on the cowboy who she believes mistreated her younger sister, Emerald. So, just like any sister would, Jewels seduces and entices Spark to come back to her room where she pulls out wax and rope. I’ve included an excerpt so you’ll see just how naughty Jewels is. Poor Spark! He doesn’t know whether to run or to lap up Jewels like an ice cream cone.

The story is loosely based on an incident where I just might have, but not sayin’ for sure, waxed my man’s back and he ‘possibly’ screamed in pain. Again, I’m not sayin’ for sure, but I might have laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants. Although getting his back waxed was completely voluntary, it did spark an idea how wax strips can be used as modern day torture devices. I will say proudly, not once have I screamed while getting waxed. I do believe my DH has a new respect for my pain tolerance.



Forcing one eye to a slit, he wasn’t in his room, but still in the motel. Damn. He’d fallen asleep.

Opening both eyes, he blinked the fuzziness away and lifted his head. His arms were stretched high above his head and his wrists ached. He darted a glimpse above him.

He was tied to the headboard. Acid gurgled in his stomach. “What the hell!” He gave his hands a jerk, but the rope held them tight. “Fuck!”

Jerking a glance around the room…there she was…sitting in the chair, her legs crossed and a look of satisfaction covering her pretty features.

“What the fuck is this?” Now he understood why Ms. Stone had been throwing herself at him. “Talk to me!” he demanded.

A sticky, tingly sensation brought his gaze lower and on his legs. He squinted. Both legs were covered with some sort of pink, glossy paper.  “And what in God’s creation are those?”

She got up, stood at the end of the bed, a smirk curving her lips. “Wax strips.”

“Get them off me and let me the hell out of this bed!” he snarled

“Are you sure you want me to help you with the strips?” One thin brow curved maliciously.

“Hell yeah!”

She reached down, grabbed the corner of one strip and pulled.

“Ow!” he squealed as a fire like none other raced through his leg. Clenching his teeth, he looked at her through narrowed gaze. “What the hell was that for?’

“You did ask me to help you. So I did.”

“I’m talking about all of this—the rope, the shit on my legs.” He forced a breath through tight lips.

Smugly, she crossed her arms. “This is a lesson earned.”

He popped up a brow. “A lesson? For what?” Bringing his gaze back to his rope twined wrists, he visually examined the headboard. The cord was wrapped around his wrists, fashioned through the five-inch gap into the wooden detail, then pulled back through and tied in a knot. From what he could see, and with another tug, it wasn’t a bad knot.

“I’m sorry, but I have plans so I must hurry. I won’t spend much time with my explanation. You played my sister. Therefore, I’m showing you what it’s like to be played.”

He perused his brain, trying to find a clue as to what she was referring too. He came up blank. This had to be a joke! “Lady, the only one of us who is a player and a manipulator is you.” Seeing a flicker of confusion, he chuckled. “Yes, that’s right, Jewels Stone.”

One brow snapped up and her hands clenched into fists. “So…so, you knew who I was all along?” Her lips thinned. Good thing she didn’t have a weapon, otherwise he’d be dead, he was certain.

“What? You don’t like being caught at your sordid game? Pot. Kettle. Black.” He gave his arms a jerk and the bed creaked.

She darted her glance to his bound wrists, but only a mere flash. “Don’t talk or I’ll have to get the tape and cover your mouth.”

Anger sliced through his gut. Damn, woman! He didn’t doubt for a minute that she’d do as she threatened.

With a cold glance in his direction, she bent and grabbed something. His jeans! She dipped her hand into the back pocket and withdrew his cell. Now what was she doing?

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About rhondaleecarver

Rhonda Lee Carver is the bestselling author of the Second Chance Cowboy Series and Cowboys of Nirvana Series. She’s emotional, fun-loving, known to be witty (sometimes at the wrong times) and values a good love story. By day, she taps into her creative, fictional world and writes beautifully-flawed, broken characters with big hearts that readers can relate to. In the evening, she travels back to reality and becomes the adoring, saucy wife, chauffeur for her two amazing kids, homework virtuoso (at least she thinks so), amateur nurse, mediocre chef, pet-guru, and a Jackie of all trades. She adds a sprinkle of her own real-life adventures in each story she spins. She wouldn’t give up one thing in her crazy, chaotic, ever-amusing life. Writing for Rhonda is like falling in love and finding a new best friend over and over again. Her characters will find a place inside of your heart too.
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32 Responses to Get ready for another Rhinestone Cowgirl!!!

  1. Sasha R says:

    I enjoyed Jewels and Spark so much! She was just pure evil with the wax strips, genius but still evil! I can’t wait to read Pearl’s story!

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    Sounds like a lady to beware of! I like how the title is Rhinestones but the cover picture is anything but sparkly.

  3. Cindi says:

    I am going to put this book and the series on my TBR list. My middle name is Pearl by the way.

  4. Judy Harder says:

    The excerpt hooked me. I have to read this!!

  5. Shyanna says:

    Oh I have to read that book! I know what I’ll be downloading once we have Internet again (oh the joy of waiting for everything to be hooked up after moving).

  6. Jana B says:

    Really enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks.

  7. tinnawillis says:

    Excerpt, wow. Headed to amazon right now

  8. Love the excerpt! Adding to my wishlist! Thanks for the chance!

  9. Shirley Long says:

    Hey Rhonda. I totally fell in love with these sisters. Really enjoyed the first book and am so looking forward to Pearl’s story. Any idea on when we’ll get to meet her??

  10. Caffey says:

    Love the banter! So this is a trilogy or more?


  11. I love it. Thank you for sharing. I have this on my TBR list. Sounds wonderful!!!!

  12. I’m neither confirming nor denying that I, too, may or may not have waxed my husband’s back and laughed. There may or may not have been tears on his end. 😉

  13. Jodi Knecht says:

    I’ve read many of your books & Now I Can’t wait to read this series!

  14. Stephanie O. says:

    I would love to see what really happened between Spark and Jewel’s sister! Thanks for offering the Amazon gift card! 🙂

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