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When Ty returned from the bathroom, he was wearing a white western shirt, undone midway and a soft pair of lounge pants that lovingly cupped his sex. Aliyah had to avert her eyes so she wouldn’t stare at his incredible chest or that intriguingly large bulge that seemed to grow right before her eyes. To her consternation, he picked right up where they had left off on the previous argument. “Now, let’s go back to the bed issue. If you think I’m gonna pile up in that soft four-poster there, while you’re on the hard floor, dead tired, you don’t know me at all. I’m a man and a gentleman. We can both sleep in this bed, or it will be me sleeping on the floor. I can’t stand the thought of you lying on that cold, bare surface.”
Aliyah could tell he was not taking no for an answer. What would be the harm in leveling with him about this? It was humiliating, but they had been through a lot together already, and were undoubtedly in for more trying times. Stepping up to him and placing a hand on his hard, warm chest, she looked up into his face. Everything in her wanted to rub herself on him like a kitten eager to be petted. She had never felt this type of attraction toward a man. She could see golden flecks in his deep green eyes and the tiny sun lines that flared out from their corners. “Tyler, my inability to sleep in a bed has nothing to do with you.”
“Inability?” His expression changed completely. He closed the small gap between them, standing close enough so that all he had to do was lean over to kiss the top of her head. And that’s exactly what he did. “Explain this inability to me.”
Aliyah started to move back, but he prevented her from leaving him. Instead, he began rubbing the tops of her arms and her shoulders, quietly comforting her as she spoke. “Last year, I was part of an operation. I intentionally allowed myself to be captured by slave traders—sex-slave traders.” She felt him stiffen. Thinking that he was disgusted, she again tried to back up.
“Don’t you dare move, little one.” He pulled her up to him. His chest was so wide and hard that she wanted to melt into him. “Come sit with me, you can tell me anything.” He backed up to the bed and pulled her with him.
Aliyah did not resist, she had never spoken of this time with anyone, other than being debriefed at headquarters. At that time, she had relayed the facts only, no emotion allowed. Before she knew it, she was sitting in Ty’s lap. Carefully.
Tyler fought back a smile. She was absolutely adorable. He had never seen anyone sit without sitting before. She was trying not to put her entire weight down on him and she was leaning forward so she wouldn’t come in contact with his pecs and abs. “It’s okay, sweetheart, you can relax. I’ve got you.” He began to rub her back in long, smooth strokes designed to make her relax. “Now, tell me why this operation stole your sleep.”
“I sleep.” She turned slightly, their breaths commingling. “I just sleep sitting up.”
“Why?” He ran his hand over her face, cupping her jaw. “Look at me, Lee-Ah,” he coaxed. When brown eyes met green, her breath caught. He heard it. Slowly, oh, so slowly he moved forward. He wanted to kiss her more than he wanted to live another day. “Oh, baby. You are so pretty. I’ll take care of you.” There was nothing he wanted more than to lay her down on the bed and love her all night long, but first he had to find out what was haunting her. The girl had built walls around herself, but he had a feeling she’d be worth the climb.
“I can take care of myself and you.”
“I know, baby.” He let his lips lightly touch her cheek, smoothing them on her skin, pressing tiny butterfly kisses all on the side of her face. “Remember today, the shoot-out? Together, we can do anything.” She trembled in his arms and he took advantage of her slight mood change by easing her body closer to his. She let out a long breath as if totally relaxing for the first time in a long while. “Now, tell me why you can’t sleep in a bed.”
“I’ll tell you. When I do, you will not be so anxious to hold me near.”
Aliyah gave him a resigned look, and began to speak. “I was taken to a site deep in Yemen. A powerful sheikh there was under suspicion of human trafficking, as well as terrorist activities. It was my job to get confirmation and plant intelligence gathering devices. For the first two days I managed to be treated like the other women, which was not good, but I was prepared for the likelihood of sexual maltreatment.”
Her clinical way of saying that she was prepared to be raped and abused made Ty want to hit something, but he was careful not to react at all. He didn’t want to give her any idea that anything she said turned him off in the slightest—because it didn’t. She needed to open up, and for some reason, he needed her to open up to him. “Baby, did they hurt you?”
“One of the servants recognized me from a photograph that had been taken a month before when I had completed a Kidon mission. A photographer captured an image of me exiting the hotel where a hit went down.”
“You are a Kidon assassin?” He couldn’t keep the wonder out of his voice. Tyler knew Kidon, the word meant bayonet, and represented an elite group within Mossad—deadly assassins.
“I’ve killed five people, Aliyah.” His revelation was meant to create a bond, instead she looked dismayed.
