Patience is sexy.


Regardless of what we do, the tempo of the earth remains that of growing grass, ripening corn, meandering streams, and drifting leaves.~J. Frank Dobie, Cow People.

Patience. Not usually a word associated with being sexy. Indulge me just for a second. Patience is in integral part of most things we find breath-taking–sunsets, the grand Canyon, a giant Redwood forest, a glittering mountain lake, a new born baby–sometimes good things really do come to those who wait!

Put that virtue now in a pair of dusty, worn Wranglers, a pair of boots and a Stetson and suddenly patience takes on a whole new kind of sexy.

That’s not to say that patience is passive. On the contrary, it’s forward-moving, viable, hopeful…it sees an obstacle and figures a means to overcome it, perhaps just by nature takes its course, other times, waiting an idea forms into a clarity that takes us to the next step.

Passion and patience? Could there be two words which at first glance are so vastly apart in meaning? The men of the Kinnison Legacy are passionate men–make no mistake, and if you doubt, just ask the women who love them. These rugged ranchers, who from their teens were dealt severe tragedies that forced them into an unlikely bond of brotherhood.

Reared on a cattle ranch outside End of the Line, Montana–a small, booming mining town in its day–they are raised by a weathered bachelor rancher, who makes it his dying wish the ranch become a safe haven–a second chance–a place where folks in need of recovery, redemption, renewal can come and find their way through the beauty and support of the town, nature and hard work. Just as his ‘sons’ had.

The road to establishing their step-dad’s dream is by no means an easy one. Riddled with obstacles, both external and internal, each of the Kinnison men suffers loss, battles his own demons, reconciles his past and encounters both pain and pleasure along the way.

Patience. Passion. Perseverance.

They’ll need all three , each other, and the good folk of End of the Line to make the dream of the Last Hope Ranch a reality.

An Amazon best-selling contemporary cowboy romance series-

Rugged Hearts   Amazon

Rugged, quiet, hardworking, Wyatt takes his position as head of the Kinnison family seriously. But the scars of betrayal by the women to whom he once trusted his heart now prompt his stark, simple game plan, and no one in hell is going to convince him any differently. What matters most, besides the welfare of his brothers, is to manage the ranch left to him and never risk his heart again to something as foolish as love—but after meeting Aimee, Wyatt begins to realize that a man should never say never to a determined second grade teacher.

When vivacious, resilient Aimee Worth loses her twin sister in a tragic accident, she makes the choice to live out her sister’s dream of teaching in the small mountain community called End of the Line, Montana, never suspecting she’d meet her Mr. Right in the middle of nowhere—he just doesn’t know it yet. Used to challenges, her spirit shatters the perceptions that have kept him isolated from living life beyond the ranch, proving to him that when it comes to love, the greatest risk is not taking one.

Rustlers Heart   Amazon    Nook

Orphaned by tragedy, Rein Mackenzie was taken in by his benevolent uncle at the Kinnison ranch alongside two others abandoned at a young age. Now, he and his ‘brothers’ carry on Jed Kinnison’s dream of making the ranch a haven for those who need hope. But when a woman arrives claiming to be related to the Kinnisons, she brings danger—not only to his heart, but to those he calls family.

Liberty’s presence is a surprise to the family she’s never met, and while she yearns to belong, she knows her presence is a reminder of their painful past. Fearless, she dives in, losing her heart to the ranch, to the community, and to an unexpected summer fling.

But when dangers from her past catch up to her, they may cost her everyone and everything she has come to love

Renegade Heart  (2015)

Dalton Kinnsion knows he has a rep for being a renegade, choosing to grab life by the horns and to hell with the consequences. But ‘consequence’ has returned to the small town in the form of the raven-haired Angelique Juarez and the secret she wears like armor, if discovered, may well bring this rebel to his knees.

Angelique Juarez has hurdled obstacles all her life–the hardest was getting over bad-boy Dalton Kinnison. But she’s on her feet and her life is moving forward. Though temporarily back in End of the Line, she has no intent in returning to the shy, gullible girl she used to be. Recently reunited with her daughter, Angelique must steel her heart against the one man who could break it and the secret that could change all their lives.

Patience, passion and perseverance are three attributes I admire most in a cowboy. How about you? Share your fav attribute (keep it PG13!) .

Until next time~be kind,


About Amanda McIntyre

Amanda McIntyre’s storytelling is a natural offshoot of her artistic creativity. A visual writer, living in the rich tapestry of the American heartland, her passion is telling character-driven stories with a penchant (okay, some call it a wicked obsession) for placing ordinary people in extraordinary situations to see how they overcome the obstacles to their HEA. A bestselling author, her work is published internationally in Print, E-book, and Audio. She writes steamy contemporary and sizzling historical romance and truly believes, no matter what, love will always find a way. Learn more and get connected at
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3 Responses to Patience is sexy.

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Patience is well worth having for anyone, and cowboys would be used to be working on a season’s or year’s timescale.

  2. Shyanna says:

    Loyalty is what I love about a cowboy

  3. Caffey says:

    Hi Pamamanda! These men of the Kinnison Legacy rock. I remember when first out and read it that I want to go back and re-read the first two (need to get the third). Will there me more in the series?

    I think that’s what I like about Cowboys. They often the strong silent type that I see the patience in them. I would have never thought of it that way either but you as you said they didn’t seem like they do go together but they do!

    Good to see you and say Hi!


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