Choosing Settings from Places I’ve Been by Myla Jackson

WyattsWar200Today is the release of my book WYATT’S WAR. It’s the first in the HEARTS & HEROES series and I’m having fun writing the stories using the places I’ve been. WYATT’S WAR is sent in San Antonio, Texas on the Riverwalk. It’s a beautiful setting for a romantic suspense with a military hero. This four-book series is based around the Magnus brothers who are all in the military.

The second book in the series is MACK’S WITNESS. Mack travels to Ireland (a place I have been an loved) for Wyatt’s wedding. I take the reader to Dublin and to a castle bed & breakfast I visited while in Ireland and introduce them to some of the crazy character I met while there. MacksWitness200x300

The third book, I’ll be writing soon, will be based in Venice, Italy. I can’t wait to write that one as I LOVED Venice and can’t wait to take the readers there with me in the pages of that book.

I haven’t chosen the location of the 4th book. Where should it be? I’ve been to London, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada, Alaska, the Virgin Islands…So many places to choose from. Help me decide, please!


Today is release day for WYATT’S WAR, the first book in my military romance series HEARTS & HEROES. Hot military hero, romantic suspense, spitfire heroine in San Antonio,TX.

by Myla Jackson

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Hearts & Heroes, Book 1

After a particularly difficult operation in Somalia, Master Sergeant Wyatt Magnus is stuck with “light” duty providing anti-terrorist security for delegates at the International Trade Convention in San Antonio.

As he settles in for what he expects will be an easy assignment, he discovers he’s got a whole new kind of battle on his hands with the convention’s director, a tightly packaged, five-foot-nothing, sexy piece of work with an iron fist.

Under pressure to bring foreign dignitaries to the River Walk without a hitch, Fiona Allen doesn’t have time to babysit a Special Forces grunt with a superiority complex. Even if just looking at him makes her mouth water.

When a hotel snafu lands them in the same room, at first she’s steaming mad. Then burning up in smoking-hot desire. But even as she tells herself he’s a one-time ride, trouble is brewing behind the scenes. The kind of trouble with a vendetta—and a detonator.

Warning: Contains one hot hero with a gift for strategic placement of his hands, one fiery redhead who’d like to make a career out of exploring every rippling muscle, and one hotel room that’s about to see some serious action. Fire extinguisher recommended.

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About Myla Jackson

Twenty years of livin' and lovin' on a South Texas ranch raising horses, cattle, goats, ostriches and emus left an indelible impression on Myla Jackson, one she likes to instill in her red-hot stories. Myla pens wildly sexy, fun adventures of all genres including historical westerns, medieval tales, romantic suspense, contemporary romance and paranormal beasties of all shapes and sexy sizes. When she's not wrangling words from her computer she's out snow-skiing, boating, riding her ATV or spending time with her family. She lives in the tree-covered hills of Northwest Arkansas with her husband of 20 years and her muses— the human-wanna-be canines—Chewy and Sweetpea. To learn more about Myla Jackson and her stories visit her website at
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3 Responses to Choosing Settings from Places I’ve Been by Myla Jackson

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Dublin sounds like fun! Next stop maybe the Virgin Islands? That would be unusual.

  2. Alaska gets my vote. It is so beautiful up there. Love the blue ice and purple star fish. The Islands are always being done more so than Alaska!

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