A New Face on the Wild and Wicked Blog

The lovely ladies of the Wild and Wicked Cowboys blog recently invited me to join them, and I enthusiastically said yes. My name is Tori Scott, and I write in several genres–the main one being contemporary western romance. My books range from hot to mild. I go where the characters lead, and some of them aren’t comfortable performing on stage. They prefer closed doors, and that’s okay.

I’m a Texan through and through, born in Lubbock, raised in Richardson (a suburb of Dallas), and now living in East Texas. My Lone Star Cowboys series is set in the fictional town of Morris Springs, located south of Lubbock in the area of Lynn County. I chose this area because both sets of grandparents settled in Lynn County near the turn of the century and several of my uncles and many of my cousins still live there.

I have many happy memories of visiting my grandparents. Hot summer days spent catching horned toads, wading in the ditches after a hard rain, hiding from tornadoes in the storm cellar, drinking fresh milk from aluminum cups–so cold that frost formed on the outside of the cups. My paternal grandmother’s pantry smelled like Graham Crackers, and there were always boxes of them waiting for us to dip in that fresh, cold milk.

Whenever we visited my mom’s parents, we’d arrive to the smell of fresh-baked yeast rolls. You could smell them from the driveway. She always had hot chocolate to go with them during cold weather. My grandmother could bake like nobody’s business, and you never left her house hungry–or without food to take home with you.

My country uncles and cousins left a lasting impression on me. They were men who worked hard, loved their wives and kids, and never forgot their manners. They said yes ma’am and no ma’am, please and thank you. They hurried to open doors, helped a woman with her chair, stood when a woman entered the room. They took their hats off at the door, but they never left home without one. They were good to their animals and treated them with respect.

When I first got the idea for Blame it on Texas, I had my dad in mind. He left home at 16 to join the army during WWII, but he was too young and my grandfather wouldn’t sign for him to join up. Rather than return home, my dad joined the Merchant Marines and traveled the world, escorting American subs to ports around the globe. After that experience, he decided he wanted to be an electrical engineer and live in the city. He had no desire to return to picking cotton.

My hero, Logan Tanner, left home at 18 with no intention of ever living in the country again. When his father has a stroke, Logan is forced to return, at least temporarily, to help his sister care for the ranch and their father. When Megan Flynn arrives at the ranch, she’s smitten with the town, the countryside, and Logan. Megan has always dreamed of living in the country and having her own veterinary practice.

Logan can’t wait to leave, and Megan can’t wait to stay…

The rest of the series brings their friends to Morris Springs, and pulls in a few of the local residents as well. Each book features a different couple, but all the characters have a part in each story. There are six books in the series, and one novella that wraps things up. There are ranchers and bull riders, tornadoes and accidents, weddings and babies. If you like cowboys, be sure to check them out.

blameitontexas2 bluemoonovertexas2 small sizejpeg beneathatexasstar_A betweenlonesomeandtexas_B behindatexasbadge whatacowgirlwants_C

I look forward to getting to know everyone. I hope you’ll come join me on Facebook and Twitter, and check out my Amazon author page. I also blog the second Wednesday of each month for the Authors of Main Street.

About Tori Scott

Author, former Golden Heart finalist, published by Red Sage, in Woman's World, and selected news media. I live near Dallas Texas and write sexy romantic comedy, contemporary small-town romance, and romantic suspense.
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9 Responses to A New Face on the Wild and Wicked Blog

  1. Fabulous series! I loved hearing about your Dad and relating him to Logan. I have know so many people over the years who couldn’t wait to escape. Some eventually came home while others found their niche somewhere else. Of course, once you shared the key behind Logan’s reason for wanting to leave the ranch it really came together!

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    Nice to meet you Tori!
    What a cowgirl wants is white boots? I’m thinking mud, saddle soap, barn dirt, horse sweat, would not go well with these boots. Pretty as they are!
    Love your covers!

  3. Tori Scott says:

    LOL, Clare. Those boots are for the wedding only. All other boots are well-worn.

  4. Shirley Long says:

    Hello Tori. Your covers are breath taking. Love those Texas boys. I’m also a Texas girl, born and bred and also live in deep East Texas, almost to Louisiana. Let’s just say I can be at the gambling boats in less than 30 minutes. Welcome to Wild & Wicked & I’ll look forward to seeing more of you. Gonna have to go buy one of your books. Any suggestions on which one to start with???

  5. Tori Scott says:

    Shirley, you’d probably want to start with Blame it on Texas. Each book in the series builds on the one before, so you might not know who these people are if you start in the middle. Thanks for the comments on the covers. They were all done by my future daughter-in-law, Ade Ratna.

  6. I look forward to reading your posts 🙂

  7. Eileen says:

    Welcome to WWC. I have memories similar to yours when it comes to the food. I would visit my grandparents in San Antonio and Bandera and they were always good smells coming from the kitchen.

  8. Jodi Knecht says:

    I’ve read every one & LOVED every one!! Anxiously awaiting more….

  9. Tori Scott says:

    Thanks everyone! Jodi, thank you! Right now I’m working on a sequel to Lone Star Justice, a romantic suspense set in east Texas. Then I’ll be back to writing cowboys!

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