Rodeo Dreams is HERE!

I’m so excited to announce that Rodeo Dreams is out now! I’ve got to tell you all about the blog tour but stick around until the end for an exclusive excerpt and a giveaway!

Where to buy: Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound | B & N | Harlequin | All Romance | iBooks | Kobo | Google

Here’s the blurb:


    Ride straight to the top of the rodeo circuit—that’s June Spotted Elk’s dream. Having danced

It's here! Go read it!

It’s here! Go read it!

with adversity in the male-dominated world of bull riding, she won’t let anyone—not even a sexy, scarred stranger—get in her way. 

    Seasoned bull rider Travis Younkin knows what it’s like to make it to the top and then hit the bottom. Back in the arena to resurrect his career, he can’t afford a distraction like June. No matter how far he’ll go to protect her from the danger. No matter how deeply the stubborn and beautiful rider gets to him. 

    Because he’ll do anything for victory. But so will June.

I’m doing a short n’ sweet blog tour full of fun interviews and my very own Brick by Brick! Lego Book Trailer (My son has a LOT of Legos, so I get to play with them, too!).

The Brick by Brick! trailer can be seen at What I’m Reading (plus a first-chapter excerpt).

I’ve got an Author Spotlight up at Harlequin Junkie (with yet another teaser excerpt!).

I’ve got an extensive exclusive interview with professional bull rider Kara Vasquez (one of the few, the proud, the brave women to ride bulls!) over at Scorching Book Reviews–her story is simply amazing and I hope you take the time to read about her!

I did a radio interview at Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books–be sure to listen in!

And finally, I’ve got a Q&A up at Robyn Bachar’s blog!

Only 99 cents!

Only 99 cents!

One other thing I want to mention–my Men of the White Sandy books are on sale! YES! I’m just as excited as you are! Both Mystic Cowboy and Nobody are $0.99 at most retailers! Mystic Cowboy was a finalist for both the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and the Bookseller’s Best Award and Nobody was named by Romance Novel News and Books-A-Holic Anon as one of Nobody Websm their favorite books of 2014 (so far!)

Mystic Cowboy is available here: Amazon | Samhain | All Romance | B & N IndieBound | iBooks | Kobo | Google

Nobody is available here: Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound  | B & N | All Romance iBooks | Kobo | Google

Okay, did you make it through all of that? Good! I knew you could! Now for your reward–an exclusive, extra steamy excerpt from Rodeo Dreams!

Mitch!” The bathroom door wasn’t locked, so in he went. The steam hit him like a wet blanket. Wasn’t enough to dampen his anger. “This has gone on long enough. I am not going to stand by and watch you build up that girl’s hopes and dreams. Introducing her to your mother? Are you insane? You know as well as I do that you aren’t gonna marry her. What are you thinking?”

He didn’t get an answer. Which only made Travis madder. “You listen to me, you rat bastard. You hurt that girl and I’ll make you pay for it, you hear me?”

Nothing. Just the sound of the water shutting off.

“Well?” he demanded. “Are you gonna stop leading her on, or am I gonna beat the hell out of you?”

There was no response, only the sound of water droplets hitting the shower curtain.

That did it. “You can’t ignore me.” He flung back the curtain.

His brain short-circuited.

Instead of Mitch, he found himself looking at the bare back of a woman, with a towel hanging down low enough that he could see the full expanse of golden-brown skin.


His body responded, but his own angry voice echoed back to him from the sunny-yellow tiles.

He’d been yelling at June. About June.

Her head tilted to one side as she squeezed the water from her black hair in long, even trickles. Even though he knew he was screwed in the worst sort of way, he couldn’t help but watch her hands methodically move down the river of wet hair. Strong. Steady. Sure.

She was going to kill him. He had that coming.

Finally, after he was positive he couldn’t take another moment without passing out from sheer mortification, she draped her hair back over her shoulder, pulled her towel tighter and turned to face him.

With an amused smile on her face. What the hell?

“You really think Mitch is leading me on?”

“Where is he?” he squawked, unable to not look as she gathered the towel into one hand, right below the soft sculpture of her collarbone.

“I’m not at liberty to divulge that information,” she replied, apparently oblivious to the fact that Travis had barged in on her while she was showering.

He tried to get his mouth shut. It didn’t work. “You aren’t?”

“Travis,” she said, sounding just as amused as she looked, “have you ever noticed that you are inordinately concerned with my safety?”

“I—uh—” She stepped one foot out of the tub, and that’s when he saw. Delicate little toes on the end of a perfect foot, each nail painted cherry-red—

His blood spiked again. No—he could not have a hard-on for Mitch’s girl, even if that pip-squeak was being a first-class asshole.

Which still wasn’t as big of an asshole as Travis was being right now.

“It’s sweet, really,” June went on, placing one damp hand on his shoulder to balance herself as she stepped the rest of the way out of the tub. Her touch almost obliterated the last of his self-control.

“What I can’t figure out is why you are so inordinately concerned with my safety,” she added, her fingers trailing down his arm until she stepped out of the bathroom. He had no choice but to follow her. “I mean, what does it matter to you if Mitch isn’t planning to marry me?” She stood in the middle of the room, the sunlight streaming in from the window making it hard to see her from the glow. “If you knew Mitch at all, you’d know that’s not in the cards. Where did you get such an idea?”

“He— You— His mother—”

Then she did something that completely shut him up. The towel slipped down to the ground with a barely audible whoosh, leaving her backside completely bare.

And her front side. And all sides.

He swore he saw some of the steam from the shower still floating around her, making her look like she was so hot she was smokin’.

Because hot did not begin to cover the vision that was this woman right now. He could see the firm curve of cheeks peeking out from behind that hair still dripping big, glossy drops of water onto the carpet as she took two steps to the bed and plucked something off the cover.

So slowly it hurt him, she leaned down and stepped into white lace panties. They slid over her skin like he wished his hands could right now, covering that perfect curve with a sweetness that made him throb.

All he could do was swallow. And watch, because Lord help him, she wasn’t done.

She grabbed a pair of jeans next, moving with a grace he wasn’t sure he’d ever really appreciated before. She was transforming from water nymph into cowgirl right before his eyes, a reverse striptease that wasn’t going to leave him satisfied. Would he ever be able to look at those jeans again and not see lacy white underwear over bronzed skin?

 Well, what do you think? I’ll give away an ebook .epub file to one randomly drawn commenter who tells me whether or not they’d ride a bull!



About Sarah M. Anderson

Sarah M. Anderson is an award-winning author who writes contemporary snarky and sensual romances featuring cowboys and bull riders as well as billionaires with and without babies. She won RT Reviewer’s Choice 2012 Desire of the Year for A Man of Privilege. The Nanny Plan was a 2016 RITA® winner for Contemporary Romance: Short. Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and billionaires. Find out more at and sign up for the new-release newsletter at
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  1. Annette says:

    The steam from June’s bathroom has transferred to my screen. Poor Travis. Looks like another good one, Sarah. A female bull rider is something I definitely want to read.

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