It Happened While in New Orleans by Donna Michaels

Hello, everyone. Hope you’re having a great August. I’m going to try to make this short. I’m on deadline, writing two books, one for my publisher, one to be released in September—Wyne and Dine/Book 1 in my Harland County spin-off series, and editing a third book, a paranormal to be released in October.

Hamming it up before the ball at ARC NOLA 2014

Hamming it up before the ball at ARC NOLA 2014

But I wanted to take a moment to mention the wonderful time I had at the Author Reader Conference in New Orleans. I met some great authors and readers, enjoyed a carriage ride tour through the French Quarter, a fun trolley ride through the city, let loose at the masquerade ball, and my favorite, visited the WWII Museum. I look forward to going back next year.

I also had the pleasure of doing two workshops with my screenwriting partner, JT Schultz on adapting book-to-script and on contracts, plus I did the Cowboy Panel with the wonderful Sylvia McDaniels I mentioned in last month’s post.



Here was how we simplified writing a cowboy (as opposed to riding a cowboy…whole ‘nother topic. ☺):

This applies whether you write sweet, hot, erotic, or historical cowboys.

I’d like to thank everyone who came and made the panel so much fun.



It was while at the conference that a wonderful thing happened. Book 4 in my Harland County Series—HER FOREVER COWBOY was nominated and won SSLY’s July Read of the Month!

10356173_763359313731513_6618747696460781777_n HerForeverCowboy200x300

A big thank you to all who voted!

I know I shared an excerpt last month, but since Kevin won book of the month I feel I should give the cowboy his due and share a little more of the hotty. This is a fun scene between him and two other cowboys (Kade-Book 3 and Connor-Book 2), discussing their women…and his dilemma.


“Well now,” Connor said, getting up, but he didn’t leave, he headed to the fridge to grab three beers. “At least the tension has subsided. I was plumb afraid to breathe there for a while.” Moose tossed a beer to Kade, then set one down in front of him before retaking his seat. “You look like you need that.”

JD would’ve been better, but he popped the cap and took a long pull. The ice-cold brew slid down his throat in a welcomed chug.

“Well?” Connor stared at him.

Kevin glanced from Moose to Kade then back again. “Well what?”

“Is there something you want to tell us, Daddy?” McJollyRancher sat back in his chair and laughed.

“Nope.” He shook his head. “Shayla already explained all that to you, Moose. Sorry if she used big words.”

The giant chuckled while Kade sat back and drank his beer. Watching. Quietly. Damn. Sgt. Observation was in the house. Which meant trouble. When his cousin was in the all-seeing/all-knowing mode, no one was safe. He’d much rather deal with McQuestions on his right.

Kevin wasn’t stupid. He glanced away, drank his beer, biding his time until he could leave without appearing to run.

“Nearly a week together,” Connor continued, shaking his head. “You were brave, man. I would’ve never been able to do that in the early days with Kerri. No way could I have kept my hands off her.”

“He didn’t,” Kade stated, gaze glued to Kevin’s, direct. Spot on.


“Ah, hell, Kevin.” Moose set his bottle on the table with a thud. “What’d you go and do that for? Now you’re screwed.”

Kevin snorted. “Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

The big cowboy nodded and lifted his beer in a toast. “Ain’t that always the case?”

“You couldn’t just leave her be?” Kade shook his head, disappointment clouding his gaze.

“I hate to break this to you, cuz, but it was mutual, you know,” he defended, but declined to mention it was actually Shayla who had initiated sex the first time. She’d propositioned him. Not that it had taken much. In fact, it had taken very little—the fact she’d had very little on under her robe.

He downed the rest of his beer then got up and grabbed another. Definitely a multiple kind of night. Ah, hell. Stupid word choice.

“You’re right,” his cousin said. “And I wouldn’t have been able to last cooped up with Brandi like that, either. I’d just hoped you were stronger.”

“Nope. Human like the rest of you,” he said, dropping back into his chair.

“Then let me guess…” Connor leaned forward. “You probably agreed to a friends having sex thing.”

“Yeah, with no relationship,” his cousin added.

Kevin pulled the bottle from his mouth and shook his head. “Not exactly. Ours was a Houston thing.”

Moose frowned. Must’ve been an adult word in there the big guy hadn’t understood. Kevin glanced at Kade. Damn, his cousin was frowning, too.

“We agreed to have sex only while we were in Houston,” he clarified before he tipped back his beer, feeling a little better at having explained his dilemma.

“Well, hell.”


He held up his bottle in mock salute to their responses. “Exactly.”

“So, when are you going back?”


“If you two can only have sex in Houston, when are you going back?” Connor asked.

Kevin laughed. “We’re not, you idiot.”

“Oh, so you’re just not going to have sex anymore.”

“What? No. I mean, yes…I mean no.” He shot to his feet, a fierce restlessness rushing through him.

“Ah shit,” Moose grumbled. “Kade, your cousin is going through withdrawals.”

“Yeah, but as soon as I figure out how to fix things, I’ll be fine.”

“Fix what things?”

“My body.”

“What the hell’s wrong with your body?”

“She broke it.”

Moose pounded on his chest as he choked on his beer. “She broke your body?”

“Yeah. It doesn’t work anymore. Nada. Zip. Not even a twitch,” he stated, pointing to his crotch.

McGiant turned a little green as reluctance dulled his eyes. “Do I want to know how you know this?”