“I’ve killed twenty-five.” When he didn’t react, she reiterated. “Did you hear me, Ty? I’ve done so many things.” She touched his arm, surprising him when she caressed it through the cotton material.
Ty’s cock hardened further at her simple touch. “Baby, what kinds of people were on your hit list?” His tone was soft and loving; he might have been quoting poetry to her rather than asking about the men she had annihilated.
“Terrible, vicious men who delighted in killing innocent people.” Her hand was still moving slowly over his arm, up and down as if memorizing the contours of his body.
“That’s right doll, so what you did is no different than what any warrior does. You battle the enemy for the good of your country, just like I do, except a Ranger is small potatoes beside a Mossad agent.” He was trying to tease her out of her sadness. It worked.
She smiled at him. Ty swore he heard birds singing and bells ringing. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought he might just have had a romantic moment. Those kind of sentimental feelings were alien to him; he was used to commanding his submissives and having them seek to please him. “Small potatoes?” Mischievousness shone in her eyes. “I thought you told me you had large parts.”
Ty hugged her hard with a growl. “Just give me a chance, babe. I’ll show you how large my parts are.” She relaxed against him and he closed his eyes, breathing in her scent, enjoying the feel of her soft, beautiful body next to his. “Now, tell me more. You were saying that someone recognized you?” To his pleased surprise, Aliyah didn’t move but nestled even closer to him, hiding her face in his neck and rubbing her hand over his chest. His blood pressure began to rise, but he knew she needed to talk.
“It was revealed that I was Mossad, so I was moved from the harem to the dungeon.” She grasped his shirt in her hand, holding on to it tightly. “They were trying to extract information from me about an informant.” Ty couldn’t hold back, he began kissing her temple and her forehead, offering support and a broad shoulder.
“What did they do to you, baby?” Ty’s voice was hoarse with emotion. She was so small and feminine; the idea that someone had mistreated her was almost unbearable to him.
“I was tied down and waterboarded. I do not know how many times.” Her voice sank to barely above a whisper. “When I try to sleep laying down flat I wake up, sure that I am drowning.” Ty couldn’t say anything. He just cupped the back of her head and massaged her neck, pressing soft kisses along the side of her face. “That is why I sleep sitting up.”
“Is that all they did to you, doll?”
“No.” That one simple word was filled with so much heartache. “They would not let me go to sleep.”
Ty let out a long hard breath. He couldn’t imagine what she had gone through. He knew there was more. God, he didn’t know if he could stand it. “How long?”
“Twenty-eight days, until I managed to escape.” As he held her, he realized the memories were flooding back, Aliyah twisted in his lap, seeking to get up. “I do not think I care to answer any more questions.”
Tyler persisted. “Twenty-eight days? How did you survive?” He took advantage of her movements and turned her till she faced him. Somehow, she was on her knees, straddling his legs. God, he would love to just kiss her all over.
“Ty, please…” His name on her lips made his groin tighten.
“That’s exactly what I want to do, Aliyah. I long to please you.” He edged her one inch closer. “I long to make your heart race.” Another little tug. “I want to feel your nipples harden against my chest.” Closer still. “I want to rub your little clit with my fingers until you’re panting my name.”
Against his chest, Aliyah’s heart felt like it was about to give out under the strain of beating so hard. She spoke breathlessly, “Your words are painting beautiful, impossible pictures. I need to get up now, it is time to let you rest.”
“I love the way you talk,” he whispered against the warm skin of her neck. Instead of letting her up, he coaxed, “Put your legs around my waist, baby. I need to feel your heat.”
Shock stiffened her body. “This cannot work,” she croaked.
“All I want is a kiss,” he promised. “Just one long, sweet, goodnight kiss. Then, I’ll go to bed and leave you alone—I promise.”
“I do not believe you, but I find that I cannot say no.” Ty almost lost it when she held up her face for his kiss. No other woman’s surrender had ever been so sweet.
“Oh, baby, that’s it. What a doll you are.” Words of praise fell from his lips as he nuzzled the side of her face. “Will you do something for me, Aliyah?”
His question seemed to surprise her, and she quivered in his arms. “What would you have me do?” Her hand sought his skin, and he was pleased that she stroked the side of his face where the stubble of his beard grew so dark and heavy. “Ahhh,” she gasped at the unfamiliar texture. “This feels like fine sandpaper.”
“Hell, what was I thinking?” He started to set her down.
“What did I do wrong?” she asked, not realizing how disappointed she sounded.
“Not a thing, honey. I just don’t want to tear up your tender skin with my rough ole beard. I should have shaved.”
Before he could say another word, she put her arms around his neck and laid her cheek against his. “I like the way you feel. Your hardness makes me feel soft.” At her almost naive admission, he lost control.
