Guest Susan Arden is DISHING ON Crafting the Cowboy


Today I’m rustling up a hero. Ya know the type.

BAD BOY aka hard to tame. I’m thinking I’ll need a stud.

In pondering a hero, many authors use all sorts of methods to craft an imaginary vision and mold a cowboy. In Breaking A Bad Boy, Book 6 of the Bad Boys series, I had come to the youngest of the McLemore brothers bloodline.

Rory McLemore, badass to the bone.

I’d teased around with him since Book 1 in the B.B. series, but now he was called front and center. There were a few issues that had to be addressed and foremost were the aspects or sense of him that readers had so far. Primary was his driving edge. Dude definitely had a razor sharp bite to his personality already in play in the Bad Boys books.


Quote from COLLARED By the Cowboy (Book 5)

“She must be something,” Rory said, walking into the office. “Man, even I can call a girl.”

“This ain’t any little girl,” he muttered.

Rory went to the refrigerator and pulled out a beer. “Is she the reason you’re cutting out early this week?”

“Might be,” Brandon said. “What about you?” He didn’t know what to make of Rory, except that he was pigheaded.

“Sommer and I are taking a break.” Rory pulled back on the tab of his beer can, holding it away as the spray flew. He raised it to his mouth, tipping it upward for a long swallow.

Rory’s turbulent romantic history with one young lady made talking about sex difficult. He was the brother who didn’t kiss and tell. Hell, Brandon didn’t know if he kissed at all.

“Another one. Well, that’s commendable, I guess,” Brandon remarked.

“I’m not trying to set any records. It would be impossible, anyway. To be the youngest McLemore badass isn’t a place anyone should want to be,” Rory said wryly.


So to backtrack a bit. Before I began writing Breaking, I addressed how much fire to infuse in Rory. He’s full of spit and vinegar for sure. And thinking of scorching, that meant suffusing lots of spice to give Rory’s character the right amount of kick.

So why not think of a hero in terms of cooking? In my recipe for romance, I opted to turn up the heat (hot enough to peel paint!). About three cups of habanero jalapeños worth for Rory! That man’s got a temper and in order to round him up, it required just the right torch.

Next, on to contriving the outer trappings of this panty-dropping fantasy man. In fully crafting this cowboy, it took further thought besides flames-n-fire.

The 411:

He’s a 22-year old cowboy and a twin (brother to Corinth McLemore (Cory) ~ Girls’ Night Out). Rory works and lives at Evermore Ranch in Annona, Texas. Click. Click. Boom.

So in dishing the recipe for this rowdy cowboy, he’s gotta have a killer gaze. We’ll need some a few dozen thunderbolts for Rory’s baby blues.

And his mouth. A ton of TNT for the commentary that he lets loose.

Then came a truckload of marble. I traveled high and low, searching for a gifted sculptor for his chiseled good looks let me tell ya.

A few pieces of sandpaper for how his jaw feels scraped against a cheek or between a pair of thighs.

One hundred sixty-two pounds of hard muscle. Stretched and molded into one long, lanky, and brick wall of a body!

Roll him in a gold dust for a bronze tan done just right.

A bottle of Jack…or two. Drizzled in and on him.

Not to forget: fifty pounds of badassery mixed in. Oh hell, let’s whip it good!.

And then the cherry on this sundae of man-candy is…hold on to your hats. Dude’s a virgin. Whisper-scream! I’m not a stone cold witch! I had to do it.


Breaking A Bad Boy is about a man who refuses to succumb to the reputation his brothers forged all over town, not to mention the bedrooms his brothers—Matt, Stephen, Miller, and Brandon gallivanted through. And since Rory has had his eyes set on Sommer since high school, he refuses to be the one to brand her. He loves her that much.

The tables are turned in the erotic romance where ‘outercourse’ (that’s right—not intercourse) is the name of the game. Up one wall and down the next! That is until Rory can convince Sommer to marry him. But she’s got her own plan as in white-hot sex…and he wants that too but only after they’re married. So be prepared, it’s about to get hot. Real hot in BREAKING A BAD BOY.

‘Cause somebody’s about to come undone. All. The. Way!

Yee Haw. Save a horse. RIDE A COWBOY!

Thanks for the visit and lettin’ me dish on Rory McLemore!
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3 Responses to Guest Susan Arden is DISHING ON Crafting the Cowboy

  1. OMG…Randi thank you so much for introducing me to this author….one head or two these sound like something I want to read. So I have all 6 books on my TBR list…. Your just to good to me!! Susan you keep writing…. your books sound wonderful!!!!

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    Sounds as if you should be an artist or a sculptor! What a great way to put your cowboy hero together!

  3. Irma Jurejevčič says:

    Wow! Thank you for posting this! I’m loving it! Going to check this new author to me right now!

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