Some News and Fun Stuff

I finally got my contract from my editor at The Wild Rose Press.

The Red Club Project will be part of the Lobster Cove series.  I’m very excited to have my story be a part of this series.

My story takes place in the town’s only BDSM club with reunited lovers.  Here’s a blurb for it:

She needed a dungeon master. He needs her secrets.

Jessie Michael’s owner of The Red Club isn’t looking for love, just someone she can play with.  Maybe the hot looking dominate from the night before–he sure got her engines red hot, but he left before she could get his name.

Caleb Drake returned to Lobster Cove for one reason, to pay back a debt to his business partner.  The last thing he expects is to find Jessie in charge of the town’s only BDSM club.

Jessie realizes quickly Caleb is back.  And he’s the masked the dominate from the party.  Her high school lover is sexier than ever and now she plans to find out just how hot they can be together.  When she invites him to take her to the limit, Caleb agrees, but guilt eats at him.   He’ll be leaving Lobster Cove once he’s gathered the information his friend needs.

I don’t have a release date or any other information on when the book will be out yet.  But I’m going to do a big cover reveal when it happens, so stay tuned.

I also just finished up another short story for a secret project I can’t discuss yet, but I’ll have news about it in about two weeks.  It’s been submitted to the editor as we had a very short turn around time.

And I’m already working on my next book for Sybarite Seductions – Claiming Master Cole. I’m sorry there’s been no cowboy’s lately, but I will get back to them.  I have other stories brewing first then my cowboys will be back.

In the mean time enjoy some eye candy 🙂


About marietuhart

I'm an erotic romance writer currently published with The Wild Rose Press under the Scarlet Rose line.
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8 Responses to Some News and Fun Stuff

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    That club could get interesting if they use live lobsters… not that I’d want to be cruel to lobsters.

    • marietuhart says:

      Clare, there are two lobster dressed up on the wall in full leather and one wielding a whip while the other is tied up LOL

  2. Huge congrats! My Rawhide series is with Wild Rose and I love them. I just put this on my Watch list.

  3. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Sounds like a good series!! Love the picture, HOT!!

  4. OMG….I can’t wait….it sounds like something I want to read….I am waiting with everything I can ….I will just have to wait till it comes out…In my TBR list!!!!

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