“Kiss me, baby.” He spoke right at her lips, his mouth millimeters from hers. “I need for you to kiss me, Aliyah.”
“Oh, yes,” she acquiesced. “I will give you a kiss, Tyler. Just one kiss.” Without further prompting, she touched her mouth to his. Delicately. Her soft lips danced against his, testing the waters. The kiss they had shared earlier that day had just been preliminary—a prerequisite to this unbelievable merging of breaths, this miraculous linking of souls. Aliyah sucked his lower lip into her mouth. Ty tightened his grip on her, letting his hands slide south until he was cupping her bottom with his hands. Without him asking, she made them both happy. Instinctively she settled deeper onto his lap and wrapped both legs around his waist. He grunted his approval.
Her exploration of his mouth proceeded. Tentatively, she traced the seam of his mouth with her tongue, once, twice, a third time. “Open, please?” Her small request caused his heartbeat to ripple out of rhythm. He obeyed. The next thing he knew, his head was cradled in both of her hands and she was kissing him like there was no tomorrow. “Mmmmm,” she moaned her appreciation. “You taste so good, Ty.” His fragile hold on self-control failed. Taking over control of the kiss, he devoured her lips, sucking on her tongue, turning his head sideways so that he could deepen the kiss to its fullest extent.
When she ran out of oxygen, Aliyah lowered her head to his shoulder and gasped in astonishment. “That was…that was incredible.”
Ty was as shaken as she was. This was damn serious. He had never reacted to a woman this way before. Inhaling her natural essence, he placed soft kisses along the length of her neck and down along the smoothness of her shoulder. “That was the hottest kiss I’ve ever had, baby.” She began lifting herself off of him and he let her. A promise was a promise. He ought to get a damn medal for willingly depriving himself of what he craved the most.
“I will go and get ready for bed. Now, you understand why I must sleep on the floor.” She stood up, started to move away, then stopped. “Thank you for letting me touch you like that. My life does not normally allow for the luxury of affection.” Turning, she picked up her duffle bag and retired to the bathroom.
Even though every cell in his body screamed with need he let her go.
Aliyah closed the door behind her and leaned against it. My God! Every inch of her body was vibrating with lust. How was she going to keep him at arm’s length, and did she even want to? But what would be the point? Pleasure, her body screamed at her. Pleasure!
Facing the mirror, she looked at herself—making herself remember why she could not give in to her desires. Scars. Shame. Pariah. Her skin was flushed and there was a faint rash on her face and neck where his beard had abraded her flesh. For the first time, Aliyah wished she was just plain Aliyah Sharon, fairly attractive, sexually inexperienced, lonely for the touch of a man—just a regular girl.
Her cheeks flamed hotter when she thought about what had just happened with Tyler. He didn’t know it, but she had never had the luxury and joy of touching a man she was attracted to. And, merciful heavens, was she attracted to this incredible man. Today, when they had worked together to subdue the two gunmen, she had loved watching him move. He had been so powerful and sure of himself. More than anything she had wanted to relinquish her tight control and let him have his way with her.
And when he had kissed her, shalom! Closing her eyes she remembered how it felt. Never had she been kissed like that. Every adolescent fumble was forgotten, every duty-bound embrace to gain information was banished from her memory. The cruel gropings of Yasin and Moshe vanished without a trace. The only memory left was this wonder—this all-consuming union of two into one was amazing in its splendor. How had she lived without such pleasure?
Pulling her shirt off over her head, she could see her areolae were swollen and poking against her bra, the nipples hungry against the lace. Unfastening her bra, she cupped her own breasts and pulled at the nipples, imagining Ty’s fingers and lips on them. She could feel the wetness begin to pool between her thighs once more, and for the first time in a very long while, she was tempted to try and bring herself to release. But knowing he was right outside the door, she was afraid she would make some type of noise and he would know what she was doing. Turning the shower on to ice cold, she stepped under it and gasped. Damn! He would have heard that cry and might think she was guilty of doing the very thing she was depriving herself of. Placing a hand over her mouth, she stifled her outcries until her body acclimated to the freezing temperature. Taking the soap, she quickly washed off, stepped out and dried her shaking body. At least now, the desperate hunger for Ty was tamped down to a manageable level.
After brushing her teeth and slipping into a tank top and sleep shorts, she eased the door open and flipped the light off. He might be asleep and she didn’t want to awaken him. But when she stepped back into the room; Ty wasn’t even lying down. He was waiting for her.
Her eyes moved to the bed and she couldn’t believe what she saw. He had moved the cushions from the couch to the bed, stacking them so that she could recline on them comfortably. She could sit up, but still relax against a soft, cushy surface. He had added two pillows to the mix and even pulled the covers back. Somehow, he had made it look decadent. From out of nowhere, tears began to form in Aliyah’s eyes. No one had ever done anything so nice for her. “Ty?”
“Come on, baby, see if you think you can rest here.” There was no way she could say no, and to tell the truth, the nest he had made looked very inviting. She was tired, and sleeping next to him was a treat she really didn’t want to deprive herself of—not that anything was going to happen.
He began to take off his clothes and Aliyah tried not to watch, but she wasn’t successful. Pulling off the shirt, he shrugged those massive shoulders and Aliyah was treated to a view of the most magnificent chest she had ever envisioned. Ty was ripped! And his chest was lusciously covered in a light dusting of soft brown hair. For a second her mouth hung open, then she caught herself and looked away but, after a few moments, she couldn’t stand it, she had to look again.
Tossing the shirt, he began pulling down the lounge pants. If she wasn’t mistaken, he flexed his muscles a couple of times, perhaps he was stretching. And once he even turned around finding a place to put that precious hat, giving her a panoramic view.
Nudging his socks off, he stood clad only in a pair of tight, white underwear that did little to hide his ample endowments. Aliyah gasped at the sight. Glancing up to his face, she saw him grin. Her cheeks flamed! Ty had seen her looking, and he definitely had heard her reacting like some innocent, naive school girl. She couldn’t help it. He was just so hot!
That chest narrowed down to a trim waist and a well-defined, tight ass. His muscular legs were strong and sturdy. But what made her gasp was the size of the bulge. Ty was aroused! Hugely aroused! Even though she had been schooled in seduction techniques by a faction of Mossad, when it all boiled down, Aliyah had only been taken five times. And none of those times had been about pleasure.
Knowing she was a virgin, her trainers had coldly and clinically taken care of that encumbrance before she had been sent on her first assignment to gain information. Luckily the man had been easily duped, and taken with her looks. The fact that she was awkward and unresponsive hadn’t been a deterrent in his greedy fumblings.
It was Mossad policy that a female operative only be asked to exchange sex for information one time, but she had been called upon twice. The second time had been much like the first. Both times had been successful, but she had scrubbed her skin raw in the shower eradicating their touch. And the two times that Yasin had raped her, she had been too exhausted and too tired to fight back. So bottom line, her sexual experiences ranged from revolting to horrific.
Tyler thought he wanted her, but he did not understand everything that had happened to her—the humiliation, the degradation, the whip.
She was not worthy of Tyler Landon.
That thought proved to be the one that put a little steel back into her spine. Facing him again, she managed to look at his face instead of his crotch. “Thank you for preparing this place for me. I will gladly try to rest here.” As if entering a mine field, she carefully climbed among the pillows and cushions and eased down into their downy softness. She faced away from him, but in a moment she felt the bed give and knew he had joined her.
“Can you turn around this way, so we can talk for a little while?”
His voice was much closer than she expected. She felt his breath ruffle the back of her hair. Aliyah knew if she turned, they would be face to face.
“Come on, sweetie. I won’t bite. Not if you don’t want me to.”
He didn’t touch her, and this gave her the courage to turn over. “You would like to talk?”
“Yes.” He took her hand in his and began massaging the fingers. “I noticed you rub your hand a lot, does it hurt you?”
Every stroke he made to her hand, she felt between her legs. “The sheik’s torture master broke a bone every time I tried to escape.” She spoke matter-of-factly; it was old news as far as she was concerned, and all of her bones had healed. It was her mind and spirit that hadn’t gotten over the torture.
“Damn! I promise you this, sweetheart. If I ever get the chance, those two sons of bitches will be deader than a door nail.” His anger on her behalf warmed her heart.
“Thank you, Tyler.” Gently, she leaned over just enough to be able to brush a kiss to his cheek. She heard a faint, deep growl in his throat.
It was all Ty could do to keep from pulling her to him and feasting on her mouth, but he didn’t want to spook her. After what she’d been through, it was to be expected that she would be leery of a man’s touch. She was such a sweet enigma—brave, fragile, strong, yet soft. Tyler Landon found himself in the unfamiliar position of wanting to know as much about a woman as possible. “You’re welcome, baby. Now, talk to me,” he urged.
“All right.” She sounded a little grumpy.
Baby is tired. His Dom tendencies wanted to emerge, he would have liked nothing better than to pull her onto his lap and rock her to sleep.
“Does being flat on your back bother you if you are awake?” This was pertinent information. He would need to know this when they became lovers, which wasn’t going to be long off, if he had his way.
“No, only when I try to sleep. Flashes of panic wash over me, I feel like water is still rushing down my nose and throat.” Hanging her head, she looked ashamed. “A Mossad agent should not have these types of weaknesses.”
