Haunting a Cowboy – Randi Alexander’s New Release in the Tall, Dark and Paranormal Boxed Set

I’ve teamed up with fabulous paranormal authors Lori Handeland, Laura Kaye, Caridad Pineiro, Stephanie Julian, Opal Carew, Terry Spear, Paige Tyler, Sara Humphreys, and Judi Fennell in a 10-book paranormal boxed set.

Here’s an excerpt from Haunting a Cowboy, my ghost story in the Tall, Dark and Paranormal boxed set, available now for only $.99:


Excerpt of Haunting a Cowboy: Cheyenne Redford smiled at the tall cowboy in front of her. His dark hair ruffled in the soft breeze, his whiskey-brown eyes almost soulful in the yard light. But those eyes seemed older than the twenty-nine years he’d been on this planet.

His shocked expression was worth every penny of gas money she’d spent driving halfway across the state of Montana.

“You’re not what I expected. For a ghost whisperer, I mean.” His gaze shot to her feet then back to her face, taking her all in with one quick look.

Thad McCade’s dark T-shirt showed off strong pecs, a flat stomach, and work-toned biceps. He was a whole lot of sexy in one well-muscled package, but the attraction sizzling between them threatened to sidetrack her gift. “Before I get any more impressions from you, can I go inside, see what’s happening?”

He ran his hand over his goatee. “About that, I’d prefer if you would tell Sayde you tried but weren’t—”

Buzzing started at her right temple. Cheyenne held up her hand. “There’s something.” Something strong, that pulled her toward the house almost physically. She stepped around him and climbed the first few steps.

“Now, ma’am, wait just a second.” His voice sounded far away as she entered another realm.

She walked across the porch.

“Yeah, fine, please, go right ahead. Don’t mind me.” He laced the words with sarcasm.

Even focused on the entity inside, she had to smile at his tone.

She touched the screen door. Whoever was existing here on a different plane loved this door. Loved the view when they stood inside it. “A woman.” The thought went straight from her head to her mouth. Cheyenne opened the door, walked into the room then turned and looked outside. “Yes, it is beautiful.” The mountains stood dark against the inky blue evening sky.

Not only did she see pictures in her mind, but words popped into her consciousness. This was a very powerful being.

“Hold on a minute.” Thad sounded panicked as he took the steps two at a time.

“She stood here often.”

He stopped as if he’d hit a wall. “Who?” His eyes shifted around, as if he expected to see someone else besides the two of them.

Cheyenne pushed open the screen door to let him in, and stepped backward into the room. “Please, you’re needed.”

He grabbed the door and came inside, his boots loud on the blue floor. Slowly he let the screen door close. Silence dropped, heavy and expectant.

“She loved the sound of the screen door slapping shut. It told her you were home.” Cheyenne could almost see it happening over and over again, day after day.

He groaned as if in pain. “Where is this coming from? How do you know this?”

She looked around at the white appliances, the little things like the blue and white towels and the colorful magnets on the refrigerator that felt like a woman’s touch. Taking a deep breath, Cheyenne closed her eyes and opened herself to receive whatever information the spirit wanted to tell her. It took only seconds for her third eye to see.

“She’s so lovely. Petite with long black hair and hazel eyes.”

Thad grasped the top of a wooden kitchen chair. “You saw pictures of her. At Sayde’s house, right?”

Cheyenne opened her eyes.

He jerked as if struck. “Your eyes are…”

“Don’t be alarmed. It’s just something physical that happens to me when I’m reaching for another dimension.” She knew they’d turned nearly black.

“That’s a good trick, but it doesn’t prove anything.”

Cheyenne held up her hands. “I have nothing to prove.” She closed her eyes. The woman in her mind’s eye was holding something. Something small and… “A baby. She has a baby in her arms.”

“Ah Jesus.” Thad’s head dropped forward and he sucked in a breath. “Leave. Now. Please.”

She heard his words, but the woman in her vision was reaching toward Thad, crying. Wasn’t your fault. You’re my rock.

“It wasn’t your fault. She called you her rock.”

Thad pressed his hands to his temples. “Stop. You have to leave. Now.” He walked toward her, his eyes frantic, haunted. “Don’t say any more. Please.”

Cheyenne wouldn’t push him. She stepped to the screen door. The woman reached out, wanting her to stay, wanting to communicate with Thad. “I’ll be back,” Cheyenne promised her.

“No, you won’t.” He stepped around her and pushed open the screen door, his body vibrating with anger and fear.

A blast of despair washed through her, so strong it nearly made her throw up. Cheyenne rarely felt so many emotions coming from the living. Something in him touched her deeply. She walked out onto the porch and he let the screen door slam.

“I’m so sorry, Thad.” She sniffled then realized tears were pouring from her eyes. She’d connected with him on a spiritual level, and was experiencing his emotions.

He stared at her as he closed the heavy wood door. The lock clicked, shutting her out.



Get your copy for only $.99 for a limited time!

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/o8fd266
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  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Great idea and I like your cover!

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