“I was out with this smokin’ hot redhead last night—”

“You mean Shayla?” Connor interrupted.

“No, a dental hygienist at a honky tonk in Galveston.”

“So, what happened?”

“Nothing. Not a damn thing, that’s just it.” Shoving a hand through his hair, Kevin blew out a breath in an attempt to relieve the pressure in his chest. “We were dancing, having a great time, when she pushed me against the wall and kissed me long and deep.”

“And nothing happened,” Kade said.

“Exactly.” Kevin slapped the counter. “Nothing. No spark, no twinge. The one-eyed monster is on strike. No lead in the pipe. Limp biscuits ‘r’ us. But oh…” He reeled back, lifting his hands. “One little look from Shayla, one innocent brush of the hand and bammo. Hello Houston we now have liftoff. All systems are a go-go!”

The guys just stared at him. And blinked. Smiling. Dammit. It wasn’t funny.

He dropped back down in the chair with a curse. “It’s not right. It’s like she rewrote…” pausing, he sat up straight and blinked at the two chuckleheads. “Son-of-a-bitch. She did. Somehow she rewired my libido so it only responds to her touch.”

“Sorry, cuz.” Kade chuckled. “You know that’s not possible.”

“Sure it is. I’m living proof. It’s like a signature on a gun. You program it only to fire with a certain palm print around the handle.”

“Oh.” Connor nodded. “So, your limp biscuit will only work if Shayla’s palm—”

“I think we get the picture,” Kade interrupted.

“Yes.” McGiant nodded. “Kevin here has entered the girl vortex.”

His cousin grunted, tipping his beer.

“Exactly my problem,” Kevin agreed. “Now there’s no movement below the belt unless I’m near Shayla’s vortex.”

A grinning Connor rose to his feet and slapped him on the back. “Well, good luck with that, Dalton.”

“Really?” Kevin frowned up at the giant. “That’s all you’ve got to say?”

“Yeah, except we’ve all been through it, man. Every last one of us. Including your brother-in-law Brock. You’ll figure it out. We all did and lived to tell about it.”

“He’s right,” Kade agreed.

“Yeah, but you and Connor and Cole and Brock are all in relationships now.” He glanced from one smiling man to the other. “You know that’s not for me. Besides, Shayla isn’t staying. If it weren’t for committing to the Dance-a-thon and helping the charity, she would’ve split Sunday night.”

“You think so?” McCall’s brows disappeared under his hair.

“I know so, and I’m betting once the contest is over, she’s gone. So, that means no relationship.”

“Seems to me that should work well for you, then.” Connor slapped his back again. “You’re a smart guy. I’m sure you’ll figure something out.” And with a two finger salute, the cowboy sauntered out of the kitchen.

The big guy had a point. If Shayla wasn’t staying, there was no danger of having a relationship. But, she wasn’t the only one who sparked his concern.

“You’re worried about Amelia.” Kade stared at him from across the table, gaze direct and intense.

“Yeah. She’s kind of grown attached to me.”

“Just her?”

“Yeah, her mom seems fine leaving things in Houston.”

“I wasn’t talking about Shayla.”

He blinked. Trying to clear his head. He probably shouldn’t have finished that second beer so fast. “I don’t think Caitlin is attached to me.”

“Not Caitlin, you screwball. I’m talking about you.”

“Me? I’m very attached to me.”


Uh oh. Sgt. Hardass was back in the building.

“I’m talking about you being attached to Amelia.”

He scoffed and waved a hand at his cousin. “No worries. I’m not attached to—” Kevin stopped. Whether he finished the sentence with daughter or mother, it would be a lie. And he hated lies. And secrets. Like the one his college girlfriend had kept from him.

“Kevin, how are you really doing?”

“I’m fine,” he automatically replied.

“So, this business with Amelia calling you Daddy and hugging you like you’re her whole life hasn’t brought back memories? Hasn’t stirred up the loss of your child?”


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Thank you so much for reading! I’ll catch you next month with a brand new release and contest!


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13 Responses to It Happened While in New Orleans by Donna Michaels

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Is that how guys talk? Hmm! You must have been listening in from an adjacent table.
    Interesting cover photo … because of the blurring around the letters it is hard to make out what it is unless you stare for a few seconds. I got the horse’s head first, then the person came into focus.

    • DonnaMichaels says:

      Thanks, Clare! Yeah, I based those three off of some guys I know. Sometimes, there’s never a dull moment. 🙂

  2. wyndwhisper says:

    love the cover, it’s beautiful and the excerpt was wonderful. i look forward to reading the rest of the book.

    tammy ramey

  3. Cindi says:

    Loved Kevin’s story Donna. So looking forward to meeting Brandy’s brothers

  4. Eileen McCall says:

    Have to agree with Cindi, really loved all the stories so far and am looking forward to Ben’s story as well as the rest of Brandi’s brothers!

  5. Stephanie O. says:

    Wow, that’s one story I’d love to see more of…those cowboys seem like they’re worth getting to know better! 😉 Sure would love to win an e-book!

  6. Deb D says:

    I’ll have to round this one up for my book shelf!

  7. DonnaMichaels says:

    And the winner is Stephanie O! Congratulations! Please email me at with your choice of ebooks and I’ll get it out to you!

    A big thank you to all who commented. I appreciate hearing from you.
    Have a great day,

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