“You stop that, sugar,” Ty crooned to her. “You’ve been through hell, and I’d say you came out of it mighty fine.”
For a moment, they were silent, then she urged. “Tell me about your encounters with Saldado. I heard some from Captain Alvarez, but I’d rather hear it from you.”
That topic of conversation wasn’t exactly what Ty wanted to converse about. He was still operating in full seduction mode, but he decided to play nice, for a little while. “We’ve been tracking Saldado’s Zetas for over a year. We knew he had help here in Texas, we just didn’t know it was coming from men who had promised to uphold the law—like the ones in Centerville, apparently. Our big break came when I got my hands on a book that named names, places, everything. Cooper, my new sister-in-law, provided us with the evidence we needed to clean up an entire town down close to the border. Her ex-husband had been one of the ringleaders. It turns out she was never legally married to him, he was a nut-job. Hawkins abused her, both mentally and physically. It’s a wonder she survived.”
“Is she well, now?”
“My brother worships the ground she walks on. He will devote his life to making her happy.” At Ty’s words, a wistful look passed over Aliyah’s face.
“That is good. A love like that is rare, she is very lucky.” He waited to see if she would say more, but she urged him to return to the original topic. “Tell me more about Saldado.”
“He, alone, has been responsible for forty percent of the drugs coming across the border. We have evidence that he has been involved in money laundering, extortion, murder, kidnapping, and even arms trading.” Aliyah didn’t react until he said the last two words, then her whole body tensed. Ty filed that fact away for future reference. “As you probably know, he’s been elusive; a veritable ghost.”
“Yet, you now have seen his face.”
“I can give a general description, not a complete one. I didn’t see him face-on, so I can’t be totally sure. I took a picture of him with my camera phone, but I was a good distance away and the angle was bad. It wouldn’t hold up in court, but Saldado does not know that.” Ty wasn’t ready to tell anybody what he suspected. If Tyler saw what he thought he saw, then Saldado was a rock star. Literally. In fact, Ty owned all of his music. However, he wasn’t perfectly certain, and that kept him from blowing the whistle and exposing him to public knowledge.
“You saw him murder another Ranger, did you not?”
“Yes, Roscoe Norris was a twelve year veteran. He had a wife and three children. After two months of intense investigative work, Norris had discovered a warehouse in San Antonio that was being used to store hundreds of tons of cocaine. He had set up a meeting with one of the front men, a Guatemalan named Lopez. We had a snitch who was feeding us information on deals and wheels—methods of transport. Lopez got to the snitch and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse—threatened his family. Manuel, our snitch, folded like a house of cards. So, Saldado was ready for Norris. I arrived just in time to see him executed. Never even had a chance to fire my pistol. It was too late to help Norris, so I could have just watched and learned, and they wouldn’t have detected me if my dang foot hadn’t slipped. I had discovered a place up in the rafters that could be accessed through an air vent; it was the perfect place to view everything that was going down. I got away, but just barely. Like me, one of the foot soldiers had his cell phone and got my ugly mug, and now there are wanted posters of me all over Mexico, I hear.”
“You can rest easy now, I will watch over you.”
She spoke with such self-assurance that he laughed. “As I will watch over you, how about that?” He brought her hand to his chest and pressed it to his body as if sealing a connection. “Aliyah, I’ve never been more attracted to a woman in my life, and I don’t see a deadly Mossad agent when I look at you. I see a woman with luscious curves and baby-soft skin that just begs to be touched. Honey, I’m having the devil of a time staying on my side of the bed.”
“You are?” Her voice was filled with awe, as if she couldn’t quite believe his declaration.
“Yeah, I’m lying here with the biggest hard-on you’ve ever seen.” He ached to put his arms around her, and if she gave him one indication that she would welcome it, he would be all over her like a duck on a June bug.
“Ty, I cannot.” Her words stabbed into his heart.
“Why, baby?”
“Do not make me explain, please.” Any other explanation and he would have backed off, but the idea that she was hurting was more than he could bear.
“Sweetheart, you can tell me anything,” he assured her.
“I want to, and maybe, I will, but let me think on it. Please?” Her small request had his insides tied up in knots.
“All right. Why don’t we get some sleep?” He pushed a lock of hair back from her face. She surprised him when she turned her face and pressed her lips to his hand.
“I will sleep well, here by you.” With that she shut her eyes and he turned off the light. Pulling the covers up over them both, he shook his head at the tent pole that his dick made under the sheet. It was going to be a long, hard night.
By the light of the moon that filtered through the window, Ty watched her sleep. She was so small and lay so still. He moved as close to her as he could without actually touching her. Gradually, her body gravitated to his warmth. God, he couldn’t stand it. He had to touch her, cuddle her, hold her close, and that was the way they slept until early morning.
* * * *
Aliyah jerked awake. She had been touched! Every battle instinct that she had went on red alert. Slipping the knife from her thigh, she flipped her attacker onto his back and held him at her mercy. With one slight move she had the knife right where it could do the most good. The tip end of it nestled at the base of a tender sac. The only thing saving her nemesis was his thin BVDs.
About two seconds later, she was awake enough to realize it was Ty she had waylaid. She remembered where she was and how she got there. Still, opportunity was knocking and Aliyah was nothing if not resourceful. A quick thinker, she decided to play the hand she had been dealt. “All right, Ranger Landon. Do I have your attention?”
“Undivided.” She had to give him credit, he appeared to be nonplussed. “I’m sort of attached to my business, baby. What did I do to get your dander up?”
“You must have touched me in your sleep. This is how I react when I’m startled out of my slumber.” She could feel his cock pressing against her. It was hard and throbbing. Had he been like this all night? Poor baby. Mustering up her courage, she decided to make the most of the situation. “I will do you no permanent damage, if you cooperate.” She kissed him on the end of the nose. It was almost dark in the room, but she could still see his face quite clearly. To say he looked surprised was putting it lightly. “You are a living doll, Ranger. Would you like to be my man?”
Ty chuckled. “You turned the tables on me.” With a seemingly effortless twist of his body, he rolled her over until he had her pressed securely into the mattress beneath him. “The knife to my twig and berries wasn’t necessary, sweetheart, there’s nothing I’d rather be than your man.”
Aliyah was careful not to stick him as she pulled the knife from between them. Instead of using it on him, she threw it to the floor. For this she needed both hands. Edging one knee and one leg out from under him, Aliyah put an arm around his neck as if she were about to pull him down for a kiss. Instead, she applied unexpected pressure to a few strategically placed nerves, and flipped the two hundred fifty plus pounds of cowboy to his back. Now, she was on top, astraddle an erection as big and hard as an iron pipe.
“Oh, baby!” He laughed. “I’m going to enjoy playing with you.” With slow, caressing movements, he slipped his hands under her tank top. “What did you have in mind, Ah-Lee-Ah? You gotta know I’ll do most anything you ask, jump through a hoop, take a long run on a short pier. I’m yours for the taking.”
Moving slightly, she took hold of his hands, pulling them away from the bare skin of her back. She didn’t want him to find the scars—couldn’t bear to see the look of disgust and rejection on his face when he realized exactly who she was and what she’d had to do to survive. Kissing him across his brow, down the bridge of his nose, Aliyah trembled on top of him. “This is for the good of the mission. Our sexual tension, it is causing too much distraction. Now, lay perfectly still, or I will have to temporarily paralyze you.” She smiled so radiantly at him, that he started to volunteer for the paralysis, but he really, really wanted to participate in this sensual exercise. “Take off your underwear,” she ordered.
Without arguing, Ty raised his hips up and shucked his shorts. “Take off yours,” he urged, obviously aroused.
“My nakedness will not be required for this encounter.” She wiggled around until she fit her damp, silk-covered center over his engorged cock.
Tyler moaned his appreciation at the erotic contact. “I don’t mean to put in, doll-face. This is your rodeo, but it would all go in a lot smoother if there wasn’t so much material clogging up the works.” He caught his breath as she started to ease herself up and down over his tumescence.
Her clit dragged deliciously over the hard ridge of his flesh. Stop! She warned herself, her pleasure was not what this was about. She stilled, knowing she could not allow any intimacy on her part without revealing to him her sordid history. All the background information she had dredged up on him told her that he was a good man, while she was unworthy to lace his shoes.
“I want inside you,” Ty growled, trying to push her underwear aside. “Now!” he demanded.
Aliyah captured both of his hands within her own. “We do this my way or not at all. Understand?” She was talking big, but Aliyah was so excited she was already damp with desire. “I am in control.”
Ty clenched his teeth. “Hell! Fine! Whatever you say! Just please, for God’s sake, take off your top and let me suck on those sweet tits!”
His demand fired up her blood. For a moment, she debated the issue, then giving in to both of their needs, she surrendered on that point. Lifting her arms over her head she pulled the tank top off, revealing honey colored breasts tipped with nipples that were puffed up with passion, stiff and distended, seemingly reaching for his lips.
“Sweet Jesus,” he breathed. “How fuckin’ perfect can you get?” Reverently, he touched them, one in each hand, like he was testing their weight. Running his palms up the sides of the generous mounds, he circled them languorously. “I have never seen more beautiful breasts. Do you like that, Ah-Lee-Ah?”
“Oh, yes,” she sighed as she fought not to scrub her pussy over him. Her labia lips were cupped over his girth as if they were two pieces of the same puzzle—they fit like a matching set. “But do you have to say my name like it has seven syllables?” Laughing, she decided to enjoy the moment, so she put her hands over his, pressing them into the flesh of her breasts. “Harder,” she demanded.
He found her nipples with his fingers and began milking them with sure, toe-curling strokes. Aliyah leaned into his hands, the joy she was receiving from his touch was a thousand times more than she had imagined. “Suck them, Tyler. I need your mouth on me!”
At her bidding, he anxiously brought his lips to her breast. “Mmmm, I’ve dreamed of getting these into my mouth. Let’s see if they taste as good as they look.”
Aliyah closed her eyes in ecstatic bliss as he began to lave and suck and pull and suckle. Ty wasn’t quiet about it either. He expressed his enjoyment in moans and grunts of appreciation. Grasping his head with both hands, she kissed him on top of his soft brown hair repeatedly as he nursed at her breast.
“I want you!” he gritted, letting one nipple pop from his mouth. “I can’t stand it. I’m about to explode!”
She wanted him, more than she had ever wanted anyone or anything in her life, but her sense of decency held her back. Aliyah wasn’t ready to bare her heart and soul, and until she could do that, she would not go all the way with him. Instead, she would give him relief. “I will take care of you.”
Before he could say Judge Roy Bean, she had slid down until her mouth was level with his penis. “Aliyah, what are you doing?” He tried to pull her up, but she held back. “I want to make love to you.” He knew his voice had a hard, desperate edge to it.
“Patience, baby, I am going to make love to you.”
The promise in her voice soothed him, but he was still confused as to why she was avoiding his ardor.
Aliyah closed her hand around his cock. “Ty, you are beautiful,” she praised him. “If it were possible, I know you would fill me up and it would feel amazing.” A sad note in her voice gave him pause, and if he hadn’t been about to burst, perhaps he would have pursued her wistfulness. “I am sure that you are an incredible lover,” she continued to praise him. With her lips and tongue she began a sure caress, rubbing her mouth up and down him, tasting, licking, letting her tongue dance over his silk covered steel.
“Let me show you, baby, how good it can be. Please?” Putting his hands under her arms, he attempted to pull her up.
“No.” She was insistent. “My way, remember?” Groaning, he fell back. She rewarded his cooperation by picking his cock up and taking the head of it in her mouth and bathing it with the warmth of her tongue. She sucked lightly, dipping the end of her tongue deep into the slit, sipping the essence coming out to greet her.
“Mary, Mother, Joseph…” mumbled Tyler as he succumbed to the pure pleasure he was receiving from her intimate kiss. “That’s right, angel baby, suck me, suck me hard.”
Ty’s hips began to buck upward as he sought to push more and more of his cock into her mouth. He did what she would permit, he stroked her head, he caressed her face, wishing she would let him show her what he could do! She had no idea how deep he could run his tongue up her channel or how sweetly he could suck on her little clit. She couldn’t fathom how many ways he could take her—driving his rod home with powerful thrusts and sensuous bumps and grinds of his hips—all designed to bring her an endless number of orgasms. But she refused to let him do anything to make her feel good. So, he lay back and enjoyed her gift.
Tyler felt like his dick was being massaged in hot, whipped cream. Every nerve in his body was screaming with enthusiasm. “That’s it baby, oh God, you’re good.” In the dim light of morning, he stole glimpses at Aliyah as she hungrily sucked his cock. It was one of the most arousing sights he had ever been privileged to see. Her little lips were stretched wide and she worked her tongue over and around his swollen glans like she was consuming a creamy dreamsicle. Her beautiful hair tumbled around her shoulders and hung like a curtain of brown silk. “You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Baby, if you’d let me, I’d eat your pussy and make you come a thousand times.”
She had her eyes closed, as if she were enjoying it as much as he was—not possible. Tyler was in absolute heaven. “I can’t take much more, doll. You’re making me crazy.” He had experienced incredible blowjobs from talented women, but nothing like what he was receiving from Aliyah’s sweet mouth. “Swallow, baby. I go crazy when you swallow.” She held his staff with both hands and swallowed several times, each time putting extra pressure on his dick right where he needed it. “Jesus! I am about to explode like that car bomb would have if you hadn’t been so sweet and brave.”
Tyler was shell-shocked. He was mighty afraid Aliyah had ruined him. Never again would he be able to enjoy sex with another woman. There was truly no comparison. “You’re so good, baby. So sweet, God, just let me touch you.” His hand reached for her one more time, but again she rebuffed his advance. “Please, Aliyah. I want you, just you.” Sex with another woman was sex, but sex with Aliyah was paradise. The difference between the two was Aliyah, herself. Unlike the others he had been with she was not acting out a role, or playing a part. She was not faking it, fulfilling her fantasy in some BDSM club. Aliyah Sharon was making love to Tyler Landon because she wanted him. Him. This amazing, multi-talented woman had the hots for him. God, how he wanted to bury his rod deep into her honeyed pussy. Tyler could imagine she would be oh, so tight, and oh, so hot. Right now—hallelujah—the Dominant was being dominated, and he liked it. God, did he like it.
Aliyah suckled and kissed, nibbled and licked. The more he seemed to enjoy it, the more it seemed she wanted to give. He tensed under her, every muscle going stiff, “Ah-Lee-Ah! Baby, let me up, I need to come, if you don’t want me coming in your sweet mouth.” He tried to pull out, but she held him tight. Holding his cock with both hands she stroked his shaft, massaged his sac and swallowed every last drop that he jetted down her throat.
Damn! Ty was sated, satisfied, replete and happy. An absolutely gorgeous woman was sucking the last bit of cum from the end of his dick and then she nuzzled his shaft and balls against her face. He held out his hand and she took it and brought it to her lips. As a final gesture, she pressed three kisses to his body, one just above his groin, the second above his navel and the third she dusted over his delineated abs. “Thank you, Tyler. I enjoyed myself very much. Now, we can work together and not wonder so much how it would be to touch one another.” Like lightning, she climbed from the bed, hurrying to escape to the bathroom.
“Aliyah!” Ty shoved himself off the bed. Damn! He was drained. She had taken everything he had! “Wait! Aliyah!”
He heard the lock click on the bathroom door. Laying one broad palm on the cool wood, he spoke in a voice that he knew she could hear. “When it comes to something I want, baby. I can be a patient man. And what I want is you.”
Aliyah’s heart still reverberated with thick, churning emotions. The bittersweet feelings cascading through her made what had happened much more important to her than it was to him, she realized that. He was an experienced, jaded lady’s man, and she was, God, she didn’t know what she was. Sex was something she had been forced to endure, but lovemaking was an overwhelming new experience for Aliyah. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Shivers of ecstasy still warred with twinges in her heart as she realized she could never do that again, it had been wrong on more levels than she could count. When he had growled her name in that sweet molasses way of his, she had doubled her efforts, seeking to get Tyler off so she could get out of the room.
Aliyah’s phone was ringing as she came out of the bathroom, so she had an excuse for not meeting Tyler’s determined gaze. Jagger Cruz had left a pickup at the local Wal-mart and would have someone go to the motel and drive her Jag to a safe location. She talked to her friend as she packed; Tyler followed her lead and quickly gathered his belongings. Next, she called a cab to take them to the meeting place. When she could avoid it no longer, she turned to look at him. It was no surprise he was focused entirely on her, his expression unreadable. “We will be on the road momentarily,” she offered.
“Why did you decide to give me a blowjob?” His question was flat and frank.
Aliyah didn’t answer for a few seconds. Did he regret it? He had seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps he now felt she had taken advantage. “You needed relief, and I am trained in ways to offer it.” She tried to appear offhand, unaffected but, somehow, she doubted she was pulling it off.
“Do you offer that service to all of your charges?”
His question shook her to the core, but she quickly covered up the shock. “You are the first, and I apologize if I took unfair advantage.” How stupid she had been!
Ty couldn’t stand to see her look as if she had committed a grave sin. “No, baby. I don’t want an apology. I loved what you did. What I want to know is why you wouldn’t let me love you back?”
The cab’s arrival gave her the opportunity to answer and retreat. “Ranger, I am your protector. And as your protector, I am honor-bound to protect you from myself.”

About sablehunter

Sable Hunter writes erotic romance. She writes what she likes to read and enjoys putting her fantasies on paper. Her stories are emotional reads where the heroine is faced with challenges, like one of her favorite songs – she’s holding out for a hero – and boy, can she deliver a hero. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and sweat. If she can wring those emotions out of a reader, then she has done her job. She grew up in south Louisiana along the mysterious bayous where the Spanish moss hangs thickly over the dark waters. The culture of Louisiana has shaped her outlook on life and made its way into her novels where the supernatural is entirely normal. Presently, Sable lives in Texas and spends most of her time in wild and wonderful Austin. She is passionate about animals and has been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull to a family of racoons. For fun, Sable has been known to haunt cemeteries and battlefields armed with night-vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond the grave.She writes for Secret Cravings Publishing as well as publishes much of her own work. Join her in her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy, to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where dreams can come true and orgasms only come in multiples